The Paranormal, the Supernatural, the Occult, the Cryptozoological and the Ufological: It’s All the Same

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Many a long time in the past, John Keel astutely said that if we appeared rigorously we’d see that the entire “Fortean” mysteries of our world have been interconnected. If Keel was nonetheless alive he would nonetheless be saying it. I’ve to confess that from once I was a child and into my late teenagers, I believed that it was simply coincidence (is there such a factor?) {that a} UFO is likely to be seen close to a lake-monster, or a Wild man was encountered close to a Man in Black. Actually, by my twenties I used to be positive there was one thing bizarre happening. Though there isn’t any doubt, in any respect, that The Mothman Prophecies is Keel’s most well-known e-book, it is UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse and The Eighth Tower that basically caught my consideration, as I really feel that it is these two books that get to the center of why a Man of the woods and a ghost will be seen in the identical space, or….nicely, you get it, proper? So, for individuals who nonetheless assume that Wild man is simply an unknown ape, and that as a result of there are UFOs over Nessie it is only a coincidence, I will present you some excellent examples of untamed, weird exercise. We’ll start with a person who is understood for kick-starting the Males in Black phenomenon: Albert Bender. Overlook the “undercover agent”-type MIB of Hollywood (that is Tommy and Will). The true MIB are clearly paranormal in nature. There is a motive why I say this.

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(Nick Redfern) Nick Redfern hangs out with Mothman at Level Nice

A decade earlier than Bender received caught up with the Males in Black, he was already working within the realm of the occult. The Bender household had a ghostly Girl in Black within the household. Albert was a daily consumer of the Ouija Board. After which the MIB arrived and Bender fell sick: abdomen issues, fears of most cancers, pulverizing migraines, nightmares and a life then thrown right into a world of chaos and terror. All of it went away when his love, Betty, arrived on the scene. Bender and Betty married – and stayed married for many years. Bender knew when to get out of all of it. He did the suitable factor: he simply wasn’t robust sufficient to tackle manipulative, paranormal entities from who is aware of the place? Now, let’s get to Wild man. Whereas most monster-seekers are of the opinion that the creatures are simply unknown apes. I say “No.” There are numerous very bizarre issues about these giant, hair-covered beasts. They’ve turned invisible earlier than individuals. They’ve the skills to briefly disable individuals by way of sound waves. Folks hear the creatures discuss to them – of their heads, no much less. Then, there’s Stan Gordon. He is a longstanding researcher of the Wild man controversy and the UFO problem. Take a look at Stan’s glorious e-book, Silent Invasion. It is the most effective e-book to exhibit how, and why aliens – and unknown apes – must be seen collectively.

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(Nick Redfern) Nick Redfern and Stan Gordon

Now, let’s make a journey to Loch Ness. It is an enormous physique of water: roughly 22-miles lengthy, 700-feet deep, and nearly a mile extensive. And the water is peat-dark. Yearly, a dozen or so individuals have intriguing sightings of the vampire(s). Lesser well-known is the truth that Loch Ness is a hotbed for UFOs and aliens. Right here is one very odd case – and that is placing it frivolously. We’ve to return to 1973. That is when Ted Vacation (who prowled the loch from the massive expanse of water from the Sixties to the Seventies) realized that the world of Nessie was far stranger than it appeared to be. Vacation had nothing lower than a run in with an MIB close to the shores of Loch Ness. The dark-attired determine de-materialized within the blink of a watch. The strangeness continued: when Vacation saved on immersing himself into the world of Loch Ness, he started to get wild synchronicities. The names “John Dee” and “Edward Kelly” saved popping up in dialog – and likewise in completely random trend. And, if you do not know who these guys have been, you actually ought to. Aleister Crowley had a house at Loch Ness: Boleskine Home. Take a look at their Crowley connection, too. Now, we’re heading off some other place: The Cannock Chase cemetery in central England (solely a brief drive from the place I lived as a child) has been the positioning of Canine-Males, Wild man-type creatures, phantom black canines, and Alien Large Cats. Not solely that: even the Black-Eyed Youngsters and a Tulpa-version of the Slenderman have been seen roaming round at evening within the cemetery. And infrequently at day.

(Nick Redfern) Cannock Chase’s cemetery, saturated with weird creatures

I may go on and on. And on. However, by this time, I am positive you see the place I am going. The very fact is that – beneath regular circumstances – it is simply not possible to have a UFO hovering above a Wild man. That UFOs have soared over the world’s most well-known loch is an excessive amount of to ask for – except you might be open to sure different concepts, as I’m. And to have so many various “issues” prowling across the aforementioned German cemetery is simply past actuality. Or, moderately, the unreality we really dwell in. So, in conclusion, do what I did round my late-teens/early twenties and do not ignore the weirdness on our planet, as a result of it is inside the bizarre facet of all this that the true solutions will be discovered. Or, at the very least, a few of them.

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(Nick Redfern) Loch Ness, UFOs, Aliens, an MIB, and a Nessie or a number of

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