Truly Strange Cases of People Kidnapped by Bigfoot

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“I used to be kidnapped by Man of the woods.” It’s an absurd assertion that appears virtually synonymous with unhealthy tabloid headlines, cranks, and kooks. But within the pantheon of the numerous Man of the woods and bushy hominid experiences which have are available from all corners of the globe there will be discovered a surprisingly excessive variety of accounts that certainly declare precisely this. It’s a phenomenon that may virtually be thought-about its personal subspecies of bizarre Man of the woods experiences, and these seemingly ludicrous tales serve to not solely merely entertain, but additionally to impress thought and open up a line of inquiry right into a moderately probably weird situation. If Man of the woods and different bushy humanoid beasts are certainly actual, then do they occasionally abduct people, and if that’s the case how would such a scenario play out? Right here we’ll take a look at instances which will maintain the solutions to those questions. These are among the many weirdest experiences of Man of the woods kidnappings that I’ve come throughout, and whether or not they’re actual or not, they’re rattling scary all the identical.

By far probably the most well-known and talked about alleged Man of the woods kidnapping, in addition to one of many strangest, considerations the Canadian prospector and lumberjack Albert Ostman. In 1924, Ostman went on trip to the rugged wilderness close to Toba Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. Certainly one of his functions on the time was to try to discover what he claimed to be an extended misplaced gold mine that he was satisfied existed on the market within the dense forests, which is already odd and intriguing sufficient as it’s however can be overshadowed by the bizarreness of what would purportedly occur to him throughout his journey.

Whereas on his journey into these distant badlands, Ostman’s Indian information informed him that the person who had allegedly initially discovered the misplaced gold mine was rumored to have been killed by a Wildman, which was in accordance with Ostman the primary time he had ever heard of such creatures, regardless of having lengthy been a hardened outdoorsman. The Indian defined concerning the massive, bushy man-like beasts they referred to as the Wildman and informed of the big footprints they left behind, however Ostman on the time didn’t consider a phrase of it, as a substitute chalking it as much as loopy outdated Native legends. Not lengthy after this, the 2 made camp and Ostman headed out on his personal with some provides in a pack and armed together with his rifle and a knife to analyze a go by means of the mountains that he had seen, in addition to to do some prospecting.

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Albert Ostman

After a couple of days of tenting alone out within the wilderness, some moderately odd issues had been observed by Ostman. One morning he discovered that among the objects in his camp had been moved round, though nothing had been taken, and Ostman slept that evening together with his rifle inside straightforward attain, considering that maybe a porcupine or different animal had come and picked by means of his camp. The next morning, he discovered his again pack had been emptied out however was nonetheless oddly hanging from the place he had left it, and that this time some issues had been lacking, corresponding to a half-pound pack of prunes and all of his pancake flour. The one factor that hadn’t been touched was his bag of salt. An examination of the camp turned up no footprints, and the intrusion didn’t appear to be the work of animals since nothing had been torn aside or haphazardly ransacked or strewn about. For 3 nights in a row the mysterious intruder visited the camp unseen, and all efforts by Ostman to stake out the camp to search out the trespasser within the act had been to no avail.

On the 4th evening of those scary incidents, Ostman went to mattress totally clothed, with each his knife and rifle inside straightforward attain, and this time he had supposed to remain awake all evening to be able to catch the trespasser, however he ultimately fell right into a deep sleep. Sooner or later, he claims he was awoken by one thing selecting him up, sleeping bag and all, and he groggily thought it is likely to be a snow slide, though there was no snow within the space on the time. He stated that he then felt as if he had been put up on horseback, and that no matter was carrying him was strolling. He couldn’t see something, as he was wrapped up in his sleeping bag, and he desperately grabbed for his rifle as he tried to determine who or what was carrying him alongside. Unable to maneuver and with varied tools sticking into him uncomfortably, Ostman might solely wait there within the encroaching darkish and see the place he was being taken. No matter had captured him appeared to be taking Ostman uphill, as he might really feel every step lifting upwards, and he started to note that the factor was respiration closely, in addition to sometimes letting out coughing noises and scary chattering sounds.

For 3 hours Ostman was carried like this by means of the wilderness, when all of a sudden his sleeping bag was dumped onto the bottom and he warily peeked exterior. Though it was too darkish on the time for him to obviously see what was on the market, he might vaguely make out massive, darkish shapes and listen to what seemed like a number of massive creatures chattering unintelligibly amongst one another, and it appeared to be a household of the very bushy humanoids his outdated Indian information had informed him about. Ostman referred to as out to ask what the creatures needed and was answered with extra of the chattering sounds. He considered escape, however his legs had been too badly cramped and painful for him to even stroll, not to mention run away.


Because it bought lighter exterior, Ostman claims that he might lastly make out 4 humanoid creatures, unclothed and totally lined in shaggy hair. In accordance with him, there have been two large ones, which appeared to be the daddy, which was an enormous specimen about 8 toes tall, and the mom, in addition to two smaller ones, which seemed to be youngsters, a boy and a lady, with “smaller” which means that they had been solely round 6 to 7 toes tall. Ostman would later say of their look:

The younger fellow might need been between 11-18 years outdated and about seven toes tall and would possibly weight about 300 lbs. His chest can be 50-55 inches, his waist about 36-38 inches. He had broad jaws, slim brow, that slanted upward spherical on the again about 4 or 5 inches increased than the brow. The hair on their heads was about six inches lengthy. The hair on the remainder of their physique was brief and thick in locations. The ladies’s hair on the brow had an upward flip like some girls have — they name it bangs, amongst girls’s hair-do’s. These days the outdated woman might have been something between 40-70 years outdated. She was over seven toes tall. She can be about 500-600 kilos. She had very broad hips, and a goose-like stroll. She was not constructed for magnificence or pace. A few of these lovable brassieres and uplifts would have been an ideal enchancment on her seems to be and her determine. The person’s eyeteeth had been longer than the remainder of the enamel, however not lengthy sufficient to be referred to as tusks. The outdated man should have been close to eight toes tall. Massive barrel chest and massive hump on his again — highly effective shoulders, his biceps on higher arm had been huge and tapered all the way down to his elbows. His forearms had been longer than widespread individuals have, however properly proportioned. His palms had been broad, the palm was lengthy and broad, and hole like a scoop. His fingers had been brief in proportion to the remainder of his hand. His fingernails had been like chisels. The one place they’d no hair was inside their palms and the soles of their toes and higher a part of the nostril and eyelids. I by no means did see their ears, they had been lined with hair hanging over them.

The creatures didn’t appear threatening or aggressive in direction of Ostman in any respect, and certainly the younger ones appeared somewhat fearful of him, however neither did they appear able to let him depart. In accordance with Ostman, for the following 6 days the household of Wildman forcefully saved him there, with the big male consistently close by and sitting on the solely apparent escape route. Throughout this time, Ostman claimed that the household of creatures slept inside a shelter lined and lined with bark and dry moss and that regularly the curious creatures would come nearer to watch him, together with the youthful ones. The household of Wildman additionally provided Ostman meals within the type of nuts and a sort of candy grass, which the younger boy Wildman would deftly climb up the mountain to get. In return, Ostman would let it play together with his snuff field, which it will observe opening and shutting, in addition to tasting the snuff inside. When the younger male appeared to demand one for his sister, Ostman gave her a snuff field as properly. For probably the most half, the adults had been described as principally resting all day whereas the youngsters climbed and performed.


Ostman claimed that on a number of events he had picked up his rifle and tried to stroll out of there, however that the big male had stood in entrance of him holding his palms out and vocalizing irritably. Though Ostman had his rifle, he selected to not fireplace upon the creatures, as they appeared remarkably human, confirmed no inclination in direction of harming him, and he was undecided if his rifle would even harm the huge beast, as a substitute solely serving to anger it. Contemplating that the youthful ones appeared to love enjoying with the snuff bins a lot and licking on the remaining snuff inside, and that the daddy had additionally proven curiosity in them, Ostman started to concoct a plan to incapacitate and even kill the big grownup male by feeding him a full field of snuff, after which he felt assured that he would be capable of escape with little resistance.

Someday, Ostman opened a brand new field of snuff and took a dose, and on the similar time the grownup male had reportedly all of a sudden snatched it away and emptied all the contents into his mouth, even going as far as to completely lick out any remnants. As predicted, the male Wildman fell violently ailing and Ostman made a run for it, reportedly firing his rifle over the mom’s head as she pursued him and scaring her off. After a while of slogging by means of the wilderness, ever cautious of being adopted by the household of Wildman, Ostman was lastly rescued by some loggers and introduced again to civilization. Ostman would hold his story quiet for many years, afraid of ridicule, till rising experiences of Man of the woods sightings within the Fifties persuaded him to lastly come forth together with his sensational story in 1957. Albert Ostman’s superb story has been picked aside and debated ever since, with some calling him a liar and others pointing to it as real proof of Man of the woods, in addition to every thing in between however we might by no means know the reality. Whether or not Ostman’s account is true or the product of an lively creativeness, it’s definitely one of many stranger and extra detailed experiences of Man of the woods kidnappings.

The scary abduction of Albert Ostman is definitely not the one case of an alleged kidnapping by Man of the woods, and these kinds of accounts return a really very long time and don’t at all times happen in North America. In 1602, 17-year-old Anthoinette Culet was herding animals close to the village of Naves, France, when she inexplicably vanished. No signal was discovered of the lacking girl till later that yr, when a bunch of lumberjacks claimed to have heard the voice of the Culet calling out to them from past a  boulder blocking the doorway to a cave and explaining that she had been kidnapped by an unpleasant, bushy “mystery beast” with superhuman energy, which recurrently introduced her baskets of bread and fruit. That exact same evening, the creature is claimed to have wandered into a close-by village and was shot. It was described as trying like a moderately human-like bear.


The late nineteenth century additionally introduced with it a number of different tales of abductions carried out by bushy humanoids. One such account was from a lumberjack named Bourne, who claimed to have been kidnapped by a tall, bushy humanoid round 8 toes in peak, with lengthy, brown hair, as he had been on his method to meet his fiancee within the District of Isère, in France. Bourne claimed that the creature had slung him over its shoulders and introduced him to a cave populated by comparable beasts, all of which chattered with one another in some scary language. Bourne claimed to have been held captive within the cave for about an hour earlier than he was capable of distract the creatures and escape.

One such weird kidnapping was a 17-year-old younger girl named Serphine Lengthy, who in 1871 was reportedly forcefully kidnapped by a big, male Man of the woods whereas mountaineering at Morris Mountain, in British Columbia, Canada. In accordance with the sufferer, she was held captive by the Man of the woods and its household for round a yr, throughout which era she claims to have been raped by the big male, earlier than the abductor all of a sudden dumped her again to the place from which she had disappeared. Not lengthy after this, it was claimed that she gave beginning to a deformed child.

Apparently, this isn’t the one story of a Man of the woods abductor seemingly on the lookout for amorous relationships with people. In a extra fashionable account, one 19-year-old girl named Oksana Terletskaya was apparently kidnapped by a bushy wild man after she had turn into misplaced within the wilderness. As she stopped to select some raspberries to eat, the younger girl claimed that she had heard a chuffing noise and regarded to see a scary creature that regarded like an orangutan. The woman apparently screamed and handed out, after which she got here to in a cave with the sounds of a stream close by and rays of sunshine piercing down by means of the darkness from above. The scary, ape-like creature was sitting subsequent to her, with its enamel bared in a mockery of a smile. It then reportedly set upon her to tear her garments off, after which she misplaced consciousness as soon as once more.


When Oksana awoke once more, she realized that she was imprisoned, and that she had turn into the “spouse” of the creature. Each time it left the cave, it will roll an immense, heavy boulder throughout the doorway of the cave to stop her escape, and would usually return with berries or uncooked meat for her to eat. The creature apparently confirmed curiosity within the woman’s CD participant, and would hearken to songs on it by means of the headphones. He apparently grew to become very upset when the system inevitable ran out of batteries, and threw fairly the tantrum. The creature, which Oksana had named “Tang,” then went out for awhile and got here again with a contemporary pack of batteries, which she surmised he had stolen from some retailer.

This gave hope to Oksana that maybe the cave was not so removed from civilization, giving her hope {that a} future escape can be doable. Because the seasons modified and the climate grew colder, Tang would deliver her heat clothes from some unknown supply. Intriguingly, this is able to later be backed up by the report of a tractor driver, who bizarrely claimed to have had his garments stolen by a wild man. When Oksana made a hearth within the cave, Tang was purportedly fascinated by the flames and considerably frightened on the similar time, as if he had by no means seen such a factor earlier than, though he would ultimately overcome his his worry and sit subsequent to her by the hearth. When Oksana caught a chilly, Tang dutifully went out into the wilderness and introduced again what appeared to be medicinal roots and crops.

Someday in spring, Tang left the cave on an errand and this time didn’t shut the boulder as tightly as traditional. Oksana was capable of squeeze her means by means of the opening and make it exterior, the place she made a daring escape. When she made her means again to civilization, she realized that she had been held captive for a couple of yr. Mentally unbalanced by her complete ordeal, unable to totally regulate to regular life, she was admitted to a psychological hospital the place she relayed her superb story to her physician. When nobody would consider her, Oksana allegedly fell right into a deep melancholy after which started telling folks that the creature knew the place she was and would come again for her. Someday, the woman apparently simply all of a sudden disappeared from her room, and different sufferers would purportedly declare that a big bushy beast had come to get her throughout the evening. It’s unclear simply how a lot of this story is true, however it’s definitely intriguing however.


In one other report, this time from 1920, a younger couple was tending animals within the Sierra Morena mountains close to Lézignan, in Spain, when the lady was apparently kidnapped by an ape-like creature as she was washing garments by a stream. She was then saved captive by the creature and repeatedly raped, and when she lastly managed to flee and make her means again residence she purportedly gave beginning to a scary, bushy baby who can be referred to as Anica, and nicknamed “the daughter of the orangutan.” Apparently, the child was deformed, with lengthy arms, a bushy physique, and an “ape-like mouth.”

There are a number of different accounts of Man of the woods kidnappings within the Nineteen Twenties. In 1928, a Native American trapper was in British Columbia, Canada, when he claimed to have been kidnapped by a Wildman throughout the evening whereas sleeping; just like the Ostman case. In accordance with him, he was carried an estimated 3 miles by means of the rugged wilderness, after which he was thrown to the bottom and located that he was surrounded by a bunch of about 20 of the hulking creatures. Apparently there have been human bones strewn concerning the floor round him, which led the trapper to suppose that the beasts meant to eat him. The creatures supposedly gathered round him to poke and pull at his clothes, which they appeared genuinely confused by. After a while of this, the beasts misplaced curiosity considerably and the trapper made a run for it, managing to flee their clutches.

These scary instances go on far previous the Nineteen Twenties. In 1957, a person in a distant village in China claimed to have heard his daughter screaming out for assist and had run to search out an 8-foot-tall bushy hominid selecting her up and carrying her away. The daddy bravely grabbed a stick and chased after them to begin beating the creature as onerous as he might. The startled beast lastly dropped the daughter and tried to flee, however purportedly grew to become slowed down in some thick mud. Different alarmed villagers appeared and proceeded to relentlessly beat the creature to loss of life. It’s unclear what ever occurred to this story after that or what the creature had supposed to do with its prize.


An much more current report comes from 1987. On June 1 of that yr, 16-year-old Theresa Bier and 43-year-old Russel Welch launched into a tenting journey to Sierra Nationwide Forest. The 2 had been apparently fairly interested in the Man of the woods phenomenon, and had hoped to get a glimpse of the creature themselves. Sooner or later, the 2 grew to become separated and Theresa would vanish and not using a hint. Authorities would later query Welch, throughout which era he would declare that his companion had been kidnapped by Man of the woods. Doubtful legislation enforcement officers would conduct an intense investigation into the disappearance however discover no proof of foul play, forcing them to let Welch go. Contemplating that Theresa’s physique has by no means been discovered, it’s unclear what occurred right here. Was she actually kidnapped by a Man of the woods, as Welch claims, or is that this a easy case of foul play. It’s unknown.

Yet one more current case is that of 48-year-old Jason Richardson, who was on a hike in Northern California, in South Lake Tahoe, at Mount Tallac. At one level throughout his trek, he claims that he heard a guttural sound harking back to a human “child voice.” Pondering that it was maybe an actual child not noted alone within the wilderness, he rushed to the place he had heard the noise after which claims that he misplaced consciousness after being bashed over the pinnacle, which was later evident by the blood he discovered leaking from again there. When he awoke, he says his head was bloodied and harm badly, and that he discovered himself in some kind of cavern. Close to him had been two “bear-like creatures,” which appeared to be speaking in a collection of guttural grunts, which sounded strikingly just like what he had heard earlier than he had misplaced consciousness.

Richardson claimed that the creatures had been considerably human trying, and had been lined with thick, pink hair, with toes that had been even hairier. They stood round 8 to 10 toes in peak, and the terrified Richardson questioned if he was maybe hallucinating. As he tried to maneuver, he realized that his palms and toes had been sure with vines or another plant materials. Because the creatures approached, his description turns into ever weirder. Richardson would describe them thus:

Then they approached me, and I pissed my pants, actually. I’m not ashamed to say this, I used to be so fearful I had no thought if this was it you realize? That’s once I noticed their heads. Their necks had been hairless and so they jogged my memory of vultures. Their heads had pink hair, but additionally black feathers or I don’t know what it was, however it regarded like feathers to me. Their eyes had been darkish, very darkish and massive as they bought near me.


The creatures then apparently bought fairly aggressive, dragging him throughout the ground and kicking him. They then went off and returned with wooden and stone instruments for some unknown objective. They freed his palms and toes however he was too scared to maneuver. The creatures picked him up and tossed him out of the cave, and at one level Richardson claimed that he might really feel a rock hit him from behind. He wasted no time in operating out of there as quick as his legs might carry him. When he checked his watch, 10 hours had handed because the time he had been kidnapped by his enigmatic captors. Was this account actual, or was Richardson merely hallucinating on some substance as he had at first thought? No person is aware of.

In one other report from 1962, an Ohio girl claimed to have been kidnapped by a bunch of Man of the woods after they’d repeatedly visited her household residence when she was solely 12 years outdated. The creatures had repeatedly approached the house and gotten into the behavior of whisking away the woman throughout the evening. On some events, the daddy had barged in together with his 12 gauge shotgun to shoot on the creatures, which appeared to have little impact. The most important of the beasts was reported as being a whopping 14 toes tall. She would describe the creatures thus:

His hair was lengthy and about the identical texture as mine as I recall. The hair on all of them was about the identical shade of brown, like the colour of the decomposed wooden layer within the forest. I might see pores and skin round his eyes that was tanned trying and the place there was facial hair it was extra sparse with glimpses of pores and skin displaying by means of that space as properly. I couldn’t make out a neck.  His chin was broad, his enamel had been concerning the measurement of the nail on my center finger however they had been extra flat and he had a mouthful of them which means the width of his “chew” was broad.  His mouth was broad sufficient to indicate most of them.  His eyes had been darkish with some white round them, much less so than human eyes.  They had been sort with crows toes on the outer fringe of them.  His pores and skin was weathered like anybody who spent a lot time exterior, like a farmer.  His shoulders had been very broad although I did see his collar bone on one aspect which regarded thick in comparison with a people.  He was muscular and closely constructed however under no circumstances fats. There was an grownup feminine and others who had been virtually as large as the feminine however didn’t appear to be younger or outdated.


The woman claimed that she was typically taken far-off from her residence by the creatures, however that she didn’t bear in mind what had transpired throughout the kidnappings. She solely knew that she can be gone the entire evening. At one level, issues grew to become extra sinister. The woman remembers waking inside a cavern or cave by which water was dripping from roots rising from the bottom above. At this level, she might see the scary beasts surrounding her as she lay upon a slab of rock. She stated of the scenario:

I needed badly to scream some extra however I used to be simply too drained to try this anymore.  Once I relaxed all of them began smiling and laughing.  I assumed, okay they might’ve killed me and eaten me however they didn’t. Evidently a few of them are sort however then once more I’ve seen cats play with mice for hours earlier than they kill and eat them.

The woman would invariably find yourself again in her residence and was by no means harmed, however this did little to place the household comfy. The scary creatures would allegedly proceed to harass the home, banging on the partitions and tapping on home windows, in addition to huffing and grunting loudly exterior within the evening. They might additionally typically talk with one another exterior the house, of which the lady would say:

The sounds they made had been a deep bass laughing, chortling, snickering, and seems like somebody who couldn’t pronounce phrases properly.  They communicated with these with one another and with their ideas simply because the male did with me.  I had no interplay from the youthful ones and the feminine grownup solely smiled or sighed closely whereas me.


For the longest time, the lady saved her household’s story secret for worry of being ridiculed, however lastly got here forth in an effort to get others to share their experiences. She would go on to say of her causes to come back ahead:

I hope it brings consciousness to the struggling of experiencers and witnesses and permits them to talk brazenly about what has occurred to them.  Except all of us converse the reality the world gained’t know what’s been hidden and nonetheless being hidden from us.  Do we would like future generations to hold on dwelling the identical lie?  Our world is richer and extra attention-grabbing than most individuals might ever think about. These are usually not simply creatures, they’re fairly clever and resourceful sufficient to maintain from being caught or killed.

What will we make of those scary instances? Are these simply wild imaginings and fabrications, or is there one thing extra to them? Have individuals actually been kidnapped by wild, bushy humanoids and brought off into the wilderness, or are these tales simply too loopy to be true? Regardless of the case could also be, there are definitely sufficient of those weird accounts to be worthy of discover, and they’re intriguing sufficient to a minimum of ponder. These tales lie proper there inside the mythos of Man of the woods and the numerous mysterious varieties its legacy has taken. There might ceaselessly be debate as as to whether the sightings and accounts of bushy hominids maintain any weight, however there will be little doubt that these of individuals kidnapped by them deserve their very own place among the many strangest of the scary.

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