Study Shows That Most Americans Believe In Aliens, Ghosts And Atlantis – But Not Bigfoot

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Researchers requested the general public what they considered a number of various kinds of paranormal phenomenon and the outcomes have been fairly shocking. In a part of the examine, they composed seven completely different statements, equivalent to “Aliens have visited Earth in our historic previous,” and “Locations may be haunted by spirits,” and the respondents both agreed or disagreed with the phrases.

The examine revealed that nearly three out of each 4 folks consider in some kind of paranormal exercise and nearly all of them consider in a couple of sort supernatural phenomenon. The commonest perception among the many responders was that there have been superior, historic civilizations at one time, equivalent to Atlantis. The truth is, one out of each two folks believes within the misplaced superior civilization that was as soon as Atlantis.

One other fashionable perception is that ghosts exist – over half of the individuals who responded consider that places may be haunted by spirits.

Ghost 570x764
The vast majority of folks consider in ghosts.

Despite the fact that most individuals consider in these two matters, there has but to be any definitive proof of both one. Many researchers say that Atlantis is nothing greater than a legendary metropolis described by Plato two thousand years in the past and that the superior and highly effective kingdom by no means truly existed.

As for ghosts, numerous folks have come ahead over time describing their paranormal experiences in addition to their photographic and video “proof” of their encounters. Whereas there have been many compelling items of proof which have allegedly captured ghostly exercise, there may be nonetheless a considerable amount of folks that don’t consider within the paranormal and say that the footage is both faked or may be simply defined/debunked.

One attention-grabbing revelation is that extra folks consider that aliens visited Earth in historic occasions (35% of individuals) in comparison with extraterrestrials visiting us in present occasions (26% of responders). Greater than half of the responders suppose that UFOs have visited Earth sooner or later all through historical past, whereas 8 out of 10 folks consider that life exists on different planets.

Along with Atlantis and ghosts, there hasn’t been any conclusive proof of UFOs current both. Though the 2004 USS Nimitz Encounter off the coast of California revealed fairly convincing footage of a tic-tac formed UFO that was witnessed by US Navy pilots, there actually hasn’t been any stable proof that UFOs or aliens have visited Earth, not to mention exist someplace within the universe.

Bigfoot 1 570x570
Solely 16% of individuals consider that Bigfoot exists.

As for what People are skeptical of, nearly all of individuals are surprisingly uncertain that Bigfoot exists – solely 16% of responders consider that the massive creature roams the Earth. One other matter wherein nearly all of individuals are unconvinced by is psychics or telekinesis, as only one in 5 responders suppose that it’s actual.

So what scares folks probably the most? Surprisingly sufficient, ghosts, monsters, and being kidnapped didn’t even crack the highest ten issues that individuals are most afraid of. As for the primary worry amongst People, it’s authorities corruption. So, a corrupt authorities scares folks greater than coming face-to-face with a ghost or a monster… Now that’s scary…

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