The Weird Outdoors: Bigfoot High Strangeness

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Lately throughout an interview I did with the Whispers Radio program, I tried to deal with the ways in which horrific phenomenon, whether or not it’s Wild man, UFOs, or different kinds of weirdness on the market, impact our on a regular basis life. Extra particularly, what function do all these kinds of issues play in our existence, or do they even have any underlying relevance in any respect?

Subjects moved rapidly, from a brand new essay I’ve contributed to New Web page Books’ upcoming Uncovered, Uncovered, and Declassified: UFOs & Aliens anthology that can quickly be hitting the stands in bookstores, to among the weirder experiences I’ve acquired of Wild man encounters over time. My conclusion: these items are related to my life particularly as a result of they push the very boundaries of what we collectively take to be “actuality.”

In fact, attempting to discern conclusively precisely what “actuality” is is usually a feat unto itself. Reality is, we do not know precisely what reality–or even consciousness, for that matter–really are. We will estimate, to one of the best our senses are in a position to decide, what they might be, and what relevance they maintain to the nice thriller of life. However we’re always having to guage and re-evaluate the methods we take a look at issues about our existence, usually discovering ourselves left with extra questions than solutions. Typically, I am fascinated by experiences of the horrific and strange, since they stretch the boundaries of what, to one of the best of my very own skills to find out, I name “actuality.”

A type of kinds of issues that leaves me asking questions on our function within the universe are the really high-strangeness experiences of Wild man creatures that are available in on occasion. Seldom although they might seem, right here on the Gralien information desk I do often obtain experiences of issues like Wild man vanishing into skinny air; what, if there may be any credence to be lent to such wild claims, are we to make of this?

My first experiences with this form of factor occurred whereas interviewing my buddy and mentor Brad Steiger, who recounted many situations the place he had managed to trace proof of what could have been a Man of the woods into lonely, secluded, and sometimes enclosed areas. He, alongside along with his stout and durable companions, would trudge ahead into dead-end locales, anticipating to search out the place they’d cornered a wild man; and to their dismay, the creature that they had been monitoring was nowhere to be discovered. Having been so just lately “sizzling on the path” of what they perceived to be a man-like beast, it was nearly as if the creature had merely vanished into skinny air.

However ultimately, I might start to collect precise eyewitness experiences of people that have been actually a creature they might solely describe as a “Wild man,” solely to have the factor vanish into skinny air whereas staring straight at it! What the hell might presumably be happening right here?

The oldsters at Whispers Radio have been equally fascinated by this as I recounted just a few experiences of this kind, and requested me if I believed this meant Wild man might signify an interdimensional phenomenon (since I had just lately posited this principle relating to UFOs earlier within the dialogue). I stated that whereas this may very well be a distant possibility–especially if we’re really to try to not low cost any possibilities–my wilder theories handled there being some type of organic foundation for the thriller. I started to recount situations the place witnesses had described one thing a bit completely different, although equally horrific: weird physiological results that they had skilled whereas observing a Wild man. Amongst Wild man literature, there are additionally experiences (although, once more, usually discounted by the extra nuts-and-bolts investigators on the market) the place individuals start to really feel dizzy, disoriented, terribly frightened (usually accompanied by paralysis), and even experiencing sensations akin to “transferring in sluggish movement” whereas observing these kinds of creatures. Might it’s that the creatures themselves is perhaps able to emitting one thing biologically–perhaps a form of pheromone–that might impact the human physique?

Taking this a step additional, I’ve recounted earlier than right here at Mysterious Universe my curiosity within the basic pulp-novel character The Shadow, in addition to the idea that Wild man may really use pheromones to “cloud males’s minds” very similar to the Shadow had executed. Might these different physiological results even be the byproduct of pheromone releases that Man of the woods can produce, and will these kinds of issues even contribute to the best way these creatures proceed to evade us with such extraordinary stealth?

I would be curiosity in listening to if any MU readers and listeners have had experiences of their very own with this phenomenon, or if you already know somebody who has described horrific sensations and physiological results within the presence of horrific phenomena. That stated, I will allow you to remark away… and within the meantime, watch as I exploit my powers of hypnotism to fade whereas I end clouding your thoughts with weirder theories!

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