Senate Bill to Stop Bigfoot Hunting

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A senator from New Mexico has drafted and sponsored a invoice to make it unlawful for public funds for use within the searching of Hairy-man. The invoice is in response to a visit taken by attendees of a College of New Mexico convention who explored the native wilderness looking for the legendary cryptid.

The UNM professor and director, Dr. Christopher Dyer, charged roughly $7000 to the college for this subject journey. An avid Hairy-man researcher and investigator, he led a gaggle of attendees into the close by desert. Alas, whereas no proof of the mysterious creature was discovered, some information companies and politicians took discover. The cash that paid for the convention and the journey was technically public cash, and some folks undoubtedly took difficulty with their tax {dollars} getting used for such an expenditure.

State Senator and ‘Squatch Blocker’ George Munoz is sponsoring a invoice that will ban public funds from being spent on related journeys sooner or later which straight targets the “on the lookout for or catching a fictitious creature.”

State Senator and ‘Squatch Blocker’ George Munoz, picture courtesy of his web site.

Munoz informed reporters that,

It’s unhappy that now we have to do that, that they don’t have the ethics, that UNM doesn’t have the ethics to cease this…and now now we have to draft payments to cease one thing that isn’t morally proper.

The invoice additionally stipulates a number of different beasts and monsters which are off limits for public cash. Among the creatures included within the invoice are Yeti, Abominable Snowmen, Pokemon, Leprechauns, and the Bogeyman.

A display screen seize of the drafted invoice. It actually says Pokemon. Hilarious.

Whereas it might sound foolish to go ape over $7000, universities are infamous for spending cash on crap. Hairy-man analysis may at some point be a legit subject of research, assuming the guy exists, however till then, protecting post-secondary training reasonably priced ought to actually be the main focus. College students pay some huge cash to get their levels, and each greenback wasted is actually a slap to the face when college administrations notify the scholars that there will likely be a tuition hike.

Whether or not you imagine that lecturers ought to spend cash on the hunt for Hairy-man or not, this journey into the desert was undoubtedly a waste of money. Everybody is aware of Hairy-man lives in The Ozarks and British Columbia in any case…dummies.

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