The Bizarre Beast(s) of Bodmin

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In my current two-part article on so-called “Alien Huge Cats” (ABCs) and Princess Diana, I made point out of a creature that has turn out to be legendary within the discipline of British-based cryptozoology. It is infamously generally known as the Beast of Exmoor. It is reputed to be a big, savage, black cat of some unknown kind, and which is as stealthy as it’s lethal. Of the varied individuals who contacted me in regards to the ABC-Diana challenge, one requested why I did not make point out of the same ABC generally known as the Beast of Bodmin. Effectively, the query was a little bit of a puzzle, because the Bodmin critter had no connection to the Diana challenge! So, why would I point out it?!

However, because the particular person introduced up the matter, I figured I might concentrate on it at the moment, because the story of the Bodmin factor is a really bizarre one. Whereas the Beast of Exmoor is discovered within the English county of Devon, the Beast of Bodmin is discovered within the county on which Devon borders. Particularly, Cornwall. However is it simply a big black cat and nothing else? There are a few very bizarre tales that counsel the Bodmin creature is definitely not an enormous cat, in any case. Or, bizarrely, we could also be taking a look at two very completely different sorts of creature on the free. Probably even three.


Just like the Beast of Exmoor, its Bodmin-based counterpart has been reported for years. A long time, in truth. So, if we’re speaking about flesh and blood animals there can’t be only one. In the identical manner there cannot be one Nessie. Or one Ogopogo. Or one Wild man. Okay, you get it. After all, that’s assuming they’re flesh and blood. Which I do not. There are indications that the Beast of Bodmin could also be one thing extra (or much less) than many counsel. I’ve made my place clear (on quite a few events) on the truth that I believe the cryptids of our world should not simply unknown animals. There’s one thing a lot weirder occurring, which brings me again to the Beast of Bodmin.

A variety of years in the past I had the chance to talk with a man named Keith Fletcher, of Derby, England. He had a piece colleague named Paul Randall who encountered one thing monstrous and weird on Bodmin Moor again within the late Seventies. As controversial because it certainly sounds, the creature very a lot resembled Wild man of the USA. Because it rapidly vanished into nothingness – in basic ghostly/spectral fashion – the furry man-beast was clearly not an everyday animal.


Now, if this was the one such case on report, we is perhaps proper to dismiss it. But it surely is not. Marcus Matthews is a well-respected researcher of the Alien Huge Cat phenomenon and the creator of an excellent 2007 e book on the topic: Huge Cats Free in Britain. Marcus notes of horrific occasions on Bodmin Moor: “I’ve realized from a relation that within the Seventies and 1980 there have been all the time rumors of an escaped Orangutan ape within the space. Farmers coming dwelling from the general public homes had been used to seeing a horrific pair of eyes taking a look at them, and a furry human-like determine disappearing rapidly.”

Bodmin Moor, which is roughly 80-square-miles in dimension, is a significantly wild, bizarre, and atmospheric place. It was dwelling to Mesolithic hunters, and later turned a spot on which cairns and stone-circles turned commonplace. Lots of them can nonetheless be seen to at the present time. And it additionally occurs to be dwelling to a vanishing Wild man, an orangutan with horrific eyes, and an Alien Huge Cat? And all deep within the coronary heart of stone circle nation?

Should you’re snug believing that, high-quality. I, nonetheless, am not high-quality with it. Again and again I see experiences of ABCs – such because the Beast of Bodmin – related to different Fortean phenomena. And to the purpose that to view them as simply massive cats, and nothing else, is ridiculous. And, for the rapid future, that is my final phrase on the ABCs of the UK.

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