The Almasty: Russia’s Mysterious Creature

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It shouldn’t come as a shock to study that the huge wildernesses, thick forests, and big mountain ranges of Russia are residence to Wild man-type beasts. They’re recognized to the native folks as Almasty. For some researchers, the creatures are unknown apes. For others, they’re nothing lower than still-surviving pockets of Neanderthals. Each eventualities are superb, when it comes to their potential implications. However, regardless of the true identification of the Almasty, there’s little or no doubt that it exists. The sheer variety of witness reviews makes that very clear. The Almasty is a creature that has a protracted historical past hooked up to it, one thing which additionally provides to the probability of it being a real animal of very historic proportions. What may be very presumably the earliest report on file of the bushy, vast, Almasty got here from one Hans Schiltenberger. Within the 1400s, Schiltenberger was taken prisoner by Turkish forces and was, as David Hatcher-Childress notes, positioned “within the retinue of a Mongol prince named Egidi.”

It transpires that upon his return to Europe in 1427, Schiltenberger started writing a guide about his experiences with the Turks. It was a guide that surfaced in 1430 and which is made extremely notable by its reference to scary and savage creatures that Schiltenberger was informed of, and which have been stated to stay excessive within the Tien Shan Mountains of Mongolia, which border upon Russia. Schiltenberger’s translated phrases state: “The inhabitants say that past the mountains is the start of a wasteland which lies on the fringe of the earth. Nobody can survive there as a result of the desert is populated by so many snakes and tigers. Within the mountains themselves stay wild folks, who don’t have anything in frequent with different human beings. A pelt covers the whole physique of those creatures. Solely the palms and face are freed from hair. They run round within the hills like animals and eat foliage and grass and no matter else they’ll discover. The lord of the territory made Egidi a gift of a few forest folks, a person and a girl. They’d been caught within the wilderness, along with three untamed horses the dimensions of asses and all kinds of different animals which aren’t present in German lands and which I can’t put a reputation to.”

Evidently, the creatures nonetheless exist: in August 2005, a Ukranian newspaper, State of affairs, described a then latest eye witness encounter with a minimum of a whole group of Almasty on the Demedzhi Plateau, within the Crimea. The newspaper reported that: “Ivan S., 21, and his group of 12 vacationers have been spending their second day camped on the plateau. The youngsters went to sleep early, whereas the adults stayed up some time. ‘The night time was very brilliant with a full moon,’ reported Crimean ufologist Anton A. Anfalov.” Anfalov continued: “Ivan’s assistant, Sasha and several other of the lads left the campsite to make use of the toilet and after they returned, they regarded terrified and trembled with concern. It was then everybody heard a frightful growl close to the camp.” Abruptly, the group was confronted by a pack of giant, roughly eight toes tall, “bare, bushy males.”

In keeping with Sasha: “There have been three creatures. And so they have been about six meters away from us. The hair humanoids have been 2 to 2.5 meters in top. Their true top was onerous to estimate as a result of they have been all crouched down and balancing themselves on their fists, like giant apes. All three have been growling at us. Their faces have been very bushy, nearly with out wrinkles, and their eyes weren’t shiny in any respect. Their heads have been set or positioned very low, as if they’d no necks. On their backs they’d one thing like humps on their backbone. The creatures have been very aggressive. Everybody was scared and the beasts’ growls awoke the youngsters who grew to become hysterical.”

State of affairs had extra to say: “The standoff lasted for about 45 minutes. Lastly the creatures turned and bounded away with scary ape-like bouncing leaps. The campers spent a sleepless night time round their fireplace. Within the morning Ivan and the others searched the bottom round their camp, however on account of a dense layer of fallen leaves the creatures didn’t depart any distinct prints.”

Transferring on to 2009, in April of that yr the Russian newspaper, Pravda, revealed – in an article titled Russian scientists use Google maps to search out yeti – that there had been greater than twenty sightings of Almasty by hunters within the forests of Kemerovo. Not solely that, there have been reviews of scary, giant footprints having been found within the depths of close by caves: “Scientists discovered two similar yeti footprints. One in all them was left on the rock and it dates again 5,000 years in the past, and the opposite footprint which was left not way back was discovered on the backside of the cave.”

Pravda spoke with one of many unnamed scientists, who stated: “They’re completely similar. 5 thousand years in the past yetis settled down on this cave and now their descendants are nonetheless dwelling right here. The situations within the cave are appropriate for yeti. The cave defends them from rains, snow and wind. There’s additionally a lake in the midst of the cave the place yetis can discover clear water.” The newspaper added: “Sadly, the scientists didn’t handle to see yetis that point. They are saying their snowmobiles have been too noisy and yetis needed to conceal someplace within the forests. Nonetheless, the scientists say they managed to achieve their fundamental aim – they received the proof that yetis live there. A brand new expedition to the location will likely be organized this summer season.” However that was not all, as Pravda made very clear: “Members of the Kosmopoisk affiliation have returned from an expedition to Russia’s Kirov Area the place they looked for a Wild man that allegedly lived in that area. Kosmopoisk chief Vadim Chernobrov says the expedition has found a den occupied by a mysterious vast and an underground passage dug clearly not by a human.”

Ivan Konovalov was a forest warden who, for thirty years, labored within the Kirov Area. He informed of his 1985 eye witness encounter with an Almasty: “It was snowing on the day once I was strolling alongside the fir wooden and instantly heard snap of twigs. I rotated and noticed an superior creature coated with darkish hair that was a lot taller than me. It smelt strongly. The beast leant in opposition to a pine tree and began bending it right down to the bottom. The tree was slightly thick, nevertheless it cracked below the creature’s burden. Then the creature began breaking the tree in opposition to the knee. Its palms have been as thick and lengthy as its legs. Fairly of a sudden, the creature felt one thing and turned its ‘face’ to me. I noticed two black eyes and the impression on the backside of the eyes deeply impressed me. I nonetheless bear in mind the look of the eyes. Then the creature flung the tree and rapidly left. However I stood thunderstruck and couldn’t transfer a finger.”

Hopefully, in the future we are going to resolve the thriller of the Almasty.

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