The U.K.’s Bigfoot: A Monster-Sized Problem

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Proper now, over on the Fortean Instances Appreciation web page at Fb, there’s a vigorous debate going down on the matter of what has change into generally known as the “British Man of the woods.” Inside Fortean circles within the U.Ok. there are two dominating theories on the subject of the matter of what the U.Ok.’s Man of the woods actually is (or is not!). There are those that suppose the entire thing is full and utter nonsense. And, there are those that imagine that the U.Ok. actually does have whole teams of Man of the woods lurking within the forests and woods of the U.Ok. Each teams are improper: the reality is way stranger. As you will now see.

The matter of Man of the woods within the U.Ok. has me since I used to be a teen. Certainly, one of many very first investigations of the cryptozoological variety that I obtained into revolved round a case of a Man of the woods-type beast in central England. This was again within the Nineteen Eighties. The case in query was a easy one for me to analyze, because the studies surfaced from an space that was solely a few thirty-minute drive from the place I lived on the time. The story dates manner again to January 21, 1879. That was when a person crossing Bridge 39 of the Shropshire Union Canal had a quick, late-night eye witness encounter with a hair-covered, humanoid entity. It scared the life out of the person – and out of his horse too. The shining-eyed creature grew to become identified regionally because the “Man-Monkey.” Stories nonetheless floor to today.

Man of the woods? Nicely.. there’s an issue. One of many weirdest points of the story of the Man-Monkey is that when the terrified man tried to hit the beast along with his horsewhip, it went straight by way of the “animal.” That is proper: the Man-Monkey was definitively spectral in nature. It is essential to notice that the Man-Monkey isn’t alone: nearly each Man of the woods-type account that has surfaced within the U.Ok. has a minimum of one supernatural facet hooked up to it.

bolam 570x420
Bolam Lake

Within the latter a part of 2002, sightings started of an enormous, hulking Man of the woods-like animal at Bolam Lake, Northumberland, England. Identical to the Man-Monkey of greater than a century earlier, the Bolam beast was not what it gave the impression to be. In early 2003, members of the native Twilight Worlds analysis group encountered the mystery beast, however stated that it was one-dimensional, like  a”dwelling shadow.” Shifting on, there’s the Shug-Monkey of Suffolk, England. It too falls into the Man of the woods class. However, but once more, there are particular anomalies – and one specifically. It is hardly insignificant to notice that most of the sightings of the Shug-Monkey have occurred within the depths of Rendlesham Forest. These of you with an curiosity within the UFO phenomenon will know that Rendlesham Forest was the positioning of the U.Ok.’s most well-known UFO case of all. How curious that one scary anomaly ought to cross paths with one other – and in such a particular place.

The U.Ok.’s closely wooded Cannock Chase has been the positioning of quite a few Man of the woods studies. However, there’s something extraordinarily odd in regards to the Cannock Chase mystery beast, too. However, you knew that was coming, proper? Many of the Man of the woods studies from the Chase come from the positioning of what’s generally known as Fort Ring. It is an Iron Age hill-fort and stands round 800 toes above sea degree. As we speak, all that’s left is a big, round melancholy the place the traditional fort as soon as stood. Sightings of Man of the woods aren’t reported from all throughout the Cannock Chase. However, they do proliferate on the web site of that outdated, Iron Age construction.

And what are we to make of the spectral ape of Dundonald Fort, Scotland? Located atop a big hill that overlooks northern Kilmarnock, the fortress’s origins might be traced again to the 1100s, when one Walter, the Excessive Steward of King David I, constructed a picket fort excessive on the hill. Then, a century later, a much more formidable and durable construction was constructed, and Dundonald Fort steadily started to take form. In the course of the Wars of Independence with England within the fourteenth century, a lot of the fortress was decimated, and razed to the bottom. It was, nonetheless, rebuilt based on the desires of King Robert II, and nonetheless stays standing centuries later.

However that’s not all. A exceptional and terrifying eye witness encounter with a spectral ape passed off close to the fortress in 1994. The witness was a girl named Josephine Aldridge. She encountered an enormous, gorilla-like animal on the hill that, after being in sight for a couple of moments, light away into nothingness – identical to so many different U.Ok. Man of the woods.

Then, there may be the matter of the place such beasts may dwell. The U.Ok. is hardly enormous. However, it has a inhabitants of round 65 million. And, sure it has some substantial woods and forests. However, actually nothing in any respect like one may discover within the likes of Washington State, USA – from the place so many Man of the woods studies floor. So, the place do the U.Ok. Man of the woods dwell? Why aren’t numerous numbers of these 65 million folks seeing them far and wide? How are they capable of elude us with a 100% success charge? Why do not they ever get hit by vehicles or vans? Deer are, sadly, hit and killed by autos on a regular basis within the U.Ok. Rising up close to the Cannock Chase, I can attest to that – once more, sadly. So, why not Man of the woods? And why not even simply as soon as? What are the creatures feeding on? The place is the proof of that very same feeding? Nowhere, that is the place!

Now, I do not need you to suppose that I’m a U.Ok. Man of the woods skeptic. I am not, in any respect. However, the concept there are teams of huge apes from the underside of England to the highest of Scotland is ridiculous. All the pieces in regards to the phenomenon of the mystery beast of the U.Ok. is bizarre. It vanishes from view – as in actually. It’s seen round websites identified for important paranormal exercise. It’s generally bodily and on different events it is spectral. It hangs out within the direct neighborhood of historic constructions. There may be zero proof of its consuming habits. As for his or her “dens,” once more there may be nothing.

The skeptics would say (and do say) that there is no such thing as a manner that Man of the woods can dwell within the U.Ok. And I agree with that. A minimum of, I agree with it on the subject of the flesh-and-blood concept. As for individuals who champion the concept a bodily Man of the woods exists within the U.Ok., they’ve failed to supply any sort of onerous proof that bodily, bushy giants exist within the U.Ok. However, persons are positively seeing one thing – very credible folks, too. Thought-forms? Probably. The ghosts of lengthy useless creatures? Uncertain, as there is no such thing as a proof that something even remotely resembling a Man of the woods or a gorilla has ever existed within the U.Ok. – even within the distant previous.

All I can say for certain is that the U.Ok. most positively has its very personal Man of the woods. However, it is from being what it seems to be. It isn’t a hoax. And it isn’t a bodily creature. All I can say for certain proper now’s that the U.Ok.’s Man of the woods is…one thing else.

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