The Wing Thing: Mothman’s Stranger Aspects, Sans-Wings?

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The concept of there being a six-foot tall headless humanoid with glowing pink eyes mounted in it is chest area is a reasonably horrific one for most individuals to have to understand. Add to that the truth that the curious vampire in query had wings mounted on it is again, and you have got a real aberration of nature. This description, in fact, suits nearly precisely the vast majority of stories of West Virginia’s Winged Weirdo, the notorious Mothman of Level Nice.

But when the thought of a Mothman truly present appears a bit of onerous to swallow, might the critter’s existence turn out to be any extra palatable if we have been to subtract one in every of his stranger facets from the equation… particularly the wings? Doing so is likely to be moderately tough, since there are such a lot of stories of this creature taking off straight up into the air (typically described as lifting like a helicopter) and gliding alongside at large speeds with its wings outstretched (albeit very small wings for its physique dimension… for extra on this, see John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies). The notion that we would take away wings from the equation altogether might sound irrational with regard to a beast the likes of Mothman… and apart from, would not this make him a “worm-man” or one thing comparable as an alternative?

As horrific and even downright heretical as this may occasionally sound, when analyzing various the stories lumped in with the Mothman flap that came about in Level Nice, West Virginia within the late Sixties, many appear to explain what might have been one thing altogether totally different… and sure, one thing that traveled by land, moderately than by air.

Certainly, some horrific stories do exist, particularly amongst these pertaining to early stories of the Mothman in newspaper articles. One notable dispatch, which described the preliminary sighting with the creature that occurred on November 15, 1966, appeared on the entrance web page of the Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper below the title, “Pink Eyed Creature Reported in W. Va.”. Digging up a replica of this paper, one will discover that it contained not less than one moderately odd quote from witness Steve Mallette, then solely 18 years outdated, the place he described that the factor, “took off, making a flapping noise, and travelled at excessive speeds, ‘at about 100 miles an hour.’ Mallette added “it was a slipshod runner.’  “

What are we to make of Mallette asserting that he had seen the Mothman creature working? It’s odd certainly that Mallette was quoted describing the vampire’s locomotion as being ground-based, moderately than airborne like within the later stories the place he, alongside along with his spouse and his companions the Scarberrys had famous. Surprisingly, this additionally seems along with references to the automobile touring at excessive pace, as if the creature had been chasing he and his firm on foot (below which circumstances the report appears vaguely paying homage to Christopher Davis’ sighting with a “Lizardman” in June, 1988, a number of states away in South Carolina).

In fact, later descriptions of this occasion would come with references to “giant wings folded in opposition to it is again” and stories of the creature touring whereas airborne, following the automobile at excessive speeds; this was described by the witnesses themselves, and later quoted by Keel and others. However this is probably not the case with different comparable encounters. The next evening, one other scary sighting was famously reported by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wamsley and Mrs. Marcella Bennett, who had her toddler daughter Teena together with her on the time. Right here, the “factor” had been lounging close by on the bottom because the social gathering arrived at a buddy’s residence, and when it stood up, its movement was described as “shuffling.” Once more, the constant options described have been pink eyes and a big, human-like body, moderately than wings or their obvious use.

Given the context of the final sighting talked about, it appears nearly as if just a few of the early sightings might, at very least, bear as a lot similarity to stories of Hairy-man creatures as any presumed winged-weirdo. Along with this, we all know that John Keel himself had talked about red-eyed bushy monsters being seen within the space in The Mothman Prophecies… however that is not all of the well-known Fortean had mentioned. In truth, Keel later famous that a number of the Level Nice “vampire” stories did certainly appear to have to do with what he referred to as an “Abominable Swamp Slob” (i.e. a Hairy-man):

Throughout our 5 prolonged visits to Level Nice we interviewed over 100 vampire witnesses, plus scores of UFO sighters. We started to suspect that “Mothman” was represented i solely a small share of the incidents. It appeared that an Abominable Swamp Slob was additionally unfastened within the space. The witnesses to the actual “Mothman” by no means noticed any arms on the creature and their descriptions have been impressively constant. Others had been stunned by an enormous, hair-covered, headless factor with broad shoulders.

Additionally, Mary Hyre included the next Level Nice vampire sighting in an article from the Athens Messenger on September 18, 1968:

One teenager mentioned that he noticed a “huge factor” not too long ago that he couldn’t determine. He mentioned he was within the TNT Space. He turned a curve and on the financial institution was a creature about six ft tall. It was white and had pink eyes. He mentioned he stopped his automobile however the creature ran. Others have reported seeing comparable creatures within the space.

Each these cases observe that the creatures seen with glowing pink eyes across the Level Nice space nearly definitely included these of the bipedal terrestrial form, in addition to regardless of the Mothman factor might have been.

Granted, there have been clearly various cases the place a creature with wings (or a number of) have been being reported with sure reliability, however maybe it is value contemplating now whether or not not less than just a few of the encounters with a “beast” within the space might be associated to the extra prolific appearances of Wildman and comparable creatures through the years.

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