The Mysterious Mexican Bigfoot

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A phenomenon that has been reported from all through the world is that of large, furry wild males residing within the distant wilderness, with maybe probably the most extensively recognized being the Wild man or Man of the woods of North America. Nevertheless, a sort of furry hominid that’s lesser recognized and extra not often reported on is Wild man’s cousin south of the border. Right here we are going to check out Mexico’s personal model of the Man of the woods, and it’s each bit as scary as its northern neighbors.

Such creatures in Mexico are on no account a brand new phenomenon, and have been reported for hundreds of years in a single type or one other. The early chronicler of Mexican historical past Fernando Alva Ixtlilxochitl, made point out in his guide Obras Históricas”of a race of furry giants that had lived within the area of what would develop into Mexico since lengthy earlier than the primary human settlers arrived. These monstrous beasts have been known as the Quinametzin, and in keeping with early settler accounts they have been a fearsome and violent, warlike tribe. Certainly, it’s stated that these creatures continuously engaged in battle with regular people, and that they have been finally defeated to both go extinct or into exile within the wilderness. These Quinametzin are maybe the oldest account of enormous bipedal furry humanoids in Mexico, however related legends have been usually spoken of among the many numerous native tribes of the land.

The realm of the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas and Quintana Roo of southern Mexico have had tales of furry wildmen going again hundreds of years, that are known as the Sisimite and have been discovered depicted in collectible figurines relationship again to 2,000 years in the past. Additionally typically known as the Olmec Ape, the Sisimite was well-known by the traditional Mayan and Aztec individuals, who believed it to be a non secular creature, and certainly the title Sisimite is believed to return from the Aztec phrase tzitzimitl, which roughly interprets to “supernatural creature” or “demon.” No matter it’s, the Sisimite has lengthy been reportedly noticed roaming the jungles of the area stretching all the way in which down into Central America, and is usually described as a hulking bipedal ape-like brute coated in hair and with a human-like face, flat nostril, an absence of discernible ears, and solely 4 fingers, with no thumb. Oddly, some traditions declare that the creatures have toes that face backwards, making them more durable to trace.

Within the 18th century, Spanish explorers trying to find gold within the area started to report of seeing these scary creatures as properly, which have been usually described as fairly aggressive, and one expedition was even claimed to have shot and killed one of many beasts after it attacked them. Within the nineteenth century one other one of many Sisimite was reportedly shot and killed in 1868 by a Canadian gold prospector named Edward Jonathan Hoyt after he awoke to search out it looming over his bunk. Different areas the place the creatures have been reported are Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala, and cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson wrote a lot of them in his 1961 opus Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life.

Presumably associated to the extra southern dwelling Sisimite is an analogous ape-like creature lengthy stated to roam the arid desert and mountain badlands of the northern Mexican state of Sonora. One of many first mentions of this creature by outsiders was made by a German Jesuit missionary named Father Ignaz Pfefferkorn, who was within the area working with the Pima Indians from 1756 to 1767. Throughout his time there, Pfefferkorn made meticulous notes of his observations of the Native individuals and the wildlife of the area, which might later be revealed in 1795 as Descripción de la Provincia de Sonora. Among the many many descriptions of wildlife to be discovered are quite a few references to what the Natives known as “wooden apes,” in addition to descriptions of what ostensibly appear to be bears, however which recommend one thing extra was happening. In a single passage he describes the next:

Bears are a particular menace to inventory elevating, for they eat many a calf, and, if no smaller prey falls into their clutches, they may assault even horses, cows, and oxen. They delight particularly in consuming maize so long as it’s nonetheless tender and delicate. Woe to the sector if a hungry bear breaks into it at evening. He eats as a lot as he can and makes off with as a lot as he can grasp and carry in his mighty arms. In so doing he ruins much more of the sector by breaking it down and treading upon it. The inhabitants of the nation assert {that a} bear defends himself by throwing stones when one makes an attempt to chase him away and {that a} stone hurled from his paws comes with a lot higher pressure than one thrown from the hand of the strongest man. This appears the extra exceptional as a result of the bear is meant to throw the stones backwards.

The wilderness of Sonora

It’s actually an odd description for a bear, particularly coming from a revered naturalist who was well-acquainted with the wildlife of the realm. Since this description was taken from testimony by the natives, this has triggered some hypothesis that he was inadvertently not speaking a couple of bear in any respect, however reasonably the a lot completely different ape-like “wooden ape” the Natives usually spoke of, and that when relating the tales informed to him he merely selected to label the animal as a bear since that was what he might have assumed they have been speaking about. Cryptozoologist Alton Higgins has stated of his observations of this passage and its description:

Such feedback could seem incongruous for a extremely educated man who traveled extensively and lived for years in bear nation. Pfefferkorn had earlier described seeing a grizzly bear whereas he was on a journey. His Indian information tried to kill it, however the bear, wounded by his pursuer, killed the person as an alternative. With this type of private expertise, it appears odd that Pfefferkorn would suppose (or insinuate) the identical species was able to strolling bipedally in order to hold off massive portions of corn “in his mighty arms” and to have the ability to throw rocks extra forcefully than “the hand of the strongest man.” Is it doable that Pfefferkorn, whereas assured within the inherent truthfulness of his Indian collaborators, secretly harbored doubts that the Indians had precisely recognized the nocturnal rock throwing guests to their cornfields? Whereas the supporting proof is, admittedly, extraordinarily restricted, and the proposition speculative, I suggest the chance that Father Pfefferkorn heard some descriptions of wooden ape observations and exercise which have been credited for hundreds of years to the grizzly bear.

Extra fashionable sightings have are available in from Mexico infrequently as properly, though they’re rarer than these of the Wild man north of the border. An eyewitness solely generally known as Lily claims that in 1985 she was tenting in Mexico along with her household when a pair of enormous creatures started circling their campsite in a menacing method. The witness associated the story on an episode of the Man of the woods Chronicles podcast to host William Jevning, and stated of the preliminary eye witness encounter:

We ended up going tenting and we bought there late, near sundown, and when my mother and father have been organising camp they began listening to monkeys, my father stated he might see the bushes transferring. My father thought it was ‘one thing with weight’, they seemed like monkeys. When it bought darker, they began seeing enormous shapes transferring across the camp, and so they began throwing issues at us, so that they put us behind the truck and took off.

Sadly for them, this was not the top of the terrifying ordeal, as one of many creatures then allegedly gave chase, ambling alongside at excessive speeds in a form of knuckle strolling gait. She says that she first took the shadowy type to be a bear, however quickly started to have her doubts, which have been quickly justified. Simply because the truck appeared to be pulling away from the pursuing beast, Lily claims that it leapt proper into the again of the automobile. She stated of what occurred subsequent thus:

I seemed once more and I didn’t see it anymore, so I believed ‘oh, we will need to have misplaced it’. However then swiftly landed on the again of the truck, , grabbing on to the tailgate with its left hand, it was like on the again fender, and the burden of it made the truck transfer actual dangerous. I didn’t get the impression that it wished to seize me, I bought the impression that it wished me to take its palms.
It checked out me like…the eyes have been actually huge and brown, however I bought the impression that it was actually curious, that’s the impression I bought. I wasn’t afraid of it like I ought to have been… I used to be simply pondering ‘what am I ?’

She says that at this level she bought a very good have a look at the factor’s palms, which she described as wanting very human-like, solely coated in leathery black pores and skin and with shiny nails and thick black hair on the backs, and he or she likened them to the palms of a gorilla. After a number of moments, her father purportedly poked his rifle by way of the rear window of the cab and fired at it to ship it sprawling to the bottom and out of sight. She stated she then seen one other one of many creatures working off the highway alongside the truck, and that this one was noticeably skinnier and with reddish brown fur. It apparently seen that its companion had fallen off of the truck and gave up chase because the household sped off to security.

Much more latest nonetheless is a report from the very energetic Popocatepetl volcano of central Mexico, which stands at 17,802 toes excessive and is the second highest peak within the nation. The volcano already has loads of weirdness surrounding it, as UFOs have lengthy been sighted right here, typically even coming into or leaving the volcano’s mouth, and now the realm can add sightings of Wild man, or at the very least one thing very related. In 2015 a mountain climber named Guillermo Vidales claimed that his mountain rescue group had sighted skinny, brown bipedal creatures measuring over 8 toes in top climbing about on the facet of the volcano at excessive altitudes of as much as 13,000 toes.

Popocatepetl volcano

The creatures reportedly left behind massive footprints that featured odd holes penetrating into the bottom from the heel, suggesting claws of some type. This will surely clarify the purported climbing prowess they supposedly displayed, with Vidales saying “As soon as, we noticed considered one of these people climb up the glacier in 10 minutes, a stretch that we linger about 3-4 hours to go. They’ve an incredible agility.” There have been even images of the creatures taken, however they’re predictably reasonably unclear and vague. If they’re actual, then they picked a foul place to go frolicking about on the volcano because it went on to have a number of eruptions at across the similar time.

Though Mexico appears to supply far fewer stories of Man of the woods-like creatures than the USA and Canada, there’s nonetheless an extended historical past of such accounts from right here, and they’re each bit as weird as anyplace else. Additionally they pose some fascinating questions in relation to, if they’re actual, the place precisely they got here from and the way associated they’re to their extra northern dwelling brethren. Are they a separate species or merely a special inhabitants of the identical one? If they’re associated, then what does this inform us of the unfold of those creatures throughout the continent? Are they even actual in any respect or the product of hoaxes and misidentification? Regardless of the case could also be, the tales of the Mexican Wild man actually add to the lore.

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