The Bizarre Tale of Invisible Bigfoot at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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It appears that evidently secret authorities amenities have the behavior of attracting conspiracies and unusual tales round them like moths to a flame. Since most individuals aren’t allowed into these areas, we’re left to surprise what’s going on behind closed doorways and sometimes take to arising with some wild tales. One such laboratory is situated within the U.S. state of California, and has been concerned with all method of official analysis throughout scientific disciplines, but additionally has its justifiable share of oddness, such because the time they had been preserving invisible, interdimensional Bigfoot in an underground compound. Wait, what?

Positioned in Livermore, California, in the US, the Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory (LLNL) is a federally owned analysis facility initially based by the College of California, Berkley in 1952, when it was referred to as the College of California Radiation Laboratory at Livermore and began out as a department of the Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory. Since 1981, it has been a Federally Funded Analysis and Growth Middle geared toward doing varied forms of multidiscipline analysis associated to nationwide safety and fixing methods to cope with points akin to threats to vitality manufacturing and environmental safety, with most of those tasks categorized. The lab was historically concerned with designing missile warheads as effectively, and additionally it is traditionally very concerned with nuclear weapon, plutonium, and radiation analysis, certainly based partially to compete with the nuclear weapon design laboratory at Los Alamos in New Mexico, identified for its Manhattan Challenge.

LLNL Aerial View
The Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory

The Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory is situated at a former naval air station of World Warfare II, a extremely secured advanced which covers roughly one-square mile but additionally has a extremely secretive 7,000-acre distant experimental check web site, referred to as Web site 300, round 15 miles away. With the highest secret nature of this closed off secretive authorities facility, during which they perform categorized experiments involved a mindboggling vary of areas together with biophysics, nuclear, particle and accelerator physics, nanotechnology, lasers and optics, biotechnology, genomics, fusion vitality, cyber safety, medical expertise, and plenty of others, it looks as if a spot ripe for unusual conspiracies, and it has a lot. But among the many whispers of experiments with time journey, interdimensional portals, and even housing alien our bodies or reverse engineering alien tech, one of the crucial bonkers tales alongside these strains considerations the time the ability supposedly housed its invisible Bigfoot.

The weird, somewhat absurd story got here to mild on the positioning Cryptomundo, the place a commenter referred to as “silvereagle” got here ahead with an outlandish declare that the Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory as soon as housed captive Bigfoot on the facility within the Sixties and early 70s, the place they had been supposedly examined and studied with the assistance of scientists from UC Berkley. It was apparently not with out incident, as evidently the primary Bigfoot introduced in for research breached safety and escaped to run amok throughout the advanced, getting out of its enclosure by way of the unlikely scenario of turning invisible to stroll previous the janitor on the facility after he opened the door pondering the room was empty. The commenter asserts that this was most actually a 4th dimensional entity that would go invisible and even move by way of objects at will, and claims of the surreal incident:

It remained at giant contained in the constructing for a few weeks, earlier than it discovered its personal method out. There was some panic however I imagine that just a few folks stayed at house, because it was technically 4th dimensional. The 4th dimension description was not determined till a later time and at UC Berkeley, I imagine. Stephen Hawking participated to some extent in later research in 1974-1975. The scientists did proceed to review the bigfoot whereas it was at giant. They did so by standing in entrance of its journey path and letting it stroll proper by way of them. They had been capable of decide that it held no sick will towards its captors, and that it was solely attempting to get out of the constructing.

This might not be the final Bigfoot to be introduced in to the lab, and whereas it’s not made explicitly clear what occurred to this primary specimen, there could be a second one that will arrive and this time the workforce was extra ready. They purportedly stored the creature below 24-hour surveillance with a number of particular cameras that would detect its shifts into the 4th dimension, allegedly photographing it and taking in depth readings on it throughout this time of intense statement. Nonetheless, as with the primary, this Bigfoot additionally apparently escaped in precisely the identical method. Silvereagle explains:

It too roamed THE LAB, for a few weeks. It made its solution to a break room and each ate meals there and made a large number through the night time that was left to be found the subsequent day. They relied on the secretaries to detect the place the 4th dimensional bigfoot was, since they had been extra delicate than the lads and will higher sense the electromagnetic cloud that was related to its presence. Apparently, it preferred to sneak up on the secretaries from behind, after they got here in for espresso. So there have been just a few dropped espresso pots and burnt toes. They drove this one out of the constructing by opening up a pathway by propping doorways open and presumably banging on pots and pans. Apparently, one scientist was retired early as a result of it was believed that the bigfoot hypnotized him to go insane. He apparently didn’t respect the bigfoot for being folks and firmly thought it to be an animal. That was the one harm that I can recall. The precise report was retrieved by the DoD from THE LAB’s library in about 1979, and no copies stay there.

Very odd, certainly. There are already many questions that spring to thoughts up to now on this utterly off-the-wall-tale, not the least of which is how did the Bigfoot come to be on the lab within the first place and the way had been they captured? Additionally, how might a janitor let one out of its enclosure by accident, wouldn’t there be tighter safety on one thing of this proportion? Why had been they not preserving these creatures extra secured, and now that I consider it, why had been secretaries put in command of watching the second creature? The truth is, the place did they go? We get no solutions from Silvereagle, and the entire thing is maddeningly obscure, with the added irritating element that every one documentation of the occasions and photographic proof had been destroyed and there’s no longer anybody from the period working there to ask about it. What’s made clear is that the Bigfoot aren’t of actuality as we all know it, and that the federal government very a lot needs to cowl all of this up. Silvereagle says of this in a somewhat rambling method:

The feds are nonetheless fairly bent on stifling all bigfoot analysis of any type, and by any methodology. The conclusion of the DoD research was that the bigfoot can’t be contained, managed or communicated with, and is regarded as alien in origination. They had been flawed on the communication side, as a result of most anyone can talk with the bigfoot, given the correct instruction.


Far extra money is spent by the federal authorities to stifle bigfoot analysis, than is spent by all bigfoot researchers put collectively, for my part. How? Unlawful E mail and telephone faucets. Helicopter and motorized vehicle time. Electronics to trace cell telephones of researchers who didn’t take away the battery from their telephones although turned off. Automated phone harassment gear. Man hours to each tail and harass researchers. Breaking and coming into to steal information and images of those that proper books. Theft of mail by way of the USPS, UPS and Fedex. Choosing up bigfoot our bodies and threatening all who witnessed it. Aside from that, the feds couldn’t give a rat’s ass about whether or not bigfoot is confirmed or not.

What’s going on right here? As a matter of truth, how did he know any of this? When the put up was first placed on Cryptomundo again in 2007, there have been understandably individuals who needed extra solutions, and one among these was web site administrator and cryptozoologist Craig Woolheater, who straight contacted Silvereagle for follow-up questioning about it. One of many first issues Woolheater requested was the place he had gotten his data from, to which Silvereagle responded:

I listed a supply as Stephen Hawking. I’ve listed him previously. All select to fail to interview him. Persons are free to poke round Berkeley with the retired professors. Lawrence Berkeley has a science exhibit constructing that’s open to the general public. They had been totally conscious of each the Bigfoot in captivity and the invisibility in 1975. It was widespread data again then. Two profitable southern Oregon bigfoot researchers by the identify of Ray Rosa and Shelly Binkley, had one of many bigfoot that they’re working with, transition into an orb in entrance of their eyes. That will likely be actual straightforward so that you can confirm. The orb trick was additionally first revealed within the Lawrence Livermore Lab Bigfoot Examine. I simply didn’t put up it as a result of I didn’t suppose that your viewers might deal with it.

The issue is, in actuality none of that is straightforward to confirm in any respect, Stephen Hawking to the very best of my data by no means stated something about invisible, 4th dimensional Bigfoot on the Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory, and there’s no corroborating account of something regarding this entire wild story so far as I can inform. There is no such thing as a further report, none of this alleged footage, no report remaining as a result of it was whisked away, nothing. This isn’t to dismiss it out of hand, however there isn’t any proof by any means that something remotely like this ever occurred exterior of this one account. With none verifiable sources in any respect or no less than another person’s personal account of the occasions, we’re sadly left with little or no to go on right here.

One other factor that Woolheater requested about was the alleged invisibility powers of the Bigfoot stored on the lab. Invisibility will not be essentially a brand new idea in Bigfoot research, and I’ve even written on this type of factor earlier than, however it’s nonetheless very a lot a fringe idea inside cryptozoology at giant. Nonetheless, Silvereagle claims that accepting this side of the creatures is vital to discovering them and understanding their true nature, and he minces no phrases when he expresses his disdain for the generally accepted thought inside cryptozoology that they’re a kind of flesh and blood undiscovered ape. He elaborates on this and the thought of invisibility and Bigfoot thusly (edited down for readability):

Invisibility of Bigfoot has been identified about since no less than the 60’s. Individuals who find out about, don’t turn into Bigfoot researchers as a result of they’re fairly positive it’s a waste of time attempting to review one thing that’s invisible more often than not. Individuals who have no idea about it, might turn into Bigfoot researchers as a result of they have no idea what they’re up towards. So the legislation of pure choice weeds out those that find out about Bigfoot invisibility within the ranks of researchers. Sali Sheppard Wolford’s e book “Valley of the Skookum”, clearly describes Bigfoot invisibility. Mary Inexperienced’s e book describes the proof however fails to succeed in any conclusion.


A fellow Oregon researcher of mine has seen tons of of Bigfoot. She is not going to put up to the web for apparent causes. There is no such thing as a query in her thoughts that they’re interdimensional, and can drift out and in of our dimension proper earlier than her eyes. So the TBRC is pursuing the flawed avenue as a result of they apparently had nobody to clue them in. I’ve had near 10 bigfoot stand inside 10 ft of me. Guess what? They had been all invisible however emitted a sensation of an electromagnetic cloud, in addition to another faint digital snapping, and so they had been all peaceable.  If you’re not even interested by hurting a Bigfoot, then you shouldn’t have any motive to concern an invisible Bigfoot. All bets are off in case you are interested by hurting, killing or capturing one. Bigfoot analysis alongside the paranormal route, is busting out right into a dash, as a result of we’ve each contact and communication with them. Flesh and blood analysis is and can at all times be going completely nowhere. Maybe the TBRC must rethink their beliefs and their objectives. Oregon is on the excessive slicing fringe of Bigfoot Analysis right this moment. I’m unaware of another space that’s even near attaining any important new outcomes.


There is only one big recreation happening, to try to hold from upsetting too many individuals about invisibility. My tackle invisibility? Invisibility is an inconvenience to proving Bigfoot. The Bigfoot don’t use it as a weapon to harm individuals who respect them as folks. Even when they’re invisible, they’re involved that we are able to see them. They use it as a defensive device to maintain from getting damage or killed by lunatics with weapons. And there are much more Bigfoot than anybody can think about. They dwell inside town limits of Portland, Oregon, and in most woods which might be bigger than 5 acres round right here. They only don’t typically come into our dimension to get shot.

So what are we to make of all of this? Is there something to this all, or is that this only a delusional report or perhaps a hoax? Sadly, there’s so little corroborating proof on it that we’ll in all probability by no means know for positive, and you’ll both imagine it has advantage or think about it to be absurd. It, like many different experiences, inhabits that irritating zone of getting the posh of there being no solution to show or disprove any of it. The proof has conveniently been destroyed, nobody is round to speak about it anymore, and there aren’t any different sources by any means on this explicit supposed occasion. It’s a clean test to impose no matter which means you care to present it, but bereft of any substance that would really assist us determine it out. The Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory has actually engaged in some shady issues over the many years, and is so secretive that it appears sure they’re as much as issues they do not need anybody to find out about, however whether or not captive 4th dimensional invisible Bigfoot is one among them is up within the air. Regardless of the reality is, it’s all actually a wild trip regardless.

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