Seeking Alaska’s Bigfoot

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Out there proper now could be a brand new e book from writer Dennis Waller. Its title: In Search of  the Kushtaka: Alaska’s Different Hairy-man. This is a wonderful learn for anybody fascinated by cryptozoology usually and Hairy-man specifically. It is also a e book that’s more likely to polarize its readers into two wildly differing camps: (A) those that conclude  its different tackle Hairy-man has benefit; and (B) those that don’t have any time for something past the “Hairy-man is simply an unknown ape” state of affairs.


As you possibly can guess from the paragraph above, Waller’s new title is just not your common Hairy-man e book. And that is not a nasty factor in any respect. As readers of Mysterious Universe will know, I’ve all the time promoted my view that the Hairy-man phenomenon isn’t just scary. Merely put: it is too scary. We by no means, ever, discover a physique. The beast is seemingly impervious to bullets. There are stories of Hairy-man vanishing earlier than the witness – and by “vanishing” I do imply that actually. Hairy-man is seen in the identical location and time frame as different anomalous phenomena. And so forth and so forth.

Clearly – as I see it, not less than – Hairy-man is not simply an unknown ape. I do not faux to have the solutions. I do, nonetheless, suppose the physique of high-strangeness that surrounds Hairy-man demonstrates we have to focus exterior of the field in terms of the matter of what the beast is. Or is just not. All of this brings us proper again to Dennis Waller’s e book. What Waller has accomplished is to focus his attentions upon one notably bizarre beast possessing far quite a lot of overtones of the Hairy-man type. Its title: the Kushtaka (therefore the title of the e book).

The Kushtaka – or Land-Otter Man – is a creature that performs a significant function within the lore, legends and historical past of the Tlingit folks; Native People who had their origins within the rainforests of southeast Alaska. There’s, nonetheless, one thing very scary concerning the Alaskan beast: it has astounding talents, together with the facility to seemingly vanish (and reappear) at will, to shape-shift, to tackle the guise of a deceased individual, and to interact in telepathic communication. It could possibly additionally manipulate area and time.

tinglittotem 570x521
Tlingit totem section

In fact, many may be inclined to relegate such tales and claims to the worlds of folklore and myth-making – and all with out giving issues any diploma of second thought. However not the writer. Waller (who I met at a  convention a few months in the past and who I had a really attention-grabbing chat with) takes us on an interesting journey that doesn’t deny the legends and folklore which have grow to be a part of the puzzle. It’s, nonetheless, a journey that – to make its level – additionally encompasses science.

On this latter problem, Waller delves deeply into the area of String Idea, quantum physics, and multiple-dimensions. In different phrases, historical legend might have been borne out of a science that – to a big diploma – nonetheless very a lot eludes us to at the present time. It is also a science that spills over into the realms of Shamanic exercise, altered states of thoughts, the afterlife, and creatures that feed on human life-energy.

Add to that the uncanny parallels between the Kushtaka and the “underwater panther” of the northeast Native American folks and the “Fox-Snake” of Argentina, the hostility between the beast and canines, Smithsonian cover-ups, and quite a few and baffling disappearances of individuals throughout sure elements of Alaska, and what you might have is an interesting research of a vastly under-appreciated thriller. It is a thriller that calls for our consideration and which simply may shed a substantial amount of mild on the matter of why so many so-called “cryptids” consistently and constantly elude seize or killing with a one hundred pc success price.

No matter your views on Hairy-man, it is best to nonetheless learn In Search of the Kushtaka. The actual fact is that – prefer it or prefer it not – too few folks in Hairy-man analysis are keen to deal with the weirder features of the thriller. As a substitute, they like to relegate such rogue instances to the domains of mistaken identification, hoaxing or fantasizing.

To his credit score, Waller takes a unique pathway. He ferrets out fascinating information, gives us with intriguing witness encounters, and affords a physique of knowledge that – collectively – reveals we have to broaden our horizons if we’re to face any likelihood of meaningfully resolving the Hairy-man conundrum.

Learn Dennis Waller’s e book. It is a strong, thought-provoking and mind-bending tackle a thriller that could be very doubtless far stranger than any of us at the moment think about.

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