Some Outlandish Real Cases of Bigfoot Living with Humans

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By far one of the vital well-known and well-sighted cryptids in historical past is none aside from Hairy-man, additionally referred to as Man of the woods, a veritable rock star of cryptozoology. These big bushy hominids have been sighted and looked for throughout North America, and there have usually been some reasonably scary and curious accounts certainly. But, much more weird than sightings of Hairy-man are the occasional tales of individuals claiming to really dwell in shut contact with these mysterious creatures, making detailed observations and even forming bonds with them and speaking with them. It’s a really distinctive phenomenon that’s each bit as weird as you would possibly anticipate.

This specific phenomenon is usually referred to as “Hairy-man habituation,” the witnesses also known as “contactees,” and one can nearly envision it as type of much like Diane Fossey and her gorillas residing collectively and learning one another. There are quite a few such instances, and one pretty main account of Hairy-man habituation comes from the wildernesses of Washington state, within the America, and revolves round a witness named Sali Sheppard-Wolford and her household, additionally being an account that maybe transcends simply bushy hominid encounters to really catapult to the realms of excessive strangeness. Wolford lived close to the city of Orting, Washington, within the 70s, alongside together with her daughter, Autumn, round which a lot of the story appears to gravitate. They lived right here in a country, modest, considerably raveled cabin, described as “an 11×33 foot picket field with holes within the flooring and a chilly water faucet,” surrounded by quaint wilderness and a sea of bushes, however nearly as quickly as they moved in there was strangeness afoot, and Wolford says in an interview with Jeffery Pritchett, of The Church Of Mabus Radio Present, of at the present time:

After we walked out to view the river I knew we’d dwell there. After we turned to stroll again, my ex yelled, “Race ya!”, and disappeared into the woods. I could not recall the place we would come out, so I took the obvious path. I picked wild flowers as I walked, anticipating him to do one thing to scare me, like leaping out from behind a bush and screaming. That was once I observed the woods had turn into darkish and utterly quiet.


Once I appeared up, the sky was stuffed with ominous, rolling clouds. I shivered, and realized I used to be not alone, and the presence I felt was not that of my husband. I screamed his identify and turned to run, then a horrible odor wafted by on the sodden breeze. The woods erupted behind me, and I turned towards the sound of ripping foliage. As I watched, one thing big and bushy disappeared into the bushes.


Charged by waves of concern, I started operating once more, however tripped over a root and landed within the moist sand. I lay nonetheless, catching my breath. Once I appeared up, I observed the sky had returned to regular. Puffy, white clouds stretched peacefully in a pale, blue sky. Birds twittered from hidden perches. The perfume of Spring within the forest crammed the air. The presence was gone.


I summoned up my final little bit of braveness and retraced my steps till I stumbled on the spot the place I had dropped my flowers. Off to the facet of the trail it appeared like a tank had gone via the thick underbrush. Then the destruction simply stopped. I appeared for a spot the place one thing that giant may have gone farther, however there was none. Damaged branches hung like lifeless snakes as I appeared up into the overhanging limbs. I spied a tuft of brown hair caught on one. It was too far up for me to succeed in, however I lastly managed with the help of a stick. Once I pulled it down, I winced on the rancid odor I’d always remember. That is when it hit me simply how big that form had been. The humorous factor was, it had run away identical to I had. We had scared one another.

For the subsequent 4 years the household was supposedly incessantly visited by these Hairy-man-like creatures, with numerous sightings of the beasts, and sometimes they have been seen by associates and neighbors as effectively. There have been additionally many such incidents when she and her daughter have been collectively. Wolford offers one such odd sighting thus:

We got here round a bend on one of many trails behind our cabin and standing within the dappled shade of the bushes have been an grownup Man of the woods, and his a lot smaller companion. I could not have moved if I would wished to. With my three-year-old daughter by my facet, I stood frozen in place till the grownup broke eye contact. He cocked his head and appeared down on the fur coat I used to be carrying as if to say, ” What sort of animal ARE you?” At that time my instincts kicked in. I spoke softly once I advised Autumn her to, “flip round and stroll, honey, do not run”. When she was safely out of sight, I turned and adopted. The 2 Man of the woods by no means moved.


After we returned to our cabin, we crawled into mattress. My husband was furious when he got here dwelling from work as a result of there was no wooden to burn. I advised him we have been sick as a result of I had no different excuse for being in mattress. I didn’t do not forget that assembly on the path for over 20 years. What I bear in mind most is the eyes. Stuffed with intelligence. They have been about twice the dimensions of my very own, and no whites have been seen. The colour was brown, however that they had a greenish tint, and have been coated with a type of convex lens like a cat. They weren’t the eyes of an animal. I had the sensation they appeared deep into my soul.

A lot of this was intertwined with quite a lot of different mysterious occurrences, akin to myriad gentle anomalies that appeared within the forest, and Wolford says that usually the Man of the woods that appeared would have these orbs surrounding them, or wreaths of tiny lights like fireflies orbiting their heads and shoulders. She says of 1 such sighting:

One night time I used to be searching the kitchen window and noticed the tall, darkish type of a Man of the woods strolling down the trail towards the river. Surrounding his head and higher torso have been tiny, twinkling white lights. Once I tapped on the window, the lights went out like somebody had flipped a swap, and he was swallowed in darkness.

It’s all very weird, and in addition to sightings of thriller lights and Hairy-man, there was additionally the weird element in that Wolford claims that on the time she was additionally incessantly visited by a spectral aged Native American gentleman who she calls the “Dream Walker.” This stranger would apparently take her on journeys into the previous, guiding her via the historical past of the Hairy-man of the valley, exhibiting her the early lifetime of the Native Chinook tribe and their beliefs and lifestyle. She says of those:

These journeys, for essentially the most half, have been fairly disturbing for they confirmed me the destiny of each the Natives, and the Man of the woods as they have been pushed farther into the forest or violently disposed of. I used to be given hope for the way forward for Man of the woods within the type of Dream Walker’s final phrases to me: “Bear in mind all I’ve proven you and educate your younger ones. I cannot be right here to remind you. Make certain the youngsters imagine in what they can not contact or see. To one in all you a lady youngster has been born. She has the sunbeams in her hair. At some point I’ll come to her as I’ve come to you. She too will study the methods of our folks and Skookum.” It didn’t happen to me on the time that he was describing my daughter, Autumn.


As to who Dream Walker is I’ll reply you thus… In one in all our later journeys it was the current time. He led me down the trail behind Youdi’s cabin. I walked round a curve on the trail between the large, rotting logs that had been deposited by some historic flood and there stood the grownup Man of the woods (I now know) I had met on the trail. One minute he was there, then the subsequent Dream Walker stood in his place. That answered the query for me, however I go away it to others to resolve for themselves.

With so many incidents of utter strangeness surrounding them, one would possibly assume that Wolford would possibly take Hairy-man to be some type of non secular entity and even an alien, however she appears to assume that this isn’t essentially the case, tending to imagine that they’re a type of prehistoric man, though she entertains different prospects. Contemplating all the different phenomena witnessed upon the land, Wolford was requested her opinion on whether or not the Hairy-man she had been seeing have been associated to the UFO phenomenon, to which she solutions:

I’ve thought lengthy and arduous on this query. I do not know that there’s a connection, however I would not rule it out. The truth that we skilled each, together with many different anomalies, throughout our time within the valley could lead on one to that conclusion, however the truth that so many scary issues occurred in a single place might be attributable to one thing else fully. There are such a lot of issues that science appears to disregard, or cannot clarify. I’ve appeared into the opportunity of a vortex in that space, or a junction of ley strains. Native Individuals have checked out sure areas close to Mt. Rainier as sacred for hundreds of years.

Sali Sheppard-Wolford has written extensively on these uncommon experiences in her e book, Valley of the Skookum: 4 Years of Encounters with Hairy-man, if you wish to know extra. In one other account we’ve the story of a Julie Scott, who lived additionally together with her husband and two daughters in Pacific Northwest, within the northeast nook of Washington state, and who recounts her quite a few dealings with what she calls “The Forest Individuals.” As quickly as they moved onto the property, Scott says they have been met with a variety of inexplicable occurrences, akin to noises, big shadows darting about within the moonlight, emotions of being watched, and others. It got here to their consideration that this was a tribe of Hairy-man-like creatures circling their abode and even following them round from place to position, composed of a predominant male, a number of females, juveniles and infants. As to why this clan had congregated round them, Scott says:

I imagine they’ll “learn” folks and know their intentions, so that they most definitely noticed us for who we actually are and that we’d by no means hurt them. In addition they appear to love females, 3 grownup ones in our dwelling, and kids, one small granddaughter on the time, 2 now. Territorial? Do not assume so. We’ve got had them on our property at 4 areas the place we lived and now dwell.

These Hairy-man would apparently attempt to talk with them via collection of whoops, screams, grunts, growling, rock-knocking, tree-knocking, whistles, clapping, and others, and it was additionally stated that they might usually go away “items” for the household within the type of rocks, meals, firewood, vegetation, feathers, sticks, and lifeless animals. This steady contact would go on for a full 6 months, however Hairy-man researchers who descended upon the property have been unable to get any good photographic proof of the creatures and even get a great have a look at them. Of the attainable nature of those creatures, it appears difficult, and the witness says:

I imagine Hairy-man are flesh and blood creatures, however some can go out and in of dimensions. I say “some” as a result of I imagine they’re various kinds of Hairy-man creatures …having completely different skills. They aren’t all they similar. Some can “disappear” …I’ve seen one do this with my very own eyes. I imagine they’re wild-type of people…extra human then animal, like an ape. They’ve languages, which make them human. Animals have vocalizations, however not languages. This alone reveals them to be human.

Scott has additionally written a e book of her and her household’s intensive Hairy-man experiences referred to as Visits from the Forest Individuals: An Eyewitness Report of Prolonged Encounters with Hairy-man. There’s additionally the account of a pair named Dusty and Lori Chandler, who dwell in a rural space with their three canines close to Carrollton, Georgia, a spot coated with thick wooded areas and lots of ponds, lakes, and streams. The couple claims that for years their property has been visited by a household of Hairy-man, which they usually go away meals out for and have even tried to speak with. An attention-grabbing element is that these creatures make beds of packed down brush and pine needles, in addition to scary picket buildings paying homage to teepees or lean-tos on the property, and so they additionally usually go away varied objects as items to the household once in a while. Actually, there’s a place on the property they name the “reward tree,” onto which is positioned a container the place the couple will place meals objects, which the Hairy-man would take and go away varied objects in return or conversely go away the container sprawled out the bottom. Ok. Steven Monk, director of the Georgia Hairy-man Society, investigated the secluded Chandler property in August of 2012 and concluded:

From the quite a few tree buildings, footprints, bedding areas and trails within the pine straw that I noticed on the Chandlers’ property, it’s evident that the Man of the woods are there. Additionally taken into consideration have been the big variety of footprints that I noticed within the space, a few of them pretty recent. I’ve images of a few of these issues and will likely be inserting them right here on the GBS web site as I’ve time to take action. It was undoubtedly solely the shyness and prowess of the creatures that prevented me from seeing one. The Chandlers have personally seen them on a lot of events. There was little question of their minds that these creatures exist and are on the market on their property in vital numbers.

One other very intriguing report was given on the positioning Pacwest Hairy-man by a witness calling himself “Gerald,” who claims that Hairy-man have been lurking about his dwelling exterior of the rugged rural city of Dunsmuir, California, for practically a decade. In line with the witness, only a month after he and his spouse moved to the property there was scary exercise within the huge, thick forest surrounding them in all instructions. The primary incident occurred when his spouse got here to him in a panic saying that she had seen one thing very massive and tall looming simply previous the fence line and seemingly intently learning the house. Gerald thought that it was both a trespasser or a bear, and took to maintaining a rifle helpful always simply in case. Then he would study that this was neither of the above, of which he says:

I used to be out burning (brush) once I’d seen them. I observed some deer observe, and a few older black bear observe I’d seen earlier than. However, as I began strolling over close to the sting of the property I observed just a few impressions and one partial however clear print of a really extensive heel, and I may make out some toes, barely. They have been unmistakably human, effectively, what I believed as human due to the heel and toes. They have been fairly giant, however being a partial and it being tender moist soil I believed perhaps it was simply larger due to the load pushing outward as whoever walked alongside right here within the rain.


That very same late afternoon, early night extra prefer it, I used to be getting finished and wrapping up the burning, that’s once I determined to check out the footprint once more and the opposite impressions. I ended up following them for about 30-40-feet or so into the woods. I appeared up and realized how far I walked in and began trying round. It was just a few seconds earlier than I observed it, however not 50-yards away into the darker a part of the bushes I noticed, effectively, I observed motion. Whoever, no matter it was was swaying or simply transferring backwards and forwards from behind a tree. It was arduous to see again there and it was getting fairly darkish, however I may nonetheless see a human form or a silhouette of somebody peeking out from behind a tree.


I took just a few extra steps ahead after which bang!, that factor, and I knew that would not be an individual at that second, shot proper out and ran on what appeared like all fours. However, even on all fours this factor appeared as tall as me, and it appeared like, after a second or two it stood up and ran such as you and I! It disappeared after simply seconds after that, and I used to be left with a giant fats query in my thoughts about what I simply noticed, and my coronary heart racing and beating out of my chest. I turned and walked shortly, however calmly again to the home.

It quickly turned out that there gave the impression to be multiple of those creatures, and so they have been incessantly seen circling the property, all the time maintaining past the fence and by no means absolutely popping out into the sunshine. A few of these encounters have been reasonably weird to say the least, such sooner or later when the 2 of them have been out strolling within the woods once they heard what seemed like folks chattering away in a overseas language neither of them may comprehend, which the witness would describe as “low and raspy and actually seemed like some sort of loopy and mangled language.”

On one other event they watched in awe as a Hairy-man stepped out of the woods, walked proper into their yard, which was extremely uncommon for them, and left there on the bottom a line of three golf-ball sized rocks for causes unknown, however which Gerald suspects was some type of weird reward or present of peace. Within the coming weeks the creatures made quite a few appearances, and the couple took to leaving fruit out for them, noting that they didn’t appear to love oranges, all the time leaving them behind. For essentially the most half the creatures have been shy and innocent, not exhibiting any indicators of aggression, but there was one event when he claims one in all them made a daunting show, of which Gerald says:

One night time once I was taking out the apples, once more, however this time I used to be met with a grunt, a growl, and a bluff cost I imagine. My spouse was there, she was all the time there however stood again by the home. Ever since this stuff began coming round she wouldn’t enterprise to far out through the night or at night time, and I don’t blame her, neither did I for essentially the most half.


I used to be setting the apples down once I heard the grunt, after which, to the left of me a growl. My spouse made a extremely bizarre like squeal or one thing and was pointing within the route of the growl. There it was, a reddish-brown coloured Hairy-man on all fours nearly evident at me. It slapped the the bottom as soon as I bear in mind and set free one other growl, then, and scaring me half to dying, it abruptly stood up and jumped ahead in my route about 3-4 ft. I nearly fell over backing up as quick as I did out of pure reflex.


It, the Hairy-man, didn’t proceed any additional ahead, but it surely didn’t transfer off both, it gave the impression to be standing its floor. I walked backwards slowly till I reached the home and we each ran inside, and quick. That was the scariest second we’d have whereas they have been right here.

As with all of those reviews to date, no photographic proof, nor any proof actually in any respect, has been submitted as of but, making all of it appear maybe a bit suspect. If actual, this case does maybe give some perception into Hairy-man habits, such because the leaving of “items,” the hate of oranges, and the bluffing habits that appears very paying homage to what a gorilla would possibly show. With none proof, nevertheless, we’re left to merely speculate and marvel at what precisely is occurring right here. Lastly we get to a household within the state of Michigan, who claims that they’ve been feeding the Hairy-man residing round their dwelling within the space of Newaygo County for a while now, since 2009. The witness, a Robin Lynn Pfeifer, stated to Discovery Information that there’s a group of 10 of the large creatures frequently visiting them, the most important standing 9 and a half ft tall, and he or she additionally claims to feed them, saying, “They get fish daily, a bucket of fruit, a bucket of dry pet food. Their favourite factor is blueberry bagels. If I am not baking them, I’m going to completely different shops to purchase them.” Who does not like blueberry bagels, eh?  She has additionally stated that she has taken many plaster casts of their huge footprints, however that they’re too shy and intelligent to be photographed, which sounds fairly handy. Curiously, these Hairy-man are additionally stated to make picket buildings within the woods and are apparently discovered of braiding rope not noted, and they’re stated to be massive followers of knocking items of wooden collectively, referred to as “wooden knocking.” Vocalizations resembling some type of language are purportedly additionally usually heard.

After all, like with each single one in all these instances, if there was such a gaggle of very giant, primate-like beasts frequently and predictably roaming about, then they need to at the least go away some type of bodily proof, akin to hairs, scat, audio recordings, and pictures, however there’s nothing like that right here in any respect. Within the complete void of such proof it’s comprehensible that skepticism must be aimed toward such accounts. In spite of everything, if somebody is in common contact with these beasts, shouldn’t they be ready to supply one thing greater than mere fanciful tales? The thought of Hairy-man habituation is so outlandish and with out proof that even main cryptozoologists shed doubt on the veracity of all of it, with the famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman himself stating:

All of the Hairy-man contactees — for some purpose they by no means take pictures.There’s quite a lot of curiosity find this stuff, however we’ve to look of the credibility of the folks feeding us the tales. I am all the time cautious of two varieties of individuals, the debunkers who haven’t any curiosity and the true believers who won’t convey any essential pondering. They actually imagine they’re having these experiences. I do not know if its hallucinations or a psychological state.

Is that what all of that is, simply hallucinations, overactive imaginations, psychological points, or downright fraud? If any of it’s actual then the place is the proof? These individuals are supposedly in shut contact with Hairy-man which are assimilated to them and never shy about approaching or making their presence recognized, so why are we left with solely tales? Such shut interactions with these elusive beasts may reveal the zoological discovery of the century, and shed an unimaginable quantity of sunshine on a phenomenon that has been lengthy confined to the perimeter, however irrespective of how superb these habituation contactees’ tales are, we’re nonetheless left at nighttime. Why is that? No matter you imagine and no matter veracity any of those reviews have, one factor can definately be stated for certain, and that’s they’re a few of the most bonkers, surreal kinds of Hairy-man encounters there are.

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