A Fight No One Will Win

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Bigfoot Quest: Kerry Arnold's Bigfoot Encounter - Sasquatch Chronicles

The loss of Kerry Arnold will go down as one of the most tragic events in bigfoot research. Why? Because Kerry was effectively the face of the Bigfoot Community on Youtube. He was both loved by his audience and admired and hated by other content creators in the community. My experience with him was spending time talking to a genuine person who cared about the field of research. Kerry’s purist philosophy about bigfoot and his approach to capturing evidence and its presentation to the masses left me amazed. His death is a tragic loss to us all.
Often when men of influence pass away, it leaves a power vacuum. Then there is a fight for the vestiges of the power they once wielded. As I sit here and write this, we are at the beginning of the battle for the Bigfoot Odyssey. This battle is for the legacy built by Kerry Around via his blood, sweat, and his investments in the field. What saddens me is that most people will not see it for what it is. Most listeners will get caught up in the back-and-forth opinions of what outsiders perceive as right and wrong. However, no one will consider the true chaos and turmoil that is unleashed when a man of influence like Kerry passes away. So I will shine a light into the darkness for those with eyes to see.
As outsiders, we must be mindful that we genuinely have no clue what transpires regarding the Bigfoot Odyssey Brand. We can speculate that many forces are contending for control and influence over that audience of 44k subscribers, and money is involved. That is what we can safely assume. Outside of that, there is nothing.
 As a man who has dealt with situations where vultures swoop in to feed on the work of other great men after their death, it vexes me greatly.
 There is one thing that  I’m 100% certain of, those same vultures; are the ones who will destroy and dishonor the true legacy of Kerry Arnold. Just sit and watch; you will see them as they move in. They won’t be loud, won’t make much noise, and will appear out of nowhere. ( Like Magic )
My advice is to let the family, friends, and business partners flush things out without outside influence. Emotions flare, tension rises, and mistakes are made. That is all a part of grieving, and people do it differently. However, if all parties are not careful when it’s all said and done. Everything that Kerry worked for will be destroyed.
 Understand there is no winning in the court of public opinion, no points to be scored on this issue; all there will be is pain and grief. This is an issue of the heart and soul of the Bigfoot Community. Everyone stands to lose who engages in strife associated with the death of Kerry Arnold.  Also, this is an opportunity for the Bigfoot Community to show itself to be more than a bunch of warring factions fighting for the attention of the masses.
Love and respect is the answer in these type of situations. Remember how all parties loved Kerry Arnold, the man, his work, and his passion for the field. And, if you are a person who could not love him, show RESPECT for his contributions to the field, his family, friends, and business partners by not making a bad situation worse. RESPECT goes a very long way, and love covers a multitude of sins.
James F. Williams

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