Profiling Puerto Rico’s Bigfoot

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On what’s now quite a lot of events, I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico, in sizzling pursuit of a large and diversified physique of mysteries – most of which have had not less than some type of connection to the controversy surrounding the island’s resident blood-sucking nightmare, the Chupacabras.  Certainly, on the subject of the matter of horrific creatures roaming across the many wild and forested areas of Puerto Rico, it is the Chupacabras that routinely springs to thoughts.

It is a little bit identified reality, nonetheless, that the Chupacabras will not be the one bizarre beast rumored to hang-out the island of Puerto Rico. Though definitely not each time, however on not less than two excursions to the island, I’ve uncovered fragmentary studies and accounts of encounters with what can solely be described as Wild man-style creatures, as wonderful as it could sound. And, no doubt, essentially the most fascinating physique of information on this curious difficulty surfaced in August of this yr, once I was on the island – once more – to chase down the Chupacabras.


That I used to be on Puerto Rico on the lookout for the notorious Goat-Sucker, however ended up on the receiving finish of a diversified physique of Wild man-themed materials was a welcome and refreshing diversion. However, there’s something in regards to the Puerto Rican Wild man that won’t go down effectively – in any respect – with these cryptozoologists that consider the Wild man of North America, Australia’s Yowie, the Yeren of China, and the Himalayan Yeti are nothing greater than unknown animals of a flesh and blood nature.

One of many individuals I interviewed on my newest trek to the island was a ghost-hunter and paranormal investigator named Peter  – who was initially from Berlin, Germany, however who moved to Puerto Rico to reside in 1996. Peter was somebody whose accounts of Wild man exercise on Puerto Rico have been as fascinating as they have been controversial. By that, I imply the studies had far much less to do with what one may name unknown animals, and much extra to do with what may justifiably be termed downright paranormal anomalies.

It is vital, on the very outset, that I stress Peter was not somebody whose information on Wild man in Puerto Rico have been overflowing. In actual fact, it was fairly the other. The quantity of studies in his archives was lower than twenty and which spanned from the Seventies to 1998, and with a spate of studies in 1985. Sometimes, the beasts intently resembled the North American Wild man. That is to say there have been massive, humanoid, lined in darkish hair, and solitary. Whereas many of the studies emanated from – or round – the island’s enormous El Yunque rain-forest, two have been – fairly extremely – reported from the fringes of Puerto Rico’s capital metropolis, San Juan.


However, as can be the case with so many studies of Wild man-type creatures that come out of the British Isles, and people detailed by Stan Gordon in his wonderful ebook, Silent Invasion, Peter’s Puerto Rican studies have been full of anomalies. As he defined to me, and demonstrated by sharing the case-files in query, there have been studies of the Puerto Rican Wild man seen at the side of anomalous lights within the sky – though not structured UFOs, admittedly. And by “in conjunction” I imply each time-wise and location-wise.

There have been additionally studies of the creatures seemingly being impervious to bullets – which is an often-reported facet of North American instances. Definitely, essentially the most controversial instances of all – of which, granted, Peter solely had three examples – have been of the creatures seemingly vanishing into nothingness. Once more, that “right here one minute and gone the subsequent minute” angle of the Wild man thriller will not be unknown in the US and positively not within the U.Ok. both.

I would be the very first to confess that it is extremely troublesome to know what to make of the Puerto Rican Wild man. In spite of everything, proper now we’re sorely missing in a big physique of  case-files with which to work. On prime of that, even these studies that Peter shared with me have been, for essentially the most half, a major variety of years previous, and none of which prolonged past the Nineteen Nineties. It’s, nonetheless, my opinion that this lack of exhausting information is not any cause to disregard such instances – nor their attendant anomalies. In actual fact, I’d say fairly the other.


No matter what the Puerto Rican Wild man is (or will not be!), when there may be even a small physique of fabric the onus remains to be on us, the researchers and the investigators, to research the thriller rigorously and as totally as potential. I can’t say for certain that Wild man (or one thing prefer it) actually does lurk within the denser and wilder elements of Puerto Rico, however I can say – having sat and chatted with Peter for the perfect a part of a day – that the witnesses most definitely consider that to be the case.

For that cause, I intend to undertake one other journey to the island within the close to future, with a view to focusing – solely – on this little-known facet of the Wild man enigma. The place it could all lead, I honestly do not know. However, when there may be new information, new expedition studies, and new witness testimony, you’ll get to examine it proper right here…

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