The Hair-Braiding Bigfoot and More!

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Over time and many years, a variety of extraordinarily weird claims have been made in relation to issues of a Fortean sort. They embrace the rumor that the alien “Greys” like strawberry ice-cream, that ETs as soon as left a person named Joe Simonton a plate of pancakes, that crop circles are made by mating hedgehogs (this one was meant as a joke that backfired), and that…effectively…you get the image. Past any shadow of doubt, although, one of many strangest claims of the paranormal sort is that a number of, supernatural entities have a very liking for braiding the manes of horses! And, no, it isn’t April Fools’ Day!

Whereas it’s a state of affairs that, at first look, sounds manifestly absurd, the actual fact is that all through historical past there are tales of horrific creatures with a fascination for horse-braiding, together with none apart from the world’s most well-known vampire of all: Hairy-man. Actually, the main knowledgeable on this admittedly curious discipline is Lisa Shiel. She is the creator of many books, together with Yard Hairy-man and Forbidden Hairy-man. Shiel, whose books chronicle her very personal encounters with Hairy-man, says: “I first encountered the mane braiding phenomenon whereas residing in Texas. To start with, I allowed myself to dismiss them as pure tangles or maybe the handiwork of the neighbors’ kids. As time went on, nevertheless, I discovered it increasingly tough to stay to my unique speculation.”

Certainly, within the 2000s, and significantly in 2005, Shiel skilled quite a few examples of horse-braiding when Hairy-man exercise in her neighborhood was at its peak. Earlier than dismissing this odd facet of Hairy-man lore out of hand, it’s price noting there may be nothing new concerning the phenomenon of horses, hair-braiding, and horrific beings. Within the 1200s, the Bishop of Paris wrote of a fairy queen whose feminine underlings would stealthily enter stables at nighttime, “with wax tapers, the drippings of which seem on the hairs and necks of the horses, while their manes are rigorously plaited.”

Ebenezer Cobham Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable talks concerning the “Hag’s knot,” which he goes on to explain as “Tangles within the manes of horses, and so on., supposed for use by witches for stirrups.”

Equally, Newbell Nil Puckett stated: “While you discover your hair plaited into little stirrups within the morning or when it’s all twisted up and your face scratched chances are you’ll make sure that the witches have been bothering you at evening…Horses in addition to people are ridden; you possibly can inform when the witches have been bothering them by discovering ‘witches stirrups’ (two strands of hair twisted collectively) within the horses’ mane.”

In Dorset, England – the location of many so-called “wild man” stories in centuries lengthy gone – there was a spate of mysterious hair-braiding of horses in 2009. Even the British Police Power discovered themselves plunged into the center of the hair-twisting (relatively than hair-raising) thriller. Police Constable Tim Poole, one of many officers that investigated the Dorset circumstances, stated: “Now we have some excellent data from a warlock that that is a part of a white magic ritual and is to do with knot magick. It could seem that for folks of this perception, knot magick is used after they need to solid a spell. A few of the gods they worship have a powerful connection to horses so if they’ve a selected request, plaiting this knot in a horse’s mane lends energy to the request. This warlock stated it’s a benign exercise, albeit possibly a bit distressing for the horse proprietor.”

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