The British Bigfoot as a Tulpa

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Having written two articles on Tulpas this week (one on UFOs and the opposite on lake monsters), I assumed: why not flip it right into a three-part affair? So, that is what I’ve completed. This one is targeted on Man of the woods. Or, a minimum of, on the U.Ok. Man of the woods. I ought to stress that I actually do not imagine that every one “thriller apes” are Tulpas – and even something remotely paranormal. The Yeren of China, and the Yeti of the Himalayas, might very effectively be surviving pockets of an enormous ape that’s believed to have turn into extinct lots of of hundreds of years in the past. Its identify: Gigantopithecus.

I am additionally sure (or as sure as I will be) that the Orang-pendek of Sumatra is one hundred pc flesh-and-blood and, in all chance, will probably be confirmed as actual within the close to future. As for Man of the woods of america…effectively…whereas most seekers of the creatures are satisfied that the Man of the woods are unknown apes, there isn’t any doubt that there are some very bizarre elements to the Man of the woods phenomenon within the States – such because the creatures vanishing within the blink of an eye fixed, or being seen in the identical timeframe and neighborhood as UFOs. As I mentioned, although, it is the U.Ok. model I am taking a look at right this moment. However, first, a little bit of background on the Tulpa phenomenon from Walter Yeeling Evans-Wentz (described as “…an American anthropologist, a scholar of Tibetan religions, and a Theosophist…”)

He mentioned: “In as a lot because the thoughts creates the world of appearances, it will possibly create any specific object desired. The method consists of giving palpable being to a visualization, in very a lot the identical method as an architect provides concrete expression in three dimensions to his summary ideas after first having given them expression within the two-dimensions of his blue-print.”

Evans-Wentz added: “The Tibetans name the One Thoughts’s concretized visualization the Khorva (Hkhorva), equal to the Sanskrit Sangsara; that of an incarnate deity, just like the Dalai or Tashi Lama, they name a Tul-ku (Sprul-sku), and that of a magician a Tul-pa (Sprul-pa), that means a magically produced phantasm or creation. A grasp of yoga can dissolve a Tul-pa as readily as he can create it; and his personal illusory human physique, or Tul-ku, he can likewise dissolve, and thus outwit Dying. Typically, via this magic, one human kind will be amalgamated with one other, as within the occasion of the spouse of Marpa, guru of Milarepa, who ended her life by incorporating herself within the physique of Marpa.”

Now, again to the U.Ok. Man of the woods. At the start, it should be famous that there are fairly actually lots of of stories on report. I’ve greater than eighty such stories in my very own recordsdata. Writer and creature-seeker Neil Arnold has far various such instances, too. As do quite a few different researchers of the phenomenon within the U.Ok. And, a lot of the witnesses come throughout as extremely credible. There are, nevertheless, important issues: there’s zero proof within the fossil report that any type of historic, giant ape has ever existed within the U.Ok. Plus, the UK is hardly what you might name giant, but it surely has a inhabitants which is getting near seventy million. In different phrases, if seven-to-eight-foot-tall apes are roaming across the U.Ok., we should always absolutely have arduous proof by now. However, we do not. We simply have fleeting sightings of such beasts – and that is all.

On high of that, there’s the truth that there’s barely a U.Ok. case that does not have a magical side hooked up to it. The “Man-Monkey” that haunts the woods surrounding England’s Shropshire Union Canal was first seen in January 1879 and is famous for its spectral – somewhat than bodily – look. The “Beast of Bolam,” seen for a number of weeks in Northumberland, England within the early 2000s, was described by dozens of witnesses as being shadow-like. Eleven stories (to my data) exist of sightings of a Man of the woods-type beast seen on the Citadel Ring on the Cannock Chase, a heavily-wooded space in central England. And what would possibly the Citadel Ring be? It is the stays of an Iron Age hill-fort. Sightings of Man of the woods-type animals (if “animals” is the proper phrase to make use of) have been made close to none apart from Stonehenge, Wiltshire.

The Shug-Monkey of Cambridgeshire has from time to time been seen in Rendlesham Forest, England, which simply occurs to be the location of the U.Ok.’s most well-known UFO sighting – which occurred in December 1980. The wilds of Devon (the place Arthur Conan Doyle set most of his well-known novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles) have been the location of a handful of encounters – one among which occurred at Lustleigh, Devon’s outdated mine-works. Lustleigh has a historical past of scary phenomena, reminiscent of giant black cats and phantom black canines with blazing purple eyes.

That the U.Ok. Man of the woods is (a) typically encountered close to historic websites; (b) described as being spectral, somewhat than bodily; (c) seen the place different scary animals roam; and (d) confronted on the “touchdown website” of the U.Ok.’s most well-known UFO incident, locations issues in a really bizarre mild. Put all of those points collectively and what we’ve got is a creature that’s clearly not a creature, in spite of everything. My cash is on a Tulpa.

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