Tales of Ukrainian Bigfoot and Other Hominids

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The Carpathians, the oldest mountains on Earth, are thought of the standard habitat of scary animals in Ukraine. Coated with legends, from time immemorial they have been thought of nests of evil spirits. Some Ukrainian humanoid cryptids are of a extra sinister, macabre selection than these within the West and Asia, apart from Japan. That nation has its personal macabre cryptids and mythology. Let me introduce you to the setting, the background of the place the Ukraine cryptids, these elusive relic hominids, roam.

The massive-scale primeval and old-growth forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians are distinctive in Europe. These mountainous landscapes are of excellent magnificence. They symbolize functioning pure ecosystems which might be inhabited by unimaginable wildlife and supply irreplaceable providers to us people. They supply contemporary water, clear air, and plenty of different ecosystem providers. Carpathian Mountains are clipping the nation’s southwest nook, endowing Ukraine with a area of forested hills, spectacular mountain lakes, fast-flowing rivers and picturesque waterfalls. The Carpathian area in Western Ukraine contrasts vastly with the flatness of the steppes within the Southeast in addition to urbanized territories of central and jap Ukraine. Right here rises mountain Hoverla, Ukraine’s highest peak (2061 meters).

That is the land of the Gutsuls, Boykos, Lemkos and different native ethnic teams whose colourful people tradition is laced by skinny villages stretching lazily alongside large valley flooring. My spouse can be from Transcarpathia, whereas I’m from Kyiv. She tells me how lovely the mountains are.These are the very best and most picturesque mountain peaks of Ukraine. Carpathian Mountains are the epicenter of Ukraine’s rural people tradition in addition to the primary vacation vacation spot for quite a few Ukrainians and worldwide vacationers. The native peaks are extremely popular with hikers and skiers, and I’m positive, will likely be much more so after the battle of 2022 is over. 

Carpathian Mountains are well-known because the motherland of the Gutsul ethnos. These folks preserve their traditions and have a wealthy tradition. The Gutsuls ethnos is an inseparable a part of the Ukrainian ethnos. The very fact they’re able to reside and survive so excessive in mountains reveals the energy of their spirit. For hundreds of years they’ve been taking the life vitality from the fantastic nature, which is ready to encourage, entice and enchant. Having seen the grandeur of the white mountain caps and colourful great thing about forests at the least as soon as in a life, you aren’t in a position to overlook it. Right here you may breathe freely, and the air is as clear as a crystal. The Gutsuls imagine the everybody is aware of that they’re significantly gifted. All the pieces they do by hand is genuine and weird. The painted eggs, wooden and ceramics, embroidery, towels and blankets are well-known as artworks. The dishes of the mountain delicacies are well-known in Ukraine. All the pieces within the Carpathians is ready from natural merchandise in line with historic recipes.

The mountain folklore is an emerald among the many gems of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Dances, songs, fairy-tales legends and myths are naturally embedded within the sample of nationwide imagery. And vacationer guides in Carpathians will likely be glad to share a mysterious story with you: “Right here the gorgeous forest nymphs are attracting the younger males of their mortal dance…”. The Gutsuls actually know their cryptids. 

So, allow us to speak about native cryptozoology. I’ve collected supplies from many sources, and wish to thank my Ukrainian colleagues, such because the UFODOS group, for his or her diligent analysis.  

It’s noteworthy that the peoples inhabiting the Carpathians, in fairy tales and legends, have one widespread, very curious character, the “Doghead” — a big shaggy humanoid creature with a canine’s head. The character will not be evil, however residing by its personal legal guidelines, generally very powerful. If we add to this predation and the possession of supernatural skills, particularly, the reincarnation… it’s higher for an individual to not face such a creature. Within the villages there are lots of tales and legends related to the Doghead. In addition to the tales, there are actual witnesses who declare to have seen a creature or at the least a footprint much like a that of human or bear. There are dozens of such witnesses from Volhynia and Yaremche. Volhynia  is a historic area in Central and Japanese Europe, between Southeastern Poland, Southeastern Belarus, and Western Ukraine. Yaremche is a metropolis in Nadvirna Raion, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (province) of Western Ukraine. Town is positioned on the altitude of round 580 meters above imply sea degree. The Doghead, in addition to different sorts of humanoid creatures, is an integral attribute of folklore, legends, and beliefs of the Carpathians. 

Allow us to discover the varieties, then. The basic of Ukrainian literature Mikhail Kotsyubinsky (1864-1913) at one time lived within the Gutsul area (…he beloved unique locations). In 1911, he wrote the novel “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, dedicating it to the Carpathian hinterland. At first look, the story appears to be like like a Gutsul fairy story: concerning the tragic love story of Ivan and Marichka. On the identical time, in line with critics, realism and deep philosophical overtones are painted in vivid romantic colours.

The author repeatedly refers back to the matter of native beliefs, folklore. Kotsyubinsky described a really attention-grabbing creature residing within the legends and myths of the Gutsul folks. On the identical time, he referred to the tales of contemporaries – particular eyewitnesses who met humanoid, bushy creatures…the Chugaister. By all indications, Chugaister is a hominoid occupying a distinct segment someplace between people and the remainder of the animal world, the infamous Man of the woods.  And the proof of such an extravagant assumption can function an unlimited geography: a humanoid, overgrown with fur creature is understood (and even seen) within the wilds of the Amazon, within the Northwest and Northeast of the USA, in Canada, in China, Alaska, the Urals, the Caucasus, Chukotka, Central Asia.

Lastly, the Chugaister and the Doghead (there are different relic hominids roaming Ukraine, too) are clearly the identical creature for a number of the researchers. And but, the Chugaister and the Doghead are usually not precisely the identical creature.

We’ll begin with the Chugaister. The picture of the Chugaister, also referred to as Forest Man, is understood solely within the Ukrainian Carpathians; – it’s unknown to different Slavs. Within the Boyko area (the Boykos are a sub-group of Ukrainians and communicate a dialect of Ukrainian language) the creature  is solely referred to as grandfather, and in Transcarpathia ,  individual of the evening.  Later, I’ll let you know about his exploits within the Boyko area, the place he’s known as Dido, or Did.

The origin of the identify Chugaister will not be recognized for sure. Trendy researchers affiliate this phrase with “Chuga”, “chuganya” (outerwear that’s woven in order that it has the looks of a giant sheep pores and skin with lengthy hair), and even with the Cossack watchtowers, which have been referred to as chugas; and pure channels within the rocks, “chugil”.

And the Ukrainian Man of the woods has not been a uncommon spectacle. In 2003, for instance, within the ski resort of Slavsk, within the Carpathian Mountains, a frightened group of vacationers ran out of the forest. Here’s what one in all them recalled, the 32-year-old Maria, who got here to the mountains from Lviv.

They determined to take a stroll among the many fir bushes at 5 o’clock. It was very lovely and a bit darkish, simply because the solar was setting.  Abruptly, at a couple of hundred meters, a stocky creature ran throughout the trail. It was lined with thick dark-colored hair and had no clothes. It reached a peak of two meters or much more. Maria’s husband and she or he have been scared as a result of they’d a five-year-old daughter with them. They grabbed her and nearly rolled down the mountain. The pair got here to their senses already on the freeway , dusty with snow, and blissful that they survived. Effectively, these days the couple nearly remembers this incident with pleasure: it was an eye witness encounter with an unknown being, in spite of everything.

The picture of” Chugaister ” within the creativeness of our contemporaries will be discerned from occasional stories that come from the Carpathian Mountains.

“There isn’t any Abominable snowman, as a result of there is no such thing as a snow,” in line with the locals, reluctant to debate the relic hominids. A few of the mountain dwellers are additionally afraid of, however nonetheless communicate of untamed animals: “there are solely wolves within the forest. If an individual is alone, and even at evening, they’ll positively be eaten.” This, in fact, doesn’t apply to their number of Man of the woods; quite the opposite, they’re afraid to recollect him, as a result of this could deliver hassle. This trait applies solely to the Ukrainian model of the vampire, the so-called Chugaister or as he’s additionally referred to as, the Guk. The Chugaister is a sophisticated creature.  From the out there sources researched, completely different qualities are attributed to the cryptid being.

In response to some legends, the Chugaister considers human beings as a  sworn enemy.  The cryptid can forged spells. The spell lasts a lifetime, and the sufferer won’t ever be capable to return to regular human existence , nay, he doomed to wander in abandoned locations, the place, furthermore, no animal can hurt him. 

The Chugaister himself hunts, as mountain people know, solely the Nyavkas, as a result of it feeds on their meat, particularly actively, when the moon is full. He hunts the so-called Forest Maidens. Nyavka (also referred to as Mavka) is a feminine character from Ukrainian mythology, a soul of a drowned or died unbaptized lady who lives within the woods; the souls of women who had died unnatural tragic or untimely deaths.  In response to some Carpathian beliefs and Ukrainian mythology, she appears to be like like an exquisite younger lady, however in her again there’s a large gap and so her viscera are seen. The Mavkas typically appeared within the type of lovely younger ladies who enticed and lured younger males into the woods, the place they “tickled” them to loss of life. Described as a long-haired individual, generally bare in appaearance, who could also be harmful to younger males. 

The Mavkas had no reflection in water, didn’t forged shadows, and had “no again”, that means that their insides could possibly be seen. However these have been extra typically referred to as “Nyavka” they usually have been believed to reside in Western Ukraine, which has extra harmful mountain rivers than Central Ukraine, whereas the Mavkas, who have been believed to reside in Central Ukraine, had their backs intact. And  they have been the primary meals supply for the Ukrainian wild man. However right here is one thing so as to add to the complexity: the Chugaister cryptids in line with some accounts, additionally helped farmers by taking care of the cattle and driving out wild animals. However not all farmers, simply the poor ones. 

And there may be extra. Often, having by chance encountered an individual, the Chugaister invited her or him  to bop (he would supply  the invitation within the in human language); and  after the dance,  the cryptid would let the human go away with none issues.

Though an individual can be exhausted after energetic dancing with the Ukrainian Man of the woods, the Chugaister is often thought of a superb creature. So, you see, there are completely different attributes to the creature from completely different sources.  Reportedly, the creature is even attributed the power to foretell. The Chugaister, reportedly, additionally has hypnotic energy: when assembly him, an individual can’t transfer. What if there are a number of subspecies of the Ukrainian snowman Chugaister? 

As for the picture of the “Chugaister ” within the creativeness of contemporaries, I’ll speak about it later.  Let me simply add that the day after the journey within the forest, Maria’s husband, Arthur, returned to the place of the eye witness encounter with the scary creature. Not removed from the trail, he discovered a path, a footpath in all probability made by the Chugaister. Because it was snowing at evening, even such unsure proof will be thought of a priceless discover. “At the very least now I’ve realized from my very own expertise that the world is not restricted to what everybody has seen. There are some issues that make us stronger, ” mentioned Arthur, embarking on an evening mountain tour. 

There are nearly no scientific publications concerning the shaggy forest Carpathian jumbo Chugaister besides for 2 or three information of folklorists, which have been printed in numerous “ethnographic collections” and within the “The Gutsul area” e book of V. Shukhevych. From right here, the Chugaister migrated to the story of Mikhail Kotsyubinsky “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” and gained appreciable recognition amongst Ukrainians.

Let’s proceed with out there descriptions of the cryptid. In response to the Gutsul legends, the Chugaister is a whitehaired or black-haired jumbo, will be from two to seven meters in peak, or “as tall as a fir tree and appears like a bear”, however doesn’t freeze and doesn’t fall into hibernation, will not be afraid of the chilly, has an extended beard, blue eyes, sleeps curled up in a ball someplace within the thickets, or in dry leaves or brushwood.

As you may see, the picture of Chugaister fairly neatly coincides with the legendary myths concerning the “Abominable Snowman”, which is discovered within the high-altitude and forest areas of the Earth. Within the Himalayas, it’s referred to as “Yeti”, within the North Caucasus the  “Almasti”, in Siberia , “the Marked One”, in India the “Rakshasi”, in Greece the “Faun”; and extra of such creatures in Eurasia, and within the Arctic Russia.

 In 1921, the existence of the” shaggy jumbo ” was reported to the world by Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury, a well-known mountaineer who led an expedition to Mount Everest. In response to him, the dimensions of the creature’s foot gave the impression to be 37 centimeters in size and 16 centimeters in width (roughly the identical “traces” are hollowed out on Pisany and different well-known stones or rocks within the Carpathian Mountains ), and the peak of the creature- about 220 centimeters. Later I’ll let you know concerning the Pysany stone. 

In response to legend, the Chugaister, just like the Yeti, is extraordinarily quick, if operating and on two legs can get forward of the grownup feminine horse. It’s not shocking that some ethnographers related him with the patron saint of the winds Stribog, as indicated by the very root “str”. In people demonology, a Chugaister is a guardian of an individual removed from house , whether or not the individual is within the forest, or within the mountain valleys. He’s the protector of shepherds and loggers. He displays the forest maidens Nyavkas and Mavkas), beforehand talked about, who distract the male mountain people, lure them into the wilds and destroy them. When the Chugaister sees one of many forest maidens, he’ll seize it, tear it in two, and eat it. 

Loggers, when cooking meals, at all times left a bit of the native dishes for Chugaister, inserting  the meals on a excessive beam of their hut. They believed that he would be capable to get the meals  out of there, as a result of the creature was tall. When within the night they returned to the hut, and they didn’t discover meals, they have been blissful, they might sleep in peace: the Chugaister got here, due to this fact, there have been no extra Nyavkas or Mavkas in that place. The Chugaister grazed his goats within the open areas, within the valleys, along with the goats of the impoverished native folks. His energy over the animals was so nice that they might carry out small  duties for him: Chugaister even despatched a fox or wolf  to fetch water. 

Let’s speak in additional element about one other cryptid that the Chugaister had interactions with. The Povitrulyas differ from different feminine mythological characters (the Navkas and Myavkas, the  mermaids) as a result of they will fly and have energy over the winds. They introduced an ambivalent picture. It’s believed that Povitrulyas handled younger males of unclean conscience with contempt and tore them to items. In some mythological tales of Transcarpathia, the picture of pleasant Povitrulyas generally seems. They’re projections of the sunshine goddess; shepherds fall in love with them and stick with them within the mountains. Within the following story, the Povitrulyas was depicted otherwise.

Within the Boyko area, the identify of the Chugaister was considerably forgotten. Right here it’s merely referred to as Dido or Did, grandfather in Ukrainian, a nice, melodic language. It’s Dido in one of many Carpathian tales who saves the younger man from the Povitrulya and takes him out of the thick forest. It started when the younger man went to select mushrooms and the evening caught him within the wilds. So, he determined to construct a hearth and spend the evening till morning. Then, at about twelve o’clock, the wind appeared, and a ball rolled earlier than his eyes. He seemed again and noticed the Dido behind him. The Dido requested the younger man one thing incomprehensible and ran on after that ball.  The Dido returned in a couple of minutes. The person seen that it was  a Povitrulya within the grandfather’s fingers. And the Dido-the grandfather- put it on a spit, baked it over the fireplace, ate it and requested for tobacco. The younger man gave him a number of the ‘tyutyun’ (Ukrainian for tobacco). The Dido started to ask him what and the way he acquired into that forest. And  the Ukrainian Man of the woods added: “you might be fortunate that I noticed you, in any other case you wouldn’t have lived to see the morning, as you’d been lured into the woods by the Povitrulya. Now prepare, I am going to take you out on the street.” The younger man adopted that Dido and located himself not removed from house.

The city of Kozova is positioned within the Ternopil Oblast, which is within the western components of the Ukraine. The realm that Kozova is located in a part of a historic area referred to as Galicia, which is split between Ukraine and Poland. Kozova lies close to to a river referred to as Koropets, which later kinds a lake. Verkhovyna is positioned within the Gutsul area of the Carpathian Mountains referred to as Pokuttya, upon the Cheremosh River, a tributary of the Prut. Verkhovyna is at present an essential vacationer middle in Ukraine. The city’s identify means “highland place.”

From Kozova to Verkhovyna, there are nonetheless legends a couple of Forest Man, tall and lined with thick hair. He appears to graze wild animals, likes to “whistle by the forest”, bask close to the fireplace laid out by shepherds and woodcutters. It doesn’t hurt anybody, and quite the opposite, it destroys all evil spirits. However there are different forest creatures within the mountains. Let’s take a look at the Doghead. In contrast to the Chugaister, the dog-headed man is an ogre who lures reckless  people into traps and subsequently prepares meals from them. Collectors of ethnographic materials declare that there’s even an official doc that claims concerning the eye witness encounter of two brothers with a dog-headed man. The blokes, though scared, weren’t at a loss: they reduce off the vampire’s canine head and introduced it to the village. The account of the story famous that  native authorities drew up an official report based mostly on the interrogation of the brothers.

Now, allow us to  take a look at the mysterious stones. 

The Pysany Stone acquired its identify from petroglyphs, the oldest of which dates again to the time of Kievan Rus. In response to some assumptions, previously there was a pagan temple on the rocks. The stays of the temple are thought of to be 9 spherical recesses-bowls, that are reduce into the stone. On the internal partitions of particular person depressions, there are clear traces of hollowing out with some sharp object. The underside of a few of them has indicators of burnt stone. Between and across the” bowls ” there are greater than 30 symbolic drawings, or petroglyphs.

The Legend Of The Painted Stone tells the next narrative: 

“For a really very long time, the encircling mountains have been inhabited by the tribes of the Carpathians, who gave the identify to the Carpathian Mountains. They have been jumbo people, like legendary Titans, endowed with extraordinary energy. So, they rolled these stones right here to perpetuate the reminiscence of their keep right here, buried their treasures and lined them with stones. Since then, folks have been coming right here to worship the highly effective spirit of their ancestors, who from Verkhovyna unfold everywhere in the world and have become the founders of well-known households and tribes, royal dynasties.”

And now allow us to see what the basic of Ukrainian literature Mikhail Kotsyubinsky who repeatedly refers back to the matter of native beliefs, folklore, instructed us concerning the cryptids:

“… When Ivan was seven years previous, he already seemed on the world otherwise. He already knew so much… He knew that evil spirits rule the world, that the Aridnyk (evil spirit) guidelines every part, that the forests are filled with foresters who graze their margin there: deer, hares, fawn, {that a} cheerful Chugaister wanders there, who will instantly ask for a merry dance; {that a} vociferous tree lives within the forest. Greater up, on the waterless wild tops of the mountains, the Nyavkas breed their countless dances, and the Shcheznyk (evil forest spirit in Ukrainian mythology) hides within the rocks…”

A particular place in Kotsyubinsky’s story is occupied by Chugaister, a forester who protects folks from evil spirits. It’s described intimately within the ending:

“… A person got here out of the forest. He was bare. Smooth darkish hair lined his complete physique and the entire face with open spherical and sort eyes… He folded his furry fingers on his large abdomen and approached Ivan. Then Ivan acknowledged him instantly. It was a cheerful Chugaister, a form forester who protects folks.”

At some point, as Kotsyubinsky narrates, he went out to Ivan’s campfire. He sat down on a stump, shaking off dry leaves from it, and stretched out his legs to the fireplace. Each have been silent. The forest man warmed his fingers by the fireplace and rubbed his spherical stomach with them, and Ivan stubbornly considered learn how to make him keep longer. However the Chugaister himself helped. Winking at Ivan with a sly eye, he invited him to a contest dance. “And why not?” – Ivan acquired up fortunately. 

Throwing firewood into the fireplace, seemed on the posts, straightened the shirt on himself and acquired prepared for the dance. And the Chugaister had already put his bushy fingers on his sides and was stirring wobbling. Ivan stamped on the spot, caught out his foot, shook his entire physique and swam in a lightweight Gutsul dance… In entrance of him, the Chugaister was ridiculously dodging. He squinted, smacking his lips, shaking his abdomen, his legs, overgrown like a bear’s, clumsily stamped in a single place, bent and unbent. The dance warmed him up.

However even when each felt drained, Ivan determined to proceed and performed the track he had overheard from Shcheznyk within the forest – and Chugaister, enlivened by the splashes of the track, threw his heels greater once more, closed his eyes with pleasure, as if he had forgotten about fatigue. Quickly his fur caught to his physique, as if he had simply climbed out of the water, saliva trickled down from his mouth, open with the pleasure of motion, he glistened throughout with fireplace, and Ivan continued to present in to the warmth with a cheerful recreation and, as if in unconsciousness, exhaustion and oblivion, beat the trampled firmament of the clearing together with his ft, from which they’d already flown postols, the easy leather-based shareware  of the Slavic folks.

“That is sufficient, I am unable to…” – the Chugaister fell on the grass. Ivan fell subsequent to him.

After which, having pounded the contented spherical stomach, he grunted, smoothed his hair on his chest, the Chugaister started to say goodbye and jumped into the forest.

There have been more moderen instances of encounters, however they ended with out dancing.  In 1997, within the Transcarpathian newspaper “Orbit”, the previous editor of the newspaper “Youth of Ukraine” Ilya Ilnitsky, printed tales of the Gutsul , and loggers, hunters, vacationers, geologists t concerning the  encounters  of shepherds with scary creatures; they usually all give rise to a pure query: does a Yeti reside within the Carpathians,  Within the backwoods of the highlands?. Then, a pocket book of memoirs of the trainer of the Cozy faculty Eva Guman, a ethnologist, and his former classmate, acquired into Ilnitsky’s possession. In it he additionally discovered mountain dwellers’ tales about their “rendezvous” with the forest vampire. This prompted the journalist to “let folks know” the account concerning the potential existence of the Yeti within the Carpathians. In fact, based mostly on the testimony of particular folks. There are various such tales of the Gutsul within the archive of Ilya Ilnitsky. “His journalistic mission was to attract the eye of scientists to those info. Now it is as much as them, mentioned the journalist. In the meantime, after the publication of such uncommon tales within the press, these info have been obtained skeptically by the reader, as evidenced by a big and beneficiant correspondence to the newspaper.

On the identical time with important opinions, new eyewitness tales about enocunters with the creature started to reach “. Ilnitsky’s account  of the potential residence of yeti within the Carpathians was supported by the Chernivtsi journalist Vasily Babukh, who gave his colleague a big archive of recent proof compiled largely from the tales of an old-timer from the village of Ust-Putila, whose identify was Haryuk.

The Zaporozhye cryptozoologist Vladislav Kanyuka additionally heard concerning the Carpathian Yeti. Within the Nineteen Eighties, he visited Yaremche in an effort to gather stories concerning the native wild man. Sure, they documented a whole lot of such tales, however haven’t obtained any bodily proof of the existence of the Carpathian Man of the woods.

But when there are a whole lot of tales, they arrive from impartial witnesses and are usually related by way of the outline of the creature’s look, then how ought to such tales be handled? And what if the legendary Doghead from legends and myths passes into the class of actual ones?

An aged trainer residing in one of many villages to the north of Yaremche tells a narrative that occurred to her within the late Forties:

“At the moment, after WW2, thr anti-Soviet Ukrainian navy forces of Stepan Bandera have been working within the neighborhood. The troopers of the Purple Military, along with the “hawks” (native militarized volunteer troops), combed the forests and meadows as greatest they might. However at evening the authority over the realm would change fingers, folks have been intimidated and harassed by the bloodshed. After which there have been rumors: a Doghead appeared within the mountains. He strangled two sheepdogs and nearly scared them to loss of life with the sullen hoarse roar of an previous shepherd. The boy, shepherd’s assistant, who noticed an enormous black creature with an unpleasant muzzle raised to the sky, remained a stutterer for all times.

That trainer was one of many first to affix the Soviet rule within the space. She tried to not imagine the tales, ridiculing them. As soon as, when she was using in a horse-buggy to a neighboring village, she was captured by the Bandera troops. They took her to the mountains, promising horrible reprisals.

Within the night they stopped to relaxation. After which, out of the blue, the “Hawks” appeared. A firefight ensued; grenades flew. Within the confusion, she freed herself and ran down the slope. Somebody shouted, “Cease!” and ran after the trainer. Bullets whizzed previous. She noticed a darkish gap of the grotto a bit to the aspect, slipped in there. It was darkish within the grotto and there was a pungent scent, as if from moist skins. The chase was dashing close by. When the frantic pounding of her coronary heart subsided a bit, the trainer started to pay attention. Water was dripping someplace. Abruptly, a imprecise shadow of rustling disturbed the dense darkness. One thing moved, and she or he realized that she was not alone within the grotto. The scent turned stronger, a pebble hit. Someplace very shut, there was a gentle heavy respiration, smelling of rotten meat. Simply above her head, two orange dim lights flashed: an unknown creature checked out her point-blank, with out blinking. It was very shut, a big carcass blacker than darkness loomed a step away from her.  She doesn’t know who pulled her arm, however the trainer stretched out her palm to the touch him. There was a hoarse “Boo-oo-oo!”, from which the legs gave means. She sank to the ground of the grotto and squeezed her eyes shut.

The trainer didn’t understand how lengthy she sat there. The sounds of capturing have been receding, there was no pursuit. Abruptly her delicate neighbor stirred. One thing crunched, a sizzling shapeless mass rustled previous. The creature squeezed into the crevice. The moon was shining exterior, and for a second she noticed him. The trainer would by no means wish to see it once more, however she’s going to at all times remorse that she wouldn’t see it once more. The Doghead was each terrifying and otherworldly lovely. The coat was relatively multi-colored, with thick grey hair on a pointy-eared head; deep-set burning eyes and an enormous ugly mouth. The higher limbs are lengthy and extra like arms than paws. The spirit of numerous centuries and legends got here from the mighty creature, as if it got here from the distant previous.

Solely the subsequent morning did the trainer enterprise exterior, and shortly got here throughout the  armed “Hawks” amassing the wounded and trophies. Nobody paid consideration to the lifeless “Hawk” with a twisted neck on the foot of a steep cliff. Conversations concerning the Doghead steadily pale away, he didn’t reveal himself in any means…”

In 1968, close to Poltava, strolling by the village on a moonlit starry evening, one girl (initials of her identify are N.M.) noticed a human form heading in the direction of her from the opposite finish of the village. N.M. stopped, as if questioning who it was coming? And, elevating her head, she met the crimson eyes of a scary creature. His entire physique was bushy. There was much less hair on the face. Their coloration was grayish-dirty. The girl in contrast her hair to wild moss.

They stood there for some time, taking a look at one another. And the creature, with out saying something, simply smacked lips, went on. With nice problem, the 20-year-old girl tore off her ft rooted to the bottom, barely transferring them, acquired house. They already understood from her look that one thing horrible had occurred to her.

Within the Nineteen Eighties, ten-year-old Matryona additionally turned a participant in a unprecedented story, this time within the Dnipropetrovsk area. Her mother and father went to the honest in a single day, leaving her at house together with her youthful siblings. By the night, the youngsters didn’t agree on one thing amongst themselves and she or he couldn’t calm them down. And at that second there was a creaking sound within the corridor, as if somebody had stumbled down the steps from the attic. Then the door opened , and an uncommon creature appeared in entrance of the youngsters, like an “an grownup man”, an but one thing “not like that”. The face was ugly, however for some cause nobody was afraid, everybody simply fell silent. He was bare, lined with hair. In his hand he held a bit of dried meat that was hanging within the attic. He went as much as every of the children, tearing off a bit of meat and giving every one a tough time. Then he went out. And when the mother and father returned the subsequent day, the youngsters have been mysteriously silent, however then they talked about what had occurred. Dad and mom had no selection however to speak concerning the family spirit, which shouldn’t be afraid.

On February 23,1991, A.S. Tkachuk from the town of Kremenchug, after a shift in a bakery, got here house to her one-story home and was about to go to sleep when she felt that somebody was squeezing her throat together with her fingers. Thirty centimeters away from her, she noticed a creature with a face “like human, solely all bushy”. On the face, close to the black eyes, the hair was barely shorter. She thought it was the satan, however he did not have horns. She grabbed his fingers with my fingers. Their fingers have been brief, with human fingers, they have been extra like fingers than paws. That they had hair like a monkey, they have been heat. The coat coloration is darkish chestnut. It was seen to her a bit above the waist. The dimensions of his shoulders corresponded to the dimensions of a kid of 5-6 years previous. Tkachuk tried to tear his fingers away from her throat, however the creature was stronger than the lady. She realized that it was a male being. She could not scream as a result of her throat was nonetheless constricted. When Tkachuk realized that I might not be capable to tear his fingers off my throat, she stopped resisting. It instantly launched her and disappeared. After that, paralyzed by worry, the younger girl couldn’t scream.”

So, are there yetis in Ukraine? If the reply is sure, then it is time to make critical changes to our meager data of the animal world. And though precise  bodily proof of the Yeti’s existence within the Carpathians is probably not obtained quickly, the Ukrainian yeti (the Chugaister, the Doghead, the Dido…)  continues to fascinate our creativeness and inquisitive minds for a very long time.

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