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Horrific Creatures Seldom Seen is a wonderful new guide from John Warms, and which is revealed by Chad Arment’s Coachwhip Publications. A duplicate of the guide was given to me by Chad eventually month’s Ohio-based Creature Weekend. And, I’ve no hesitation in saying that if Cryptozoology is your factor, you will need to pay money for a replica of this guide.

The guide focuses mainly, albeit not wholly solely, on sightings of unknown animals within the Canadian province of Manitoba – and there are many these unknown animals, too. The benefit of Horrific Creatures Seldom Seen is that it is primarily based on the creator’s private, within the discipline, investigations. In different phrases, this isn’t some sterile, bland, all-from-the-Web-type guide – I am very happy to say. Plus, it is crammed with by no means earlier than seen images and art work, all of which, mixed, make this a terrific learn.

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John Warms

So, with that every one mentioned, what are you able to anticipate from John Warms? Let’s have a look. We’ll begin with Manipogo, the resident vampire – or, extra possible, monsters – of Lake Manitoba. This Canadian Nessie has a protracted historical past, and Warms gives us with detailed background on the beast, in addition to a lot of notable, and beforehand unseen experiences from firsthand witnesses. It is also an excellently illustrated chapter, with each colour and black and white imagery.

Colossal, winged beasts of an unidentified nature have been reported from all internationally, and for hundreds of years. Amongst the extra well-known ones are, after all, the Mothman of Level Nice, West Virginia, the UK’s Owlman, and Batsquatch. And Manitoba is not any stranger to such winged-things both.

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Northern Manitoba Canada

Curiously, the experiences from Manitoba carefully parallel the sorts of issues seen elsewhere: (a) massive birds that resemble the legendary Thunderbirds of Native American lore and tradition, and (b) large, menacing, bat-like creatures. An ideal instance of the latter: a creepy case from 2009, involving a pair from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, and who described seeing a really bizarre animal like “a de-feathered goose,” with bat-style wings, and which hovered in an upright place “like slightly man.”

For followers of things like the aforementioned Mothman – and of different flying humanoids – this chapter alone is crucial studying, mainly as a result of many of the circumstances have by no means been highlighted publicly earlier than. Transferring on, tales of monstrous snakes – as in large snakes – abound within the pages of Warms’ guide, such because the 60-footer seen in Lake Winnipeg, and the massive “horned snakes” of Swan Lake.

In fact, Horrific Creatures Seldom Seen would not be full and not using a part on Man of the woods – and Warms gives us with exactly that. There’s the fascinating case of a Man of the woods reportedly shot and killed in 1941 (within the Basket space west of Gypsumville), the account of a baby-carrying feminine Man of the woods, and a “gentle orange”-colored Man of the woods seen within the mid-Nineteen Nineties. This chapter, alone, runs to virtually 50 pages, demonstrating the wealthy and in depth physique of experiences on this particular space of the world.


Of specific curiosity to me, are the chapters on misplaced (as in very misplaced!) alligators and crocodiles, and sightings of what can solely be described as monstrous frogs. Many would possibly scoff on the concept of a “bear-sized” frog on the free, and one other being “three ft each which approach,” however there is no such thing as a doubting there is a lengthy historical past of individuals seeing what are a minimum of superficially em>frog-like creatures in Manitoba.

Encounters with Goliath-sized beavers abound in Cryptozoology – they usually abound within the historical past of Manitoba, too. Warms’ 39-page chapter on this curious phenomenon demonstrates the extent to which the creator has pursued this thriller. That features expeditions into the wilderness, securing witness testimony, and chronicling the hunt in pictures.

giant beaver 570x316
Picture from Jack the Lizard

Coming throughout a beaver the dimensions of a bear should absolutely be an intimidating expertise – however that is the account we get from a witness at Apegano Lake. Warms additionally digs deep into the matter of horrific, massive holes and burrows that simply may need been the lairs of those large, formidable beasts. Of a much more Fortean nature are experiences of so-called “merbeings,” bizarre kangaroo-like animals, the “little individuals,” and the menacing Windigo.

Do you have to purchase John Warms’ Horrific Creatures Seldom Seen? You realize you need to! That is the private odyssey of 1 man who has tirelessly pursued the mysterious creatures of Manitoba with zeal and enthusiasm, and with a level-head on his shoulders. It is a wonderful addition to the world of books of the cryptozoological sort.

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