Renowned Bigfoot Researcher Validates AI-Enhanced Patterson-Gimlin Film

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On this planet of Bigfoot analysis, practitioners are used to being questioned about how one can analysis one thing that hasn’t been confirmed to exist. On this planet of Bigfoot analysis, one practitioner with the credentials to again him up is Dr. Jeff Meldrum, professor of anthropology and anatomy at Idaho State College, creator of “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science Apr 1, 2007,” and focus (after Bigfoot, in fact) of an episode of “The Proof Is Out There” (watch the promo right here) wherein he reveals all new info on the notorious 1967 Patterson–Gimlin Bigfoot movie and his tackle it 2021.

“I’m struck as an anatomist by the large dimension of those trapezius muscular tissues and their intermediate attachment on the again of the cranium. This isn’t a human configuration in any respect however one thing that’s intermediate between a human and an ideal ape.”

For many who have considered (and considered and considered once more) the shaky grainy Patterson–Gimlin movie and don’t keep in mind seeing any large trapezius muscular tissues (and even know the place to search for them), host Tony Harris introduces laptop scientist Isaac Tian, who first explains that what you have been taking a look at was a replica of the movie – the unique was mysteriously misplaced. To compensate, Tian took 22 totally different copies and used synthetic intelligence and 3-D algorithms to combine the most effective of all of them after which stabilized the outcome. The ultimate model appears to be like like what each needs all Bigfoot movies seemed like – clear and regular.

“There are particulars which can be very distinctive of the way in which wherein this ‘Patty’ creature walks. One of many traits that appear to tell apart the Sasquatch foot from the human is the dearth of an arch, a longitudinal arch, which is sort of a springboard making a extra secure platform within the human foot.”

Referring to the creature as “Patty,” Meldrum says he can now see minute particulars just like the toes, which he observes don’t have any arch like a human foot would. The truth is, he claims by zooming in on the only, the plantar floor of the foot, and particular person toes and toe stems, the solid of the footprint stated to have been taken after the sighting is validated. He says he can now clearly see large “trapezius muscular tissues” (giant triangular muscular tissues extending over the again of the neck and shoulders that transfer the top and shoulder blade) a “butt crack” seen within the three-quarter posterior view frames, and massive breasts that swing because it strikes – therefore the title ‘Patty’.

Bigfoot2 570x806
Hiding the butt crack?

These are the important thing factors Dr. Meldrum makes within the episode, which additionally consults another Bigfoot researchers. In spite of everything of that, what does Dr. Meldrum conclude?

“[She] is completely in step with what a bipedal hominid would appear to be…Sasquatch does exist.”

This author has no qualms with the superb detailed evaluation of the brand new movie, however feels this glosses over the truth that it’s nonetheless an ‘AI enhanced’ or doctored results of copies of a crude — albeit higher than most – movie.

What do YOU suppose?

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