The Bigfoot “Tree Structures” Controversy

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On quite a few events, Bigfoot seekers have reported discovering curious creations in areas the place Bigfoot has been seen. Primarily, they’re teepee-like buildings that seem to have been created by one thing with intelligence – and a substantial amount of power too. The latter is made abundantly evident by the truth that in lots of instances the branches of the bushes used to create these typically big buildings seem to have been wrenched off. In different instances, the branches seem to have been rigorously bent over and intertwined. As for why Bigfoot may interact in such curious habits, the theories are a number of. At first look, one may assume they’ve been constructed to supply the beasts a level of shelter, and notably so in the course of the chilly, winter months. In lots of instances, nevertheless, there doesn’t seem to have been any try made to create a cover or partitions. In different phrases, the buildings are open to the setting and all of its attendant harshness.

Different theories are extra intriguing: it has been speculated that, maybe, the teepees signify territorial markers, created by Bigfoot creatures to alert others of their sort that they’re current within the space. They could even be a warning to man, to remain firmly away – though, in fact, the obscure nature of the formations successfully means that only a few are of us are more likely to perceive such a warning, by no means thoughts act upon it.

Regardless of the function of the Bigfoot teepees, it have to be stated that they’re fairly often present in areas the place Bigfoot has been seen. Personally, I’ve discovered such creations on a number of events. One was in 2005 when, together with fellow creature seeker, Ken Gerhard, I traveled out to Lake Price, Texas, to analyze the legend of the Goat Man, which can nicely have been a white Bigfoot. On a small island on the lake – Greer Island – Gerhard and I discovered simply such a formation, together with the stays of a devoured fish and a big melancholy within the floor that appeared like one thing giant and heavy having sat there for a time frame. I made the same discovery in 2008, after I traveled to Ray Roberts Lake, Texas, with Lance Oliver, of the Denton Space Paranormal Society (DAPS). In a single specific, closely wooded a part of the lake, we discovered quite a few such creations, all of which appeared to have been common with a excessive diploma of intelligence, power, and dexterity.

The entire above however, it’s essential to maintain a smart head on one’s shoulders and understand that not less than some Bigfoot teepees are the work of Mom Nature. Jonathan Downes, of the Middle for Fortean Zoology, made an excellent level to me on this very concern in 2012: “I’ve at all times discovered the entire ‘Bigfoot teepee’ factor dodgy as hell. I’ll provide you with an instance. Only in the near past, we purchased a chainsaw, as there are locations within the backyard – the bushes – that haven’t been pruned in years. And there are bits and locations the place the branches have grown collectively in what appear to be fairly an advanced approach. That is in my little backyard in Woolsery [England]. You’ve acquired bushes and branches doing odd issues. And, it’s issues like this that imply I’ve by no means been impressed by the Bigfoot teepees. I believe they’re purely pure phenomena and nothing to do with Bigfoot – in Britain or anyplace.”

Certainly, it could be smart to maintain an open thoughts, however at all times err on the aspect of warning, in terms of the controversy of the Bigfoot tree construction phenomenon.

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