‘Time Traveler from 2783’ Reveals Upcoming Bigfoot News

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In an analogous method to the primary rule of Struggle Membership, the primary rule of Time Traveler Membership needs to be, “By no means speak about how this time you’re going to show you’re an actual time traveler.” There’s a purpose why these alleged time vacationers really feel the necessity to speak about this … and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine it out. And but, they persist … identical to they persist in utilizing TikTok as their medium to disseminate their revelations. The newest is @timetraveler2743, and he would have been ignored as simply one other excuse-making TikTok time traveler … besides one in all his revelations touched on a subject hardly ever heard about in time journey circles … Man of the woods.

2022: Enormous underwater creature greater than Megalodon discovered.


2023: Earth magnetic pole flips main every thing to drift for a couple of minutes.

Whereas these two of his (you understand it’s a he – all of those time vacationers use that pronoun) revelations don’t have particular dates, @timetraveler2743 is prepared to offer them so we are able to fact-check later.

August twenty ninth 2022: 5 individuals obtain Superpowers.

This one is so frequent amongst time vacationers, it nearly appears compulsory … but it by no means appears to come back true. Nevertheless, @timetraveler2743 tries to redeem himself by stepping out of the time traveler consolation zone with this subsequent revelation coming in lower than two months.

Might 2nd 2022: Man of the woods sighting within the Northwestern area of California.

OK, you may skeptically level out that in all probability per week doesn’t go by with out no less than one Man of the woods sighting in northern California … however no time vacationers appear to speak about them and positively don’t put a date on it.

On December 1st 2022, a number of NASA satellites will obtain a sign coming from the moon. In the meantime a video of an unidentified object approaching the moon will probably be recorded.

That’s an fascinating one, particularly with the NASA moon mission ramping up and extra UFO sightings by pilots being disclosed. Sadly, @timetraveler2743 could also be revealing his actual age and placement with a few of his different revelations.

GTA VI will formally launch on September seventeenth 2024. Will probably be the most important and largest promoting sport up till 2030.
December 18th 2022: England will win the soccer WorldCup.

Actually? Grand Theft Auto VI and the World Cup? For England? Digging by @timetraveler2743’s different TikTok movies takes one to what this author thinks is the true purpose why so many individuals are posting below the guise of time vacationers – warning that humanity wants to scrub up its act straight away.

Bear in mind these dates throughout March 2022. March ninth 2022. March seventeenth 2022. March twenty first 2022. The Nice Reset has formally began. It was deliberate years in the past and it’s now time for the World to be taken in a complete new period. This could verify my authenticity. People may perceive that I’m right here to assist.

Does that verify something to you about @timetraveler2743? If he’s right here to assist, why not give one critical verifiable revelation? Neglect the World Cup. Choose one NBA sport tonight and provides us the rating and the names of the gamers who will pull down essentially the most rebounds. We’ll wait.

Sorry, @timetraveler2743. The one purpose you’re getting this consideration is due to the Man of the woods revelation. We’ll be checking on it … ought to we survive March twenty first.

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