The Paranormal: Facts, Evidence and Proof

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On the weekend of April 29-30 I spoke on the annual Kent Paranormal Weekend in Ohio. My topic: the historical past of the Males in Black. When all of the lectures had been over, there was a energetic question-and-answer session. It was overseen by Jim Harold, of the Paranormal Podcast. Through the course of the Q&A, the problems of what quantity to information, proof and proof within the area of “the unknown” – equivalent to Cryptozoology, Ufology, and ghost-hunting – surfaced. What information and proof do we have now? Is there any actual, exhausting proof? They had been fascinating questions which provoked equally fascinating solutions. I believed I might broaden by myself observations (addressed on the gig) on this challenge right here at Mysterious Universe.

If there’s one factor that may be mentioned with certainty – on issues relative to the paranormal – it is that definitive information and plain proof are most assuredly missing. We’ll begin with these aforementioned MIB. Since my first ebook on the difficulty (On the Path of the Saucer Spies) was revealed again in 2006, I’ve acquired tons of of studies of encounters with MIB – primarily spanning the previous couple of many years, however some considerably older. I am as positive as I may be that the overwhelming majority of those that have contacted me are sincere, truthful individuals who simply wish to share their tales, or who’re hoping to get solutions concerning their encounters.

The issue, nonetheless, is that securing exhausting proof and proof of the MIB is woefully missing. That is not the fault of the witnesses, although. Many such encounters appear to happen when the individuals who eye witness encounter the MIB are in altered states (see the account of Peter Beckman, as an ideal instance). It has been instructed that MIB encounters are considerably “visionary” in nature, that maybe the phenomenon behind the MIB plunges the particular person into one thing akin to a Matrix-type “actuality,” albeit briefly. In fact, if, with regards to the MIB, there isn’t a bodily eye witness encounter in any respect – simply one thing having a profound impact on the human thoughts – then discovering exhausting proof for the MIB could also be one hundred pc inconceivable.

Individuals have despatched me pictures of what they imagine are MIB. Or, are they simply males who occur to be wearing black? Sure, the pictures exist. Sadly, they do not show they present an actual MIB. I imagine that the MIB phenomenon is actual. I additionally acknowledge, nonetheless, that witness testimony and pictures are usually not proof. Nor are they proof – when it comes to what the phrase “proof” truly means.

The identical applies to Man of the woods: an enormous quantity of studies exist from equally big numbers of individuals. As with the MIB, the overwhelming majority of those that have seen and reported Man of the woods are level-headed. As well as, they’re baffled by what they’ve seen. They could be involved and disturbed about their encounters. And, with Man of the woods, sure there are footprints, pictures, footage, audio-recordings, private testimony and extra. However, for all the information, there is not any corpse, no specimen in a zoo. Briefly, no proof of the type that will one hundred pc rise up in court docket. As with the MIB although, there is not any doubt in my thoughts that – in some kind or different – Man of the woods is actual.

Ghosts? Nicely, that is probably not my factor. However, as was famous within the Q&A on the Kent Paranormal Weekend, regardless of who-knows-how-many ghostly encounters being on-record, we’re nonetheless unable to firmly show that (a) life after dying is a actuality and (b) the useless return and go to us. However, I’ve to confess to having such an expertise that I discover very persuasive. Did it depart any strong proof behind? Nope. However, I do imagine. Sadly, even I’ve to confess that is not sufficient.

Now, not directly or one other, all of us have belief-systems. However, if these of us who examine the world of the paranormal are to make a case that goes on to make historical past, then it would require greater than perception and testimony. Sadly, with regards to the paranormal, plain proof is all the time elusive. At all times. Perhaps there is a purpose why the proof is all the time out of our attain; a purpose we can not fathom. Or, possibly we have now simply been constantly unfortunate. I do not know if proof of the MIB, of Man of the woods, of ghosts, or of what actually occurred at Roswell (and the listing goes on) will ever be discovered. However, regardless of what some may say, we undoubtedly do not have any proof but.

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