Treating Aliens, Cryptids and Different Beings With Respect

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In late January, oil palm plantation employees from the village of Sibu in Borneo noticed what they known as a “scary” creature. Based on one of many employees, right here’s how they reacted.

We had been shocked. None of us has ever seen such factor. Considered one of us then hit the animal till it appeared to have handed out … When it regained consciousness, we compelled it to return into the jungle.

They didn’t report the incident to authorities however as an alternative took a video and posted it on the Web.

Have you ever ever considered how you’d react in an identical scenario? What’s the very first thing you’d do if you happen to encountered a scary being or creature ? What if it was an alien? A Hairy-man? A chupacabra? One thing cute? One thing with a scary look?

How would you react if you happen to had been alone? Do you suppose you’d act in another way if you happen to with a number of individuals? How a few crowd?

What would you do if you happen to had been carrying a stick? A rake? How a few gun? How lengthy would you’re taking to resolve if the creature was pleasant or dangerous earlier than you responded to it?

If the being appeared harm, would you assist it? What if the being was harm due to one thing you probably did?

Would you report your sighting to authorities? Would it not rely on whether or not you had a video or different witnesses?

After being notified of the video on the Web, the Sarawak Forestry Company (SFC), which works for the Borneo authorities, dispatched a Swift Wildlife Motion Staff (SWAT) to research. After attempting to find two months, they lastly rescued the creature, which they recognized as an endangered solar bear that had misplaced its fur and its power on account of an unknown trigger. Hypothesis ran from parasites to pesticide poisoning to torture by people. A spokesperson for the SFC gave an replace:

The bear is in and secure place. She has eaten the meals and drank the water we gave. However she nonetheless is hairless and sick, and we have to discover out what the illness is.

bear 570x394
The sick and endangered solar bear earlier than it was taken for remedy

This time it was a sick bear that was overwhelmed unconscious, then chased away. Subsequent time it may very well be another being. What is going to you do if the primary human it encounters is you? How will you symbolize humanity? Will you deal with it with respect?

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