Sasquatch & Dogs: Not Best Buds

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“Sasquatches are additionally identified to kill canine that chase or threaten them. Canine typically flee or cower of their presence, however some canine are extra aggressive and typically obtain very brutal therapy in consequence. Aggressive canine have been discovered torn aside, with Man of the woods tracks across the stays.” These are the undeniably correct phrases of the Man of the woods Subject Researchers Group, the BFRO. For causes that elude us, Man of the woods has no time for canine. Except, it is to harm or kill them. Possibly eat them too. As somebody who loves canine (and who feeds a few cats each day – they dwell in an previous storm-drain close to to the place I dwell), I am unable to say I am impressed. By no means. The very fact is, although, that such instances abound.

It is time to make a journey again to the summer season of 1973 and to southern Illinois’ Large Muddy River. A big Man of the woods was roaming round. On this case, although, the Man of the woods had white hair. Such instances are undeniably uncommon, however they do exist. A lot of the motion went down on the city of Murphysboro. And it was all chronicled by the native police. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman was lucky sufficient to get a duplicate of the official police report (of X-Recordsdata proportions and nature, we simply would possibly say):

“Officers inspected the world the place the creature was seen and located weeds damaged down and considerably of a path the place one thing had walked via. Jerry Nellis was notified to deliver his canine to the world to see if the canine would monitor the creature. Upon arrival of Nellis and canine the canine was led to the world the place the creature was final seen. The canine started monitoring down the hill the place the creature was reported to have gone. Because the canine began down the hill, it stored stopping and sniffing at a slime substance on the weeds; the slime appeared periodically because the canine tracked the creature. Nellis put a number of the slime between his fingers rubbed it and left a black coloring on his fingers. Every time the canine discovered quantities of it, the canine would hesitate.”

The report additionally reveals: “The creature was tracked down the hill to a pond, across the pond to a wooded space south of the pond the place the canine tried to drag Nellis down a steep embankment. The world the place the canine tracked the creature was too thick and bushy to stroll via, so the canine was pulled off the path and returned to the automotive. Officers then searched the world with flashlights. Officer Nash, Nellis, and the canine then proceeded to the world instantly south of the place the canine was pulled off the tracks. The world was on the finish of the primary highway to the west previous Westwood Hills turnoff. The world is roughly one-half mile south of the world of the pond behind 37 Westwood Lane.”

And there may be this, too from the native police: “Nellis and the canine once more started to look the world to see if the canine may once more choose up the scent. Nellis and the canine approached the deserted barn and Nellis referred to as to Officer Nash to return to the world because the canine wouldn’t enter the barn. Nellis pushed the canine inside and the canine instantly ran out. Nash and Nellis searched the barn and located nothing inside. Nellis said that the canine was educated to look buildings and had by no means backed down from something. Nellis may discover no clarification as to why the canine turned scared and wouldn’t go contained in the barn. Officers continued to look the world and have been unable to find the creature.” For extra data on this case, take a look at Loren’s 2003 e-book, Man of the woods! The True Story of Apes in America.

In July 2012, NewsOk printed an article that instructed of the then-forty yr previous occasions that occurred in the summertime of 1972 in Louisiana, MO. It said: “The Momo saga started on July 11, 1972. The Harrison household lived in a home alongside what was then generally known as Marzolf Hill. On a sizzling summer season day, 8-year-old Terry Harrison and his 5-year-old brother, Wally, have been chasing their canine via the woods. Instantly, 15-year-old Doris Harrison, who was inside, heard her brothers screaming, ran to the window and noticed a creature she described as maybe 7 toes tall with darkish hair protecting its face. It held a useless canine below its arm and blood – apparently from the canine – flecked the darkish hair of the beast. And, ooh, that odor!”

A phrase or a number of to Man of the woods researchers: if you go in search of the massive, bushy gigantic, depart the canine at dwelling!

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