Strange Encounters With Bizarre Humanoids in the Desert

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It could appear as if the wastelands of the deserts are fully devoid of life. With their endless expanses of bleak scrub and sand dunes this all seems as if it have to be a barren realm which may as properly be on one other planet. But not solely does life thrum right here behind the scenes, eking out a residing in these badlands, however there are additionally fairly a number of studies of mysterious creatures from right here of a surprisingly humanoid nature. Listed below are among the strangest.

One of the vital weird and unsolved instances of a desert humanoid creature of some type is a gigantic beast that has come to be generally known as the Yucca Man. The tales appear to originate within the Nineteen Sixties, within the neighborhood of the of the Twentynine Palms army base, positioned within the Mojave Desert of southeastern California and southern Nevada. Right here on this distant, desolate location there can be a sequence occasions that has remained unexplained for many years, and which hints at some type of desert-roaming humanoid entity. The primary sighting that basically put the phenomenon on the map allegedly occurred in 1971, when a Marine from the bottom who was on guard responsibility reported listening to one thing out within the desert scrub, which seemed like heavy respiration from some very giant creature, in addition to grunts and growls seemingly circling his guard station. When he warily went out to research, anticipating to see some wild animal, he claimed to have been confronted with a huge, 8-foot-tall bushy ape-like creature with glowing crimson eyes. In some variations of this account the Marine is knocked down by the beast, solely to awaken hours later and discover his rifle twisted and bent like a pretzel.

Calico basin red rock cumulus mediocris
The Mojave Desert

This is able to be removed from the final anybody would right here of the scary creature, with frequent studies of canines going haywire, and of hikers encountering a fetid stench starting to return in at a gentle fee within the following years, and there was a spate of such odd occurrences at Joshua Tree Nationwide Park all through the early 70s, with quite a few campers telling of a giant beast rummaging by their campsites and even trying to open their tents, in addition to park workers telling of sighting monstrous man-like types prowling the desert that had been estimated as being as much as 12 toes tall. There have been additionally large footprints discovered and a number of other vague, predictably blurry photos of the creature or creatures had been taken. Such sightings made their method into a number of Southern California information publications on the time, and one June, 1973 report from the Antelope Valley Each day Ledger-Gazette described the creature and a few studies thus:

The creature likes to run round homes and leaving footprints. That’s its MO within the East Lancaster space the place footprints had been discovered round a number of homes just lately. One lady reported that the creature ran round her home and scratched on the door. A small boy despatched to inform his father supper was prepared was discovered hours later crying close to the corral. When requested what occurred to him, he answered {that a} massive, furry man wouldn’t let him cross.

In that yr, 1973, there have been many sightings of the creature within the space of Lancaster, within the western Mojave Desert in California, comparable to a sighting made by three separate Marines and different disparate witnesses as properly. It bought to the purpose the place on this yr there was a close to tragedy when two search events had been out Hairy-man searching within the wake of the mysterious studies and virtually opened fireplace on one another. Sightings continued, and in 1979 there was an account given by an aged couple, who claimed that the beast had stepped proper out in entrance of their automobile to tower over the automobile, earlier than lumbering off into the night time, leaving huge tracks behind. In that very same yr there have been two further sightings from Hemet, California, of an enormous 10 foot tall creature that left behind footprints a foot and a half lengthy.

Make a Trip to the Mesmerizing Mojave Desert
Highway by the Mojave Desert

Round this time there was a string of sightings of all kinds of scary phenomena close to the Edward’s Air Pressure Base, about 22 miles (35 km) northeast of Lancaster. Right here there have been quite a few studies of base personnel sighting hulking humanoid figures at the hours of darkness, which allegedly used a sequence of underground tunnels to maneuver about. Oddly, there have been many purported UFO sightings within the space on the identical time, however whether or not or not this has any connection is unknown. One of many extra far-out studies from the bottom was collected by Hairy-man researcher Edwards Bobbie Ann Slate, and anxious one of many creatures that apparently had vibrant blue eyes. The report was given by a base policeman, who stated:

Heading again to the principle base, I observed perhaps 200-300 yards to my left, these giant blue eyes. I do lots of night time searching and it was scary — they had been bigger than something I’d ever seen earlier than. The [blue eyes] needed to be about 4 inches aside and 7 toes off the bottom. I ended the truck and sat there watching them. It was too darkish to see any physique form to the factor. The blue glows proceeded towards my truck at a proper angle for about 100 yards after which stopped. The motion of the eyes was extraordinarily quick. One other factor that bothered me was that they didn’t bob up and down. It was like two lights on a wire transferring from one level to a different.

This explicit creature, nicknamed “Blue Eyes,” has apparently been often seen by base police and has been extensively mentioned amongst them proper up into the current. A number of different personnel on the distant desert base on the time additionally got here ahead to anonymously report that enormous, Hairy-man-like creatures had been routinely noticed by night-vision tools skirting the perimeter of the bottom, usually with crimson glowing eyes, strolling by it, and even venturing into the numerous underground tunnels within the space. The witnesses defined that the presence of the creatures was formally categorised, and that they’d been particularly ordered to not fireplace upon them. There had allegedly been a number of cases of catching the creatures on surveillance cameras on the base, however this footage was labeled as categorised and by no means launched to the general public.

It isn’t even essentially Hairy-man-like creatures which have been seen, as there are studies of vague shadow males and even shape-changing entities from the bottom, in addition to what appear to be simply disembodies glowing eyes. What’s going on right here? Additionally from Southern California are extra trendy studies of some type of hair-covered, semi-bipedal creature with glowing crimson eyes that has ben seen loping or working alongside at excessive speeds alongside Freeway 14, and which has come to be known as the “Sierra Freeway Satan.”

One other odd, red-eyed humanoid monstrosity from the identical space is what has come to be known as “The Cement Mystery beast,” named for its look at a concrete mine close to Massive Bear Lake owned by the Mitsubishi Cement Company. In 1988 the beast was seen by two U.S. Marines who had been on their method residence from a snowboarding journey to the realm once they noticed the creature looming over an deserted strip mine within the space. One of many witnesses, a Ken Cross, would inform researcher Douglas E. Trapp thus:

From the left aspect of the highway one thing very giant appeared to face up on two legs and run throughout the highway. The underside half seemed human, coated with hair. The highest half wasn’t very seen, however appeared monsterish, scary in different phrases. The headlights solely bought the underside half, and the rattling factor ran out about 150 toes in entrance of us. It made it throughout the highway in three strides. I distinctively keep in mind seeing the arms pumping forwards and backwards similar to any of us would do if sprinting throughout the highway in entrance of a automobile. It seemed to be 8 toes tall.

Within the solar scorched, burning wilderness of a spot known as Borrego Sink, 45 mi SE of Borrego Springs, California, there have been reported terrifying encounters between man and thriller beast. The desert might appear to be a scary place to search out Hairy-man, however not solely have they been reported on this savage wasteland, however they appear to be of a fairly aggressive selection, particularly those which have come to be generally known as the Borrego Wildman. One such incident occurred in 1939, when a person was tenting alone in one of many many dry gulches of the realm. The person was awoken in the midst of the night time by a band of two-legged bushy creatures stalking about his camp on the fringes of the campfire’s gentle. The beasts had been described as having white or silver fur and possessed piercing crimson eyes that glowed at the hours of darkness. The pack of creatures circled the camp menacingly for a while however appeared to be considerably afraid of the hearth and saved their distance till they lastly slunk off again into the desert.

anza borrego badlands christian heeb
The Anza-Borrego wastelands

Thirty years later in the identical area, a person by the identify of Harold Lancaster had his personal horrifying eye witness encounter as he was tenting within the Sink. Lancaster described how an infinite, hair coated, bipedal creature stalked out of the wilderness and lumbered straight in direction of him in an intimidating method. The person, fearing that he was about to be attacked, fired his revolver into the air in an effort to scare the vampire away. Regardless of the creature was, the gunshots did the trick and the factor reportedly jumped round 3 toes into the air earlier than obtrusive at Lancaster and working off into the comb.

Borrego Sink just isn’t the one place within the desert with its share of ominous man-beasts. In a spot known as Deadman’s Gap, positioned 7 miles from Warner Springs on Hwy 79, a string of vicious, unsolved murders occurred again within the nineteenth century which have lengthy been blamed on a malicious, marauding Wildman. In 1858 the primary sufferer was killed underneath mysterious circumstances, adopted by extra slayings through the years; a Frenchman who was slaughtered in his cabin, a prospector named David Blair who was killed by what seemed like a knife assault, and a girl named Belinda who was strangled and mutilated. The story might have simply been chalked as much as an insane killer on the rampage had it not been for a curious story that surfaced in 1888. Two hunters had been out searching in an space generally known as Darkish Canyon once they got here throughout a cave stuffed with the scattered stays of assorted mutilated animals.

As they investigated the cave, the hunters reported being attacked by an enormous, man-like beast coated in matted black hair and with enormous palms and toes. In response to the hunters, they opened fireplace on the beast and killed it, after which its physique was apparently moved to San Diego and proven to police. On the time, a paper known as the San Diego Union ran the story and claimed that the rampaging thriller creature had been the one accountable for the murders, inflicting fairly a public stir within the course of. Oddly, the paper ran a narrative the next day dismissing the article as a mere April Idiot’s joke. It’s unknown if there was ever actually a physique or if the creature actually existed, however what is thought is that the mysterious murders stay unsolved.

One other scary case involving some type of humanoid creature comes from the deserts of the Mexican State of Chihuahua. On the finish of 1989 and the start of 1990, a bunch of youngsters had been on a mission to discover the caves of a spot known as Cerro Pajarito once they got here throughout one thing that will hang-out them for the remainder of their lives. Because the group was exploring one of many caves, they came across the invention of a useless deer and a doe that had been freshly killed and exhibited three odd perforations on their necks that shaped a triangular sample. Within the surrounding space, there have been footprints that seemed like these of a puma, however it quickly turned obvious that no puma had achieved this.

The group out of the blue heard blood curdling squealing sounds and the air turned pervaded by a stench described as smelling like burning wooden. The terrified group of youngsters seemed and noticed a hunched over, humanoid determine crouched upon a rock outcropping about 15 meters away from them. The creature apparently began bounding in direction of them and one of many teams emptied his pistol at it, though the bullets appeared to haven’t any impact. Because the panicked group turned tail and ran for pricey life, they reported passing yet one more humanoid creature that was described as being metallic inexperienced in colour and standing solely 80 cm excessive. What might this have presumably been? Who is aware of?

The desert is certainly a really remoted area of intense pure magnificence and solitude. Anybody who has been there can attest to that. There’s simply one thing about these locations that holds to it a sure mystique and attract that it’s exhausting to pinpoint, and there are huge mysteries lurking right here. What are these humanoid entities that we’ve checked out right here, and the way or why do they handle to stay on this forbidding panorama? Are these cryptids, some type of desert Wildman? Are they ghosts, demons, interdimensional vacationers, or one thing else? Nobody is aware of, and so they serve so as to add to the attract of those oft-forgotten and averted locations.

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