Russian Media Shows Video of Alleged Female Bigfoot Running

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“She has a breast, this can be a feminine!”

That’s not the sort of remark one hears on U.S. mainstream media information packages however issues are clearly totally different in Russia, the place GRTK.TV coated an expedition to the Republic state of Bashkortostan in southwestern Russia after Bigfoot specialists couldn’t clarify a video they acquired from the world displaying what regarded to them like a feminine Bigfoot. Whereas the U.S. is turning into extra skeptical of political information out of Russia, ought to it take heed to its Bigfoot information?

“This, I feel, is the second such case on the planet. So convincing. As a result of it’s clear that this creature is working. Furthermore, after we studied the freeze frames, I noticed there at one flip a bulge – this can be a lady’s chest. Do you perceive? It is a feminine.”

GRTK.TV adopted Igor Burtsev, head of the Moscow workplace of the Worldwide Middle for Homology, to the Birsky District in northern Bashkortostan (also referred to as Bashkiria) to research what it calls an “superb and even surprising” video allegedly taken in 2016 by three women and a younger man driving a Zhiguli (a well-known and terrible automotive constructed by the Soviet Union, extra generally often known as the Lada). This was an outdated automotive (the final one was in-built 2014 so it was most likely smoking and lurching) and the passengers sounded fairly scared by what the claimed was chasing them. (You’ll be able to see the video right here.) (If the video is blocked, you may see a photograph right here.)

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“Lesha, shut the window! He is coming! He is working! AAAAA aaaaaaa!”

In accordance with GRTK.TV (article has video which can be blocked), Burtsev has over 50 years of expertise learning Bigfoot, Yeti and different cryptids of Russia. As he factors out, the creature on this video caught his eye as a result of it was working and that “bulge” which he believed was a breast belonging to a feminine Bigfoot, not a male in want of a man-bra. After viewing the spot the place the video was allegedly taken, , Burtsev and his crew ventured into the close by woods the place they declare to have discovered latest proof of a Bigfoot.

“Once we went to the forest, we noticed damaged branches. Yesterday we have been there. And fully contemporary creases. In native phrases, that is shurale, and in Russian it’s known as the goblin, and in scientific phrases it’s hominoid. Effectively, earlier than, the yetis, the Bigfoot have been very actively known as, however these are all of the names of the identical creature.”

The Shurale is a creature in Bashkir and Tatar folklore. It’s known as a forest spirit however believed to be a shapeshifter which may have a humanoid physique with lengthy fingers, glowing eyes, a horn on its brow and a woolly physique and is understood to put on its sneakers on backwards. Rumored to be a trickster, loggers blame the Shurale for lacking instruments and it’s rumored to kill its victims by tickling them to loss of life. The one method to escape a Shurale is to show your garments inside out and put on your sneakers backwards.

shurale 570x428
Statue of a Shurale

Primarily based on the fast-movement proven within the video, what the individuals within the Zhiguli noticed was not hobbled by sneakers on the unsuitable toes. So, what was it?

“There’s nothing, that is mythology. Effectively and in addition, you understand, fairly often there’s such a illness known as delirium tremens. That solely along with her they don’t see! There’s direct digital actuality!”

You’ve received to like Google translate for feedback like this one by Anatoly Yakovlev, an Affiliate Professor within the Division of Physiology and Basic Biology at Bashkir State College, who’s implying that these alleged Bigfoot witnesses have been drunk (delirium tremens is shaking and visions attributable to alcohol withdrawal) or hallucinating. Burtsev disagrees. He noticed the proof within the forest and talked to a information who claimed to have seen one thing comparable on close by Mount Iremel. Burstev tells the reporter he believes there’s a Bigfoot dwelling in a metropolis park in Ufa, the capital metropolis of Bashkortostan, and he plans to come back again and discover it and the working feminine too.

“They’re all over the place! You simply have to look rigorously round while you go into the forest!”

Would this have made the information within the U.S.? Primarily based on the variety of Bigfoot sightings reported, they’re all over the place right here as nicely however, like UFO sightings, are not often reported by the mainstream media. That and an absence of folklore (Indigenous Native People had loads of folklore about this continent, however then the Europeans arrived) causes way more skepticism right here.

Maybe Igor Burtsev might be persuaded to go to Washington state sometime.

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