The Biggest Yeti Of All?

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Bernard Heuvelmans, some of the essential figures throughout the subject of cryptozoology, mentioned that throughout the course of his analysis into the Yeti of the Himalayas, he realized of a minimum of three distinct sorts of creature that roamed the huge mountains. “This opinion,” mentioned Heuvelmans, in his ebook On the Observe of Unknown Animals, “was confirmed in 1957 by a Tibetan lama referred to as Punyabayra, excessive priest of the monastery at Budnath, who spent 4 months within the excessive mountains and introduced again the stunning however useful info that the Tibetan mountain individuals knew three sorts of snowmen.”

There was the rimi, a man-beast of shut to a few meters in top that lived within the Barun Khola valley, in jap Nepal, and which was particularly omnivorous. Then there was the rackshi bompo, a beast of roughly human proportions, and which Heuvelmans mentioned “should be the Sherpas’ reddish yeh-teh or mi-teh which leaves the footprints 20 to 23 cm lengthy that the Day by day Mail expedition…present in such amount.” Lastly, there was the imposing and terrifying Nyalmo. Heuvelmans got here straight to the purpose: “The nyalmo are actual giants, between 4 and 5 m excessive, with monumental conical heads.” He continued: “They wander in events among the many everlasting snows above 4000m. In such empty nation it’s hardly stunning that they need to be carnivorous and even man-eating.”


Heuvelmans requested of the Nyalmo: “Do they actually exist, or are they only a fantasy?” He admitted to having heard of accounts of Yetis with toes round 45 to 60 cm in size, however was cautious to qualify this by stating that: “…the proof is way too slender for us to attract any passable conclusions. Probably the nyalmo are an invented addition based mostly on the idea that yetis improve in dimension the upper you go.”

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman says: “When [Sir Edmund] Hillary went to the Himalayas to search for the Yeti, he and his collaborator, journalist Desmond Doig, famous that there have been a number of unknown primates mentioned to be there nonetheless undiscovered in any formal approach. Among the many varieties was one referred to as the ‘Nyalmo.’ Hillary and Doig realized of the Nyalmo in north-central Nepal. It was mentioned to be ‘giant-sized (as much as twenty toes tall), manlike, furry, and given to shaking gargantuan pine bushes in trials of power whereas different Nyalmos sit round and clap their arms.’”

The matter of the curious conduct of the Nyalmos – to which Coleman refers – was most graphically advised by one Jean Marques-Riviere. It was in 1937 that the small print of Marques-Riviere’s account first surfaced, one which was eagerly picked up on by Bernard Heuvelmans. In keeping with Marques-Riviere, he had event to talk with an Indian pilgrim who personally encountered a bunch of Nyalmo within the wilds of Nepal. Crypto Journal describes the extraordinary eye witness encounter in a trend that implies the beasts have a excessive diploma of intelligence and will even have some type of religious belief-system:

“The creatures had been standing as they shaped a circle and had been chanting, as in the event that they had been doing a spiritual ritual or one thing of that kind. One of many Yeti-like creatures was enthusiastically beating a hole trunk of a tree, like a person hitting his drums to create some music. The others continued their ‘chants,’ however their faces appeared to be crammed with a tragic expression. With this sight, the adventurers thought that the creatures acted like typical individuals and that they shouldn’t be feared. However ultimately, fears set in as a result of creatures’ large construct, they determined to stroll away stealthily to keep away from battle.”


What could very effectively have been an outline of the large, and reportedly extraordinarily harmful and violent, Nyalmo got here from Charles Stonor, who launched into a quest for the reality of the Yeti in December 1953, an expedition that was organized and funded by the British Day by day Mail newspaper. Whereas in Darjeeling, Stonor was advised of a creature referred to as the Thloh-Mung that, with hindsight, could very effectively have been the Nyalmo.

The story advised to Stonor went like this: “Way back there was a beast in our mountains, identified to our forefathers because the Thloh-Mung, which means in our language Mountain Savage. Its crafty and ferocity had been so nice as to be a match for anybody who encountered it. It may at all times outwit our Lepcha hunters, with their bows and arrows. The Thloh-Mung was mentioned to dwell alone, or with a only a few of its sort; and it went typically on the bottom, and typically within the bushes. It was discovered solely within the larger mountains of our nation. Though it was made very like a person, it was lined with lengthy, darkish hair, and was extra clever than a monkey, in addition to being bigger.”

It appears that evidently, to a major diploma, the beasts had been preventing for his or her very survival: “The individuals grew to become extra in quantity, the forest and wild nation much less; and the Thloh-Mung disappeared. However many individuals say they’re nonetheless to be discovered within the mountains of Nepal, away to the west, the place the Sherpa individuals name them the Yeti.”

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