Seven-Foot-Tall Hairy Humanoid Reported in Kentucky

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Seven ft tall and bushy solely ever means one factor: our good buddy man of the woods is as much as his previous tips once more. In keeping with an eyewitness report submitted to the Hairy-man Researchers Group (BFRO) a lady and her husband had a quick sighting with a bushy humanoid creature whereas driving by Sandy Hook, Kentucky. She described the creature as no less than seven ft tall, the “coloration of a tree” and says that she noticed it look straight at their automotive.

In keeping with the report, the sighting befell in October. As with numerous man of the woods sightings, the report was submitted anonymously—for apparent causes—however BFRO investigator Jack Smarr adopted up on the report with a telephone interview of the witness. In keeping with the submitted report the witness and her husband have been driving down a again highway close to their dwelling simply after 7:30 PM. The witness was within the passenger seat and noticed what she initially assumed was a deer crossing the highway roughly 75 ft in entrance of them. Simply as she was about to alert her husband to the deer, she says it began strolling in a short time and she or he noticed that it was far too tall and had half the variety of legs deer often have. From the report:

In some unspecified time in the future I began screaming, “Flip in your brights! There’s one thing within the highway!” All of the whereas, I am this factor which could be very massive in stature, thick legs, thick stomach, and (once more by my calculations) no less than 7 ft tall. It was the colour of a tree, particularly the bushes in that space, so like a grayish-brown, very earthy-tone. The realm the place I assume a face could be was lighter in coloration, however I could not inform what coloration. I do know this as a result of it turned its head and seemed straight at our automotive.


My husband noticed motion and he noticed what he described as a horrific shadow, however he didn’t see the creature. Solely I noticed the creature, and in pretty good element. Once more, it occurred so shortly although, I did not get to see ft, arms or facial particulars like eyes and mouth.


One factor I believed was attention-grabbing was the route it was coming from. It was coming from a really tall and steep mountain, and when it hurried throughout the highway, it will need to have gone off a really steep cliff, as that’s the solely place it may have gone. This cliff drops off onto Pruetts Fork Street, which can be very wooded and secluded.

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A horrific shadow. Credit score: Happybluemo (CC BY-SA 4.0)

It is horrific that her husband solely noticed a shadowy determine whereas she noticed this factor in nice element. Many man of the woods reviews have that type of bizarre psychic side to them, virtually as if  the picture of the bushy humanoid is simply a projection. Or the dude simply wants higher glasses.

Additional on within the report, the witness says that they returned to the world and seemed for an indication of the creature however may discover none. Whereas their wasn’t any bodily proof left of man of the woods, she says that the sighting did not fairly finish with the creature’s disappearance:

That night time, the neighborhood canines have been appearing very horrific. All of them have been barking and howling and couldn’t be consoled or quieted. A stray canine that hangs across the yard, (who is often very delicate mannered and inattentive), displayed indicators of stalking one thing and being very on edge. He was growling and nervous, and took off after one thing unseen. All the neighborhood canines continued to howl and bark all through the night time.

Now, that could possibly be due to deer roaming across the woods. October is an extremely annoying month for rural canine homeowners. Deer are on the transfer all night time, each night time and it drives canines out of their minds. However, taken in context with the remainder of the sighting it definitely provides to the weirdness and unease.

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Take a look at this fool.

However that is assuming man of the woods is as much as no good. We do not know what man of the woods’s doing in Kentucky. Personally, my cash’s on an quaint bender. He is wandering across the woods of Kentucky all lit up on bourbon in all probability singing a few of the previous songs, leaves and twigs all caught up in his hair. He is strolling out into the center of the highway and virtually inflicting automotive accidents. Sufficient is sufficient. Hairy-man’s a sizzling mess and he wants to tug it collectively.

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