Sasquatch, Sound and Strange Effects

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On June 18, 2015, right here at Mysterious Universe, I wrote an article titled “Infrasound, Hairy-man, and the Paranormal.” It started as follows: “Infrasound is an especially low frequency sound, one which is beneath the 20HZ mark, and which is undetectable to the human ear. Various animals use infrasound as a way to speak with one another. The lengthy checklist consists of giraffes, whales, and elephants. It’s a type of communication within the animal kingdom that may be extremely efficient for important numbers of miles. There’s one other vital facet of infrasound: when it’s directed at people it may possibly provoke a wealth of unsettling bodily and psychological sensations, in addition to hallucinations of each the audible and visible sort. Many are interpreted as supernatural occasions.”

I continued: “Mysteriously snuffed out candles, bizarre sensations and shivers down the backbone will not be because of the presence of ghosts in haunted homes however to very low frequency sound that’s inaudible to people,” reported The Related Press in September 2003, persevering with: “British scientists have proven in a managed experiment that the intense bass sound often called infrasound produces a spread of weird results in folks…”

The general theme of the article was a very controversial one. Particularly, that the Hairy-man creatures of america might have the power to make use of infrasound as a sort of defensive weapon towards those who intrude on their territories. Definitely, various folks have described being hit by what might properly have been infrasound, whereas particularly in Hairy-man hotspots. As well as, they’ve reported a number of the extra curious side-effects that infrasound can provoke.

There’s a purpose why I point out my earlier article. On the weekend of October 14-15 I spoke on the fifteenth Anniversary Texas Hairy-man Convention, which is held within the city of Jefferson, Texas – a couple of 3-hour drive from the place I dwell. The opposite audio system had been Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Adam Davies, Lyle Blackburn, Ashlen Brown, Ken Gerhard and Chester Moore. It was a really cool occasion with barely greater than 400 folks in attendance.

My lecture on the gig was with reference to that aforementioned Hairy-man-infrasound problem. As may be very typically the case, individuals who hear me converse at conferences come as much as me later to share their very own tales. Curiously, I acquired six new (or, relatively, newly reported) circumstances that could be examples of how the Hairy-man creatures use infrasound to guard themselves. I feel it is notable that of these six just one was somebody who actively investigates Hairy-man. The opposite 5 had been folks with little interest in the Hairy-man phenomenon – at the least, not till they encountered the creature up shut and private. In different phrases, these 5 had been primarily on the convention within the hope that somebody would possibly have the ability to clarify what it was they noticed.


Properly, admittedly, I couldn’t say for positive what the Hairy-man are or should not. However, I listened fastidiously to what the witnesses advised me. Particularly, that an excessive amount of what I stated in my lecture resonated with them, by way of how they felt and reacted throughout their experiences. 4 of them reported one explicit factor: a sudden and overwhelming feeling of panic that started round twenty to thirty seconds earlier than the Hairy-man appeared on the scene. To say that, in a few these circumstances, we’re speaking about full-blown anxiousness and hyperventilation wouldn’t be an exaggeration. One, apparently, heard what she described as vaguely audible music. Or, maybe an audible hallucination of the type that infrasound can provoke. Two reported odd odors – certainly one of “burning metallic” and the opposite a sickly candy scent.

Whereas I clearly cannot say for positive that infrasound is the one and solely wrongdoer on the subject of the “excessive strangeness” points of the Hairy-man enigma, I do assume there’s a strong likelihood that it performs at the least some position in sure encounters. How and why? These are questions that stay as puzzling as the character of the Hairy-man creatures themselves. For now, at the least.

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