UFOs, Aliens, Bigfoot and Phantom Black Dogs: They’re All Connected

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My two earlier articles have been on the matter of how the Loch Ness Monsters have been tied to the UFO phenomenon. However, that is not all. How about UFO-themed ties to Phantom Black Canines and nothing lower than Hairy-man, too? That is the very scary saga of in the present day’s article. We’ll start with UFOs and Hairy-man. Issues go very bizarre with regards to the legendary bushy giants. Not a scrap of proof has ever been discovered to recommend that america is house to large teams of unknown apes. Not even to 1, actually. There may be nothing in any respect within the fossil report. Despite the fact that that’s what the info collected by cryptozoologists hazily implies. How about Neanderthals who’ve survived towards the percentages and in deep stealth? Not an opportunity in Hell: the Hairy-man creatures are much more animal-like than they’re human-like. The identical goes for Cro-Magnons, too. May it get stranger? It may. It does. As I discussed above, the Hairy-man creatures are large in measurement, and have been seen nearly all throughout the U.S. They’ve even been seen in closely populated areas. This implies there should be significantly-sized numbers of the animals roaming round. Is sensible, proper? Proper. But, right here’s the Hairy-man-sized massive drawback: not a single, solitary creature has ever been discovered (alive or useless) or captured. Bullets, extremely, appear to have completely no impact on them. Sure, there are those that declare to have killed a number of Hairy-man. Not a single a type of individuals as introduced any convincing proof that bullets can deliver down a Hairy-man.

The monsters have by no means been efficiently hit and killed by the drivers of vehicles or automobiles – whether or not throughout the day or within the early morning on a winding, closely forested street. Alleged Hairy-man DNA, hair, and fecal droppings within the fingers of monster-hunters have at all times proved to be – at the easiest – ambiguous. The various tracks which have been discovered within the woods – and that virtually dictated the well-known identify, Hairy-man – solely confuse issues much more. By that, I imply typically the tracks of those mysterious issues all of the sudden vanish within the woods. It’s nearly as if the creatures have dematerialized in a flash. We’ll quickly see why, and the way, that could be precisely what is going on. The one factor we are able to say with absolute certainty is that the Hairy-man have the beautiful potential to efficiently elude each single certainly one of us a hundred percent of the time. That’s – or ought to be – not possible. Granted, most individuals by no means see a mountain lion within the wild. Likewise, to see a wild alligator is a rarity. As is encountering a bear within the woods. However, the very fact is, individuals do see all of these animals within the wilds. And guess what? They do get shot and killed. And, they do race throughout roads and get fatally slammed by drivers within the early hours. Why, then, are the Hairy-man so extremely totally different? The reply is straightforward: as a result of they’re totally different. The Hairy-man are usually not what so many individuals within the area of Cryptozoology suspect they’re – or need them to be. Particularly, a North American unknown ape.  

(Nick Redfern) The Hairy-man creatures: not what they appear to be

So, if not 1000’s of unclassified apes with unending luck that permits them to evade anybody and all the pieces, then what are these infernal issues? The unbelievable solutions to that query come subsequent. As does the connection between Hairy-man, UFOs and the Males in Black. “Pauline,” who I interviewed in 2013, had a really scary eye witness encounter with a Man in Black again in October 1973, when she was residing in Pasadena, California. It’s notable, and doubtless related, for me to disclose {that a} main UFO wave was happening at the moment, and all throughout america. Whereas climbing within the California hills one Sunday morning, Pauline encountered a basic, silver-colored flying saucer-style UFO which, at first, at the least, was excessive within the sky. Instantly, it dropped to round fifty or sixty above her, hanging there in an odd, wobbling style. Amazed, Pauline may solely stare because the silent craft bobbed round – like a ship on churning waters – after which shot away at excessive pace. Pauline raced house and excitedly informed her household of what had simply taken place. They, apparently, weren’t the one ones who knew what had occurred on the fateful morning in 1973. Three days later, and after sundown, Pauline had a customer. Not a welcome one, I ought to stress. It was a Man in Black, a thin – nearly emaciated – outdated man, wearing a shabby black swimsuit, trying pale and unwell, and sporting an outdated, Fifties-style fedora hat.

Pauline stated that she felt her thoughts was briefly enslaved, because the M.I.B. near-hypnotically requested her to ask him into her house. In a slight daze, and to her everlasting value, she did precisely that. She retreated to the sofa, stumbling barely and feeling ice-cold. The outdated man adopted her, and stood within the living-room, looming over her, as he warned her – in no unsure phrases – by no means to debate her shut eye witness encounter once more. Ever. The M.I.B. then circled and headed to the door. At that very same second, Pauline felt her psychological schools return to regular and she or he raced after him, simply as he exited the door and closed it behind him. Pauline threw the door open broad, solely to search out the outdated Man in Black gone. In his place, nevertheless, was one thing else: it was a big, black canine with vibrant purple eyes. It snapped and snarled in Pauline’s route and in what was clearly a deeply malevolent, harmful style. She stared in horror because the glowing-eyed mystery beast prowled across the yard, clearly intent on including to the malevolent ambiance that was already firmly in place. Instantly, and as if out of nowhere, a big, black Cadillac – that appeared decades-old in design – appeared and screeched to a halt exterior of Pauline’s house. It ought to be famous, right here, that the M.I.B. nearly at all times drive such automobiles of that exact kind, age and colour. 

 Pauline watched, shocked and scared, because the again door on the motive force’s-side opened and the fiendish black hound bounded throughout the entrance yard and leapt into the again of the Cadillac, which shot away at excessive pace! Immediately, Pauline – now a grandmother and somebody who’s pretty comfy about sharing her weird expertise – is of a agency opinion that the aged M.I.B. and the red-eyed beast have been one and the identical. As Pauline sees it, one thing unexplainable, but additionally one thing that might tackle “totally different disguises” as she stated it.

Now, let’s check out a really scary saga of UFO-Hairy-man occasions that occurred within the Seventies. It largely all started in 1973 and got here to a sudden halt in 1974: that was when one of many strangest waves of Hairy-man exercise ever occurred – within the Keystone State, Pennsylvania. No, scrap that: it was the strangest such wave. Interval. In lots of respects, the entire thing was extraordinarily harking back to the menacing and sinister 1966-1967 affair of the blazing-eyed Mothman: the M.I.B. have been prowling round, UFOs have been hovering throughout the skies by evening, and the townsfolk have been on an absolute edge. Actually, the one distinction between the Sixties and 1973 was the character of the mystery beast: Mothman was changed by Hairy-man. Issues actually took off with a really bizarre telephone name – absolutely the “calling-card” of the M.I.B. – to probably the most devoted researchers of the Hairy-man phenomenon, Stan Gordon. In contrast to so many individuals within the area of Hairy-man analysis, Stan astutely, and rapidly, realized – similar to John Keel again within the Sixties – there was one thing severely scary in regards to the Hairy-man enigma; one thing that strongly prompt the Hairy-man weren’t simply unknown animals. They have been method past that.

(Nick Redfern) Stan Gordon: he concludes there’s a paranormal facet to the Hairy-man enigma

As for that late-night telephone name, it got here from a mysterious man who needed to talk with Gordon about Hairy-man. He – the person, not Hairy-man – had connections to the Bureau of Sports activities, Fisheries and Wildlife, which was put collectively as a physique of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – an arm of the Division of the Inside. Okay, it wasn’t precisely a cloak-and-dagger-type name from the likes of the CIA, the NSA or the FBI. However, it actually caught the eye of Stan Gordon. Certainly, he listened very fastidiously. He had good motive to. Stan Gordon’s caller needed to let him know that if something – something in any respect – relative to proof of the existence of Hairy-man surfaced, then he, Gordon, ought to let him know as quickly as attainable. Because the company dealt with issues relative to wildlife laws and legislation, Gordon realized it wasn’t out of the realms of chance he ought to have gotten such a name – and notably as a result of this name corresponded with the sudden starting of the Hairy-man wave catching the eye of nearly everybody within the space. As for the matter of the scary phone-calls, all went quiet for some time. Issues actually modified, nevertheless – and in considerably of a disturbing style – in October 1973. Gordon didn’t get a spooky telephone name. No. As a substitute, he bought one thing much more superb and wholly unanticipated: nothing lower than a knock on the door from two staff-members of none aside from one John Herman Dent. He simply occurred to be none aside from Pennsylvania’s Congressman on the time. And what, precisely, did these two characters who knocked on the door need? I’ll let you know: they needed to speak about Hairy-man. Whereas the 2 weren’t of the pale, grim and menacing M.I.B. class, they actually made it clear to Gordon they have been extraordinarily intrigued by the rising Hairy-man wave – and the general topic, too. They usually needed Gordon to remain in contact, ought to there be any notably vital circumstances. Because it occurs, such a factor did occur. A well-timed coincidence? Or, did Congressman Dent’s individuals know greater than they let on to a baffled Gordon? For Stan Gordon it was a case of: welcome to the world of paranoia. Stan, to his credit score and self-control, embraced it. And it wasn’t lengthy earlier than the defining episode exploded in spectacular, terrifying style.

(Nick Redfern) Issues aren’t fairly proper within the monster-hunting world

It was throughout this similar interval that Stan Gordon was working with a person who selected to make use of the alias of “Steve Palmer.” He was a person who had the uncommon alternative to have encountered each a UFO and a pair of Hairy-man. And at the exact same time, no much less. It occurred on the darkish evening of October 25, 1973. The situation: a rancher’s area in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Issues started when a pair of scary, giant-sized humanoids appeared seemingly out of nowhere. In Stan Gordon’s very personal phrases: “At 9:00 P.M., the witness and fifteen different individuals within the neighborhood of his father’s farm had seen a big purple ball descend towards the pasture. He bumped into the home and bought a .30-06 rifle; then within the firm of two neighbors proceeded by truck up a mud street towards the world the place the thing had descended. As the thing approached nearer, the truck’s headlights dimmed. The trio glided by foot to the highest of the hill and so they may see the thing resting on the bottom. The thing was vibrant white and seemed to be about 100 ft in diameter and made a loud sound like that of a garden mower.” Gordon continues: “From the illumination of the craft they may make out two tall, ape-like creatures with glowing eyes. The creatures have been making crying sounds and the scent of ‘burning rubber’ stuffed the air. One of many boys grew to become terrified and fled. The person fired a number of pictures over the heads of the creatures, which didn’t cease them. Then he shot three extra rounds, this time immediately into one of many creatures. There was a whining sound, then the one which was hit raised its arm and each moved off into the woods. The UFO disappeared.” 

And at last: Again in November 1980, a then-serving English policeman named Alan Godfrey had a profound UFO eye witness encounter in Todmorden, Yorkshire – a nice locale that has its origins within the seventeenth century. Godfrey’s eye witness encounter got here simply 5 months after he was concerned within the investigation of a curious dying on the town. The sufferer was a person named Zigmund Adamski. As most individuals will know, the not precisely frequent identify of Adamski is a really well-known one in Ufology. It was simply a type of scary synchronicities that proliferate when the UFO phenomenon looms massive. As for Godfrey’s UFO eye witness encounter, it occurred underneath cowl of darkness, within the pre-dawn morning of November 29, 1980, whereas he was out on patrol in his police-car. As he drove alongside one specific stretch of street, Godfrey was amazed by the sight of what he first thought was a bus positioned oddly within the street. As Godfrey bought nearer, nevertheless, he may see it was one thing else completely. It was truly nothing lower than a considerably egg-shaped UFO.

There then adopted an expertise that contained sure, key components of the UFO phenomenon, comparable to missing-time, and recollections of being taken on-board a craft. Nevertheless, the entity Godfrey was confronted by on the craft was not the everyday black-eyed, dwarfish “Grey.” Quite, it was a human-looking determine wearing a protracted robe and sporting a beard. In that sense, there was extra of a “Contactee”-style element to the incident. However, there was much more to the affair, too. And that is the place issues grow to be intertwined with issues of the paranormal sort. Whereas present process hypnotic regression, Godfrey stated that additionally aboard the UFO was a big black canine. This was not the primary eye witness encounter Godfrey had with an anomalous hound. Years earlier, he had seen a ghostly Labrador. There was additionally an odd event – within the Sixties, and close to Todmorden – when what gave the impression to be a girl with a big black canine stepped out in entrance of Godfrey’s automobile, inflicting him to slam the brakes on. Each the lady and the canine vanished. It simply so occurs that Todmorden has in its midst centuries-old legends of what are generally known as the “Gabriel Hounds.” They’re akin to the UK’s wider, historical, phenomenon of so-called “Phantom Black Canines” of the sort that impressed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to pen the Sherlock Holmes novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles. One of many strangest of all UFO encounters ever reported? Little doubt! Having learn all of those circumstances, there isn’t any doubt in my thoughts that that there’s a UFO-Cryptozoology connection – regardless that we might not have all of the solutions.

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