The Beast-Man of Bowman’s Woods

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On March 27, 1907, the Nevada-based Reno Night Gazette newspaper ran a narrative with the very eye-catching title of “Wild Man Startles Individuals of Kentucky.” The sub-title added much more to the eye-opening and jaw-dropping nature of the story: “Furry Creature Seen by Farmhand, and Each Are So Scared That They Put together to Run.” The story revealed an excellent deal, all of it astonishing and controversial…

“Data has been acquired right here that the folks within the nation round Buena Vista, a village in Garrard County, are a lot excited over the studies {that a} wild man has excessive haunts within the Kentucky River hills close to that place. A celebration is being organized to discover a cave the place the creature is believed to have his lair and try to seize him.”


The saga continued that one Jim Peters, who was a farm-hand working for a person named S.D. Scott – the postmaster at Buena Vista – encountered the hair-covered man-thing in Bowman’s Woods, within the neighborhood of Excessive Bridge. Peters believed that the wild man was attracted by the scent of his canine, which can very properly have been the case. Certainly, within the presence of the hair-covered factor Peters’ devoted pet responded by “yelping and exhibiting each proof of utmost fright.” Peters was simply as terrified because the canine, and notably so when the creature approached to inside barely sixty ft of the pair.

The author of the newspaper article detailed what occurred subsequent: “Peters says he was too frightened to run. The apparition stored its eyes on the canine till requested what it was doing there.” Unsurprisingly, the furry man-beast failed to reply in English – or in any recognized language – to Peters’ unintentionally amusing query. As a substitute, it turned and vanished into the dense woodland. Happily, Peters was in a position to get an excellent take a look at the mystery beast. He described it as having lengthy and wild darkish hair. It wore “a coon pores and skin tied about its loins.” And it had claw-like talons, as a substitute of fingernails.


When fear-filled Peters lastly made it again to Buena Vista, he instructed his boss, S.D. Scott, what had simply gone down. Scott, seeing that Peters was severe and never pulling a prank on him, rapidly whipped up a posse to trace down what could very properly have been some kind of Hairy-man-like creature. Though the beast was not discovered, its tracks had been: within the mud of the river financial institution.

Native ladies and youngsters had been stated to be too scared to go away their houses, whereas the preferred principle – albeit an especially unlikely one, taking into account the bodily look of the factor – was that the man-monster was an escaped lunatic from a close-by asylum. Evidently, the wild man acquired wind of the truth that he was being hunted down and headed off for pastures new. He was not seen once more in Bowman’s Woods.

Was this an early sighting with a Hairy-man? A primitive human? Or one thing else? Greater than a century later it is extraordinarily troublesome to say. We are able to make a number of observations, nevertheless. First, there may be the matter of Peters’ canine reacting in a frightened vogue to the presence of the man-beast. There’s a lengthy historical past of hostility between Hairy-man and canines, which suggests the creature fairly probably was an instance of america’ most well-known mystery beast.

The second remark revolves round Peters’ phrases that the animal had claw-like talons, reasonably than fingernails. That is most not like Hairy-man and much more suggestive of one thing else. However what? After which there may be the difficulty of the factor sporting a “coon pores and skin” that was “tied about its loins.” Sure, we do sometimes get studies of Hairy-man sporting ragged garments – as horrific as such a factor would possibly sound – so maybe that pushes issues additional down the highway to Hairy-man. As for the mystery beast having “lengthy, darkish, wild hair,” that’s definitely not typical of Hairy-man, whose hair is usually described as being quick.

In different phrases, the man-beast of Bowman’s Woods was a definitive anomaly. It nonetheless is.

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