The Strange Tale of the Tuttle Bottoms Monster

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By far probably the most well-known and widespread unexplained creature on the earth of cryptozoology is Bigfoot, and the varied permutations it takes internationally. Bushy, ape-like beasts have develop into a staple of unexplained thriller monster experiences, and it has raised all method of debate and debate as to what it may all entail. Every so often, there’ll seem circumstances that appear to ostensibly match into the mildew of a Bigfoot-like creature, however which is able to harbor simply sufficient weird variations to set it aside, and considered one of these is definitely that of an otherworldly creature that appeared within the U.S. state of Illinois, and which has remained unexplained and tough to categorize to at the present time.

The legend on this case comes from the tough, mosquito infested swamplands north of Harrisburg, Illinois on the Saline River watershed, the place for years there have been experiences of one thing decidedly odd within the dim wilderness. For many years locals have sporadically sighted a large, considerably ape-like creature described as looming round 8 toes tall, lined in shaggy hair, and seeming to be one thing very very similar to a Bigfoot-type entity, however the measurement and hair are the place the similarities apparently finish. On this case the mysterious creature is claimed to alternatively journey about on two legs or 4, and has the reasonably distinguishing characteristic of getting an extended, skinny snout, most frequently in comparison with that of an anteater. Additionally it is considerably distinctive in its nonchalant perspective in the direction of being noticed, usually reportedly simply casually going about its enterprise with out a care on the earth reasonably than fleeing into the wilds. The creature has supposedly been seen dozens of instances through the years, however maybe the primary reported run-in with what has come to be referred to as the Tuttle Bottoms Monster was in a report within the Aug. 6, 1963 version of The Harrisburg Every day Register, which learn partly:

Saline County Sheriff James L. Thompson spent a busy evening final evening, beginning about 11 p.m. and ending about 4:30 a.m. The Sheriff stated he ran throughout a youth at Tuttle Bottoms about 11 p.m. The younger man was armed with a rifle and advised Thompson that there was a monster unfastened within the bottoms. He stated it was eight toes lengthy, 4 toes excessive and had a nostril like an anteater. The younger man put his rifle in his automobile and left, and later Thompson ran throughout a few dozen boys, armed with shotguns and different weapons and all on the lookout for the “monster” within the bottoms. Their Sheriff quickly dispersed the boys and despatched them dwelling.

The creature can be seen far and large within the area over the next a long time, and it was stated to particularly have a knack for showing at an space widespread within the space as a kind of “lover’s lane,” the place teenagers went to awkwardly make out of their automobiles. One police officer would declare that he had come throughout a bunch of youths on this neighborhood who gave the impression to be very spooked about one thing they’d seen emerge from the woods. The youngsters stated it had been an 8-foot-tall monstrosity with an extended snout “like an anteater,” which loitered across the space freaking everybody out earlier than shuffling off again into the gloomy woods. In one other report, a person driving in his automobile down a darkish slim highway claimed that he had seen it loom throughout the highway in entrance of him, watching him with glowing or reflective eyes. Fairly a couple of hunters reported encounters with the beast as effectively, all the time describing the very same factor. There have been loads of theories as to what it may very well be, equivalent to that it was an escaped ape or anteater, or that it was even some kind of surviving prehistoric beast, or a authorities experiment. One other report within the Every day Register from 2010 talks in regards to the creature and a few of these concepts, studying:

Former Harrisburg Police Chief Gary Crabtree stated in 1999 previous to his retirement the division had obtained as many as 50 experiences of some type of beast lurking within the space northwest of Harrisburg in his 28 years on the division. Most experiences regarded a bushy creature. Some had the creature on two legs and a few on 4. Most described it as having an extended, virtually anteater-like snout.


Virgil Smith, founding father of the animal analysis group Shadows of the Shawnee, has opened his personal investigation into the monster and thinks he has a clue as to what it could be. Smith is hesitant to say far more with out additional proof, however believes the creature was an precise animal launched by the federal authorities and that one other such creature was reported in Massac County. “It stood on two legs, was bushy, near swampy river areas. A pair had the animal stroll as much as them,” Smith stated. “It was extra an outline of a primate. The animal was not terrified of people.”


Smith stated a former worker of the U.S. Division of Agriculture confided to him the division had launched an investigation into the Tuttle Bottoms Monster. The person additionally advised him a narrative in regards to the origin of the Massac County creature. Smith believes that origin may very well be the identical because the fabled Tuttle Bottoms Monster and that it’s a reliable creature, not a monster out of fable. Smith believes the animals had been launched and have possible long-since died. Smith is hoping to obtain data from anybody who has had an encounter with the monster. “What I’m on the lookout for is older individuals, farmers, who both had a first-hand encounter or had first-hand experiences. I’m not on the lookout for headless horseman-type experiences,” Smith stated.

Space of the experiences

This report is curious, as Smith claims the creature was truly launched by the federal authorities, which begs the query of why? Why would the federal government willingly launch such a creature into this space? To what finish? Ultimately we’re left with a reasonably weird case throughout the annals of cryptozoology. What was this factor and did it ever actually exist in any respect? It appears on the floor one thing very very similar to Bigfoot, but with sufficient bodily and behavioral variations to categorise it as one thing else. Was this some kind of undiscovered species, an escaped unique, a authorities experiment, or one thing else all collectively? It appears we could by no means know, and the case of the Tuttle Bottoms Monster stays a reasonably distinctive and obscure addition to the menagerie of bizarre creatures and monsters populating the sector of cryptozoology.

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