Profiling the Ape-Men of the North

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Sightings of Man of the woods-style creatures are widespread throughout Canada. That is hardly shocking, on condition that just about the whole Pacific northwest of the USA is house to the legendary man-beasts, too. It’s doable that the legends of the savage and notorious Wendigo might have developed out of near-fatal, and even lethal, encounters with violent, murderous Man of the woods. However, that is a narrative for one more day.

There are, nonetheless, a number of sorts of unknown ape-men in Canada and the northern states of the USA which are far faraway from the likes of Man of the woods. Certainly one of these is the tongue-tying Geow-lud—mo-sis-eg. It’s a diminutive, goblin-like creature that’s stated to be coated in black hair and which prefers to reside in caves. It lurks and feeds in deep woods, surrounded by dense marshland. Moderately just like the fairies of Center Ages-era Europe, we’re advised that the Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg take pleasure in enjoying pranks on individuals – pranks that typically flip malevolent if the creatures really feel they’ve been slighted or disrespected.

Additionally just like the elementals of fairy lore, the Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg allegedly have an obsession with braiding the manes of horses. As does Man of the woods, as undeniably bizarre as that definitely sounds. Moderately notably, this odd custom additionally extends all the best way to Russia, the place the hairy-humanoid referred to as the Almasty is claimed to have an obsession with braiding horses.

Then there are the Memegwesi, primitive ape-like people which are a serious a part of the lore of the Ojibwe, Cree, Innu, Metis, Algonquin, and Menominee individuals. They’re bushy issues, round 4 toes tall at maturity. And, in keeping with legend, they’re stated to have had a great relationship with the Native Individuals for a lot of centuries. Like quite a lot of unknown ape-men – comparable to these that are stated to roam the wilder elements of Guyana – they’ve a specific style for nothing lower than tobacco. They’re rumored to be considerably developed too. There are tales of the Memegwesi having a language. As well as, they’re stated to have the flexibility to assemble sturdy canoes, during which they hunt for fish.

Of potential (though, admittedly, in no way confirmed) connection to the tales of the Memegwesi and the Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg is the very horrific 1635 story of an Arctic explorer, Captain Luke Foxe. In his journal for that 12 months, Captain Foxe wrote of a unprecedented discovery of an enormous variety of coffins within the area of Baffin Island, Canada. Foxe recorded the story, after talking with the locals concerning the horrific discover. He said:

“The information from the land was that this island was a Sepulchre, for that the Savages had laid their lifeless (I can’t say interred), for it’s all stone, as they can’t dig therein, however lay the corpses upon the stones, and nicely them about with the identical, confining them additionally by laying the perimeters of previous sleddes above, which have been artificially made. The boards are some 9 or 10 ft lengthy, 4 inches thicke [sic].

“In what method the tree they’ve bin [sic] made out of was cloven or sawen [sic], it was so easy as we couldn’t discerne [sic], the burials had been so previous. And, as in different places of those nations, they bury all their utensils, as bowes [sic], arrows [sic], strings, darts, lances, and different implements carved in bone.”

Demonstrating a possible connection to the Memegwesi and the Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg, Captain Foxe stated: “The longest corpse was not above 4 foot lengthy, with their heads laid to the West. Their corpses had been wrapped in Deare [sic] skinnes [sic]. They appear to be individuals of small stature.”

Legend and folklore? Or tales based mostly on real encounters with unknown humanoids?

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