Two Dogman Reports in 30 Days

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In lower than a month, there have been two studies of Dogman sightings, one in its conventional Michigan stomping grounds and one in East Texas. Is Dogman turning into extra lively? Is it transferring to a hotter local weather? Does it have a brand new publicist? Who or what precisely is Dogman?

The Dogman is often described as a bipedal humanoid creature with the pinnacle of a canine or wolf and the physique of a person or bushy man-like beast. Tales of werewolves and doglike cryptids in Michigan date again to the late 1700s, in line with Linda S. Godfrey, a Dogman researcher. She refers to it as an “upright canine” that’s a Dogman fulltime, not a shape-shifter.

It is absolutely canine, walks on its hind legs, makes use of its forelimbs to hold chunks of … roadkill or deer carcasess. They’ve pointed ears on prime of their heads. They’ve large fangs. They’ve bushy tails. They stroll — most tellingly — digitgrade, or on their toe pads, as all canines do, and that is one thing {that a} human in a fur swimsuit actually cannot duplicate.

Dogman sightings in Michigan and close by states embrace an 1887 report by lumberjacks, a 1938 incident across the Muskegon River the place a person was attacked by a canine strolling on two legs and three sightings in 1993 and 1994 by a teenage boy in Grand Haven.

There are two well-known hoaxes related to the Dogman. A disc jockey in Traverse Metropolis recorded a track a few Dogman as an April Idiot prank and bought dozens of studies of sightings. In 2007, an 8mm movie appeared of what seemed to be a Dogman taken within the Nineteen Seventies. Referred to as “The Gable Movie,” it was confirmed to be a hoax.

On to the current sightings. Christine Dela Parker, writer of 100 Hairy-man Nights, launched this video late final month of what she claims to be a Dogman and never a Hairy-man taken in 2013.

This week, an unnamed man despatched this image to musician Dale Boswell taken within the woods of japanese Texas displaying what he stated is both a Hairy-man or a Dogman kneeling by a tree with a lifeless animal, presumably a small deer or a wild boar, over its shoulder.

dogman 570x703
Texas Dogman?

Dogman? Hairy-man? Chupacabra? Lycan? Hoax? No matter it’s, it is not legit till there is a actuality present primarily based on discovering it.

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