Researcher Claims Bigfoot is Braiding Shredded Flags and Horse Manes

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Look, I wish to imagine that there are creatures hiding in our woods that’s identified to most of us as Bigfoot – I actually do. I promote the Bigfoot museums and organizations. I scan the information for exhausting proof every single day. I attempt to deliver a number of the finest tales to our viewers and I hope that the elevated curiosity in utilizing Bigfoot in TV commercials, actual property listings and the like are an indication that the large bushy cryptid is gaining acceptance. I encourage individuals to get outdoor (socially-distanced, in fact), go within the woods and look and pay attention for proof yourselves. In that spirit, I give to you the story of a Bigfoot researcher in Nebraska who claims an American flag discovered torn and braided in a neighborhood cemetery was not ripped by climate, age or vandals – it was shredded by an harmless younger Bigfoot in order that it may braid the items collectively, one thing that some individuals imagine – together with this Nebraska researcher – that Bigfoot does with horse manes.

“In the event you look proper right here, there is a knot. An ideal knot proper there.”

The Columbus Banner-Press and its web site,, have been following the story of the torn flag present in within the Garrison Cemetery over the previous Memorial Day weekend. The cemetery is in David Metropolis, Butler County, which holds an annual Flag Day (June 14) ceremony the place veterans assist destroy outdated flags. As a result of the climate was too windy for a hearth, this one was preserved and the Banner-Press included its uncommon braiding in a narrative. That caught the attention of Harriet McFeely, who heard it was on the Hruska Memorial Public Library and got here to look at it not too long ago with Jim Daro, the proprietor of the flag who introduced it to the cemetery yearly on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. (Photos of her and the flag right here.) McFeely took one look and mentioned:

“They tie the knots with their fingers. There are two issues to consider. To start with, they’ve children and guess how large their fingers are when children – they’re littler than mine. I do know some males that crochet. In the event you realized that if you have been 7-years-old, it would not matter should you’re your dimension or greater. When you discover ways to do this, you understand how to do it.”

Earlier than you scoff, Harriet McFeely is a Bigfoot researcher and proprietor of the Nebraska Bigfoot Crossroads of America, a museum and analysis middle in Hastings, about 100 miles from David Metropolis. She’s so satisfied the braiding of the flag was finished by a Bigfoot – she claims she’s additionally seen mysterious braids in a horse’s mane that have been allegedly made by one – that she is placing the flag on show at her museum.

There have been different stories of unusual braids displaying up within the manes of horses in areas which have had Bigfoot sightings, so it’s straightforward to attach the dots. Nonetheless, not all Bigfoot researchers agree. The LordCryptid YouTube channel is run by somebody with an curiosity in cryptids and particularly Bigfoot, and he seems to have been related to the Michigan Bigfoot Analysis Group when he posted an alternate clarification again in 2014. (Watch it right here.)

“It looks like many circumstances of braiding could also be attributable to horses grooming themselves.”

Sure, horses – like different bushy mammals, together with people – prefer to groom one another (sure, we all know they don’t have fingers – they use their mouths) and LordCryptid talked to homeowners who had seen this happen and located tiny braids of their manes afterwards.

Why would a Bigfoot braid horse manes? In all probability for a similar motive people do – it’s enjoyable and the horses appear to kike it. Would they prefer it if an odd Bigfoot walked up and grabbed a hunk of mane? Even Lord Cryptid has a tough time shopping for that. And why would a Bigfoot braid a shredded flag? That’s a fairly distant dot to hook up with mane-braiding. Unfastened issues are likely to get tangled collectively naturally – there’s an entire physique of analysis on how cords get tangled – and anybody with a baby with lengthy hair is aware of how rapidly it will get tangled for no obvious motive.

Might wind and random motion have tangled the Garrison Cemetery flag? Positive, however a younger Bigfoot studying to braid is a extra attention-grabbing story, isn’t it?

I nonetheless wish to imagine.

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