Puerto Rico’s Monster Menagerie

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I assure that in case you deliver up the phrases “Monsters” and “Puerto Rico” in the identical sentence, it’s going to immediately provoke ideas of the Chupacabra. The beast is, in spite of everything, Puerto Rico’s most well-known, legendary cryptid. However, it’s miles from being alone. It is a bit of identified incontrovertible fact that the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is claimed to be the house of different creatures of a monstrous nature, too. And they’re an especially various bunch. I have been to Puerto Rico on many events, all the time in pursuit of the Chupacabra. Nevertheless, it is notable that every time I have been there, I’ve discovered myself wanting into different issues, too. Very bizarre issues.

After I traveled to the island in 2004 (to movie a present, Proof Constructive, for the SyFy Channel), one of many issues that surfaced from a few the Puerto Rico-based crew was a weird story of an alleged village of vampires. No, I am not kidding. The story was that someplace on the Canovanas River there existed a small inhabitants of people that solely surfaced at night time, who regarded sickly and pale, and who could have been answerable for the killing of cattle that had been attributed to the Chupacabra. No-one must be shocked that I used to be unable to verify the story – in any respect. However, it was definitely a narrative that quite a lot of folks knew of and believed in.

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One 12 months later I used to be again on Puerto Rico – with Crimson Star Movies of Canada. Our information was a person named Orlando Pla. He had heard of some sightings of huge reptiles on Puerto Rico. They reportedly regarded like velociraptors, these savage beasts that roamed round within the latter a part of the Cretaceous interval of 75 million years in the past. Extra appropriately, the creatures sounded just like the raptors as they had been particularly portrayed in Jurassic Park.

The truth is that the true velociraptors had been a lot smaller than within the films and so they sported feathers. It’s a testomony to the film’s success, nevertheless, that the general public’s picture of the velociraptor is that created by Hollywood, moderately than by nature. Much more just like the raptors of the flicks was Deinonychus, an 11-foot-long, clawed, killing-machine that lived round 110 million years in the past – however not on Puerto Rico, I ought to stress.

Additionally in 2005, and on the identical expedition, we interviewed a person named Pucho, a resident of a small village that was house to a cool-looking church, one which moderately jogged my memory of an previous English fort. He had an eye witness encounter in early 2005 with…nicely…one thing. It clearly wasn’t your common Chupacabra. The month, Pucho thought, was February, and the time was positively late night. He was strolling previous the previous church when an ear-splitting roar crammed the air.

It got here from an space dominated by tall, thick timber and barely fifty toes away. Frozen inflexible in his tracks, he stared intently on the woods. Immediately, one thing terrifying occurred: an enormous, feathery beast burst via the timber and took to the skies. Regardless of the creature was, it was no unusual fowl. The unbelievable measurement of it, someplace within the area of a person, made that abundantly clear.


In December 2008, I investigated sightings of a big “black panther” seen creeping across the Rio Piedras space of San Juan, solely at night time. Round 4 toes lengthy and muscular, it was believed to have killed and eaten at the very least fifteen pet cats within the space, and savaged a goat or a number of. And, apparently, it terrified a handful of people that crossed paths with it within the backstreets of Rio Piedras, late on one specific Saturday night time.

One of many attention-grabbing rumors I heard whereas I used to be there in 2008 was that the marauding beast was the “pet” of a Puerto Rican drug-baron; a pet that had escaped and which was answerable for the mayhem in and round Rio Piedras. In fact, it is necessary to notice that sightings of so-called “Alien Large Cats” may be discovered all throughout the planet. It is also necessary to notice that the “escapee” concept is one which surfaces usually in relation to making an attempt to resolve the puzzle surrounding sure cryptids. Possibly the drug-baron story was merely a Puerto Rican equal of unproved claims of huge cats escaping from non-public menageries within the UK. Who is aware of?

And, in 2013, whereas once more on Puerto Rico with the world of TV, I spent an interesting couple of hours chatting with a man who had collected numerous stories of Hairy-man-type creatures on the island. And let’s not overlook, too, the Moca Vampire, which plagued the folks of Moca, Puerto Rico in 1975. Then there may be the account of Frank Drake, of the Seek for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) fame.


When Drake determined to make it his life’s work to seek for alien intelligences, he went down a highway that ultimately led him to the Arecibo Radio Telescope, which is positioned on the island of Puerto Rico, and the place he, Drake, ultimately rose to the place of Director. As Drake famous in his 1994 guide, Is Anybody Out There?, it was sooner or later early in his tenure as Director – within the mid Sixties – {that a} guard on the observatory claimed to have seen a sinister-looking determine wearing a black cloak “strolling the slim path across the perimeter of the bowl.”

The guard was of the opinion that the darkish determine was nothing lower than a blood draining – and blood ingesting – vampire. Regardless of his skepticism, Drake politely accepted the guard’s report and agreed to at the very least check out it. Forty eight hours later, stated Drake, “I actually was compelled to look into it…as a result of a cow was discovered useless on a close-by farm, with all of the blood drained from its physique. The vampire rumor unfold had already unfold via the observatory employees, and now the cow incident whipped the fears of many individuals right into a frenzy.”

And also you thought the Chupacabra was the weirdest factor about Puerto Rico?

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