The Backwards Beast of Texas

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The nice state of Texas – which, I’m proud to say, has been my residence since 2001 – is stuffed to the brim with reviews of horrific and weird creatures. There’s the legendary Goat-Man that lurks in and round Lake Price; the Hairy-man creatures of the sprawling and mysterious Massive Thicket; the so-called “Texas Chupacabras” that hang-out the fields and woods across the cities of Austin and San Antonio; and the big winged monsters – a few of a “flying humanoid”-type and others, astonishingly, of a pterodactyl nature – which can be so ceaselessly encountered in south Texas. Then there are these beasts of the Lone Star State that appear to positively defy rationalization.

A narrative of a kind of latter creatures, that may solely be described as one among a sort, was delivered to my consideration a few weeks in the past by a married couple residing simply exterior Denton, Texas (which additionally has a Goat-Man legend hooked up to it). Given the sheer, odd nature of the story, I’ve agreed to withhold the names of the husband and spouse concerned. And though I all the time attempt to get individuals to talk on the report, I notice and perceive that not everybody needs to be thrust into the limelight and have each cryptozoologist below the solar knocking on their doorways in any respect hours of the day and night time!

However, with that mentioned, this is the story: the couple (who I’ll name Andy and Jane) have been driving from Denton to go to mates in Huffman, Texas . Coincidentally or not, Huffman was the positioning of a now-infamous UFO incident in December 1980, when three individuals – Betty Money, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum – had a fear-filled eye witness encounter with what some researchers imagine to have been a UFO, and others suspect could have been some sort of highly-classified automobile of the navy.

After all, the mere indisputable fact that Huffman has now been residence to 2 distinctly unexplained occasions does not essentially imply something. As I’ve famous earlier than, nonetheless, the place horrific creatures are seen, UFOs are fairly often not far behind – and vice-versa. So, with that mentioned, onto the story.

As Andy and Jane drove alongside a wooded stretch of street some time after 9.00 p.m. on a Thursday night time (they have been as a consequence of spend all the weekend, Friday to Sunday, in Huffman), they have been startled by the sight of a deeply weird “man” crossing the street in entrance of them.


Primarily based on their description, I do not know – in any respect – what he or it might have been. Certainly, if we dismiss the thought of a hoax (which, having met the couple and spoken extensively with them, I do), and the concept that they have been the victims of a weird prank (not unimaginable, however I take into account it unlikely), then I’ve to say that they had a near-face to face eye witness encounter with one thing unearthly. Whether or not a creature of one other world, or of some horrific realm or dimension past ours, I can’t say. What I can say, nonetheless, is that the factor most actually wasn’t a neighborhood.

For the reason that two weren’t fully positive of their means, it wasn’t an issue to keep away from the person, whoever he was. As they bought inside about forty ft, nonetheless, each husband and spouse might see that this was no man, in spite of everything.

Quite, he/it was a monstrosity of very odd and eerie proportions. First there was the peak: round eight-feet. Then there was its colour: completely black. However we’re not speaking about black fur or hair. No, we’re speaking about black pores and skin. It had an enormous, outsized stomach, far out of proportion to the remainder of its physique. And it is head (which appeared to be sunk into its shoulders) was dominated by a massive pointed nostril (very a lot like that of a witch, as Jane described it to me).

There was, nonetheless, one even stranger issue: the vampire had a really bizarre means of strolling. As Andy mentioned, it was as if the creature – with every step it took – was attempting to tug itself out of thick mud. In that sense, it raised its legs excessive and thoroughly and took gradual and deliberate steps. There was an excellent motive for this: its ft pointed backwards!!

Now, I do know full properly that, at this level, many may dismiss such an outlandish story. However, it is a indisputable fact that quite a few cultures around the globe have historic tales and myths of improbable monsters with backwards-facing ft. The unfortunate couple watched in amazement – and concern – because the beast made its odd means throughout the street and vanished into the bushes, by no means as soon as stopping or pausing to look of their route.

Do I feel that an obese Hairy-man, affected by each mange and a bizarre foot dysfunction, was on the unfastened at Kauffman? No, I most undoubtedly do not!  What I do suppose is that Andy and Jane had a quick eye witness encounter with a kind of enigmatic entities that so fascinated John Keel – these monsters of the night time that briefly pop into our actuality after which ever so shortly come out once more, abandoning them nothing however mystified and terrified witnesses.

As for what these creatures is likely to be, properly, that is a completely completely different query…

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