UFOs and the “British Bigfoot” – Mystery and Controversy

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No matter what folks could personally really feel or conclude concerning the “British Hairy-man-UFO” connection, none can deny that once we go in search of locations in Britain the place each enigmas have been seen and encountered, there is definitely no scarcity of tales to deal with. A lot of sightings of the Man-Monkey of the U.Ok.’s Shropshire Union Canal – seen in 1879 at a close-by bridge – had been made within the close by village of Ranton. The spectral beast is nonetheless seen there. It so occurs that, again within the Fifties, Ranton was the location of a well-known – however now largely forgotten – UFO sighting. Researcher Gavin Gibbons wrote in 1957 that one October night in 1954, a Dutchman residing in England named Tony Roestenberg returned house to seek out his spouse, Jessie, ‘in a terrified state’. Based on Jessie: earlier that day nothing lower than a flying saucer hovered over their remoted farmhouse in Ranton. As well as, Jessie may see peering down from the craft two very “Nordic”-like males that might have stepped proper out of the pages of the controversial Desmond Leslie-George Adamski tome, Flying Saucers Have Landed. Their foreheads had been excessive, their hair was lengthy and honest, they usually appeared to have ‘pitiful’ appears on their faces. The horrific craft reportedly circled the household’s house twice, earlier than streaking away. Curiously, on the next Sunday, Tony Roestenberg had a “hunch” that if he climbed on the roof of his home “he would see one thing uncommon,”which he most definitely did. It was a high-flying, cigar-shaped object that vanished into the clouds. Gavin Gibbons, who investigated the case personally, acknowledged: “After I visited the Roestenberg’s home virtually three weeks after the sighting…Jessie Roestenberg appeared. She appeared extremely strained and nervous and her husband, coming in later, was additionally very strained. It was evident that one thing most uncommon had occurred.” Shifting forward…

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(Nick Redfern) The British Hairy-man: A True Enigma

Fort Ring, Staffordshire – from the place numerous important Hairy-man-type stories have surfaced – additionally has longstanding hyperlink to UFO exercise. Graham Allen, former head of the now-defunct Etchinghill, Rugeley-based Staffordshire UFO Group, and who had taken over the reins from the group’s founder, Irene Bott, a number of years earlier, mentioned in 2005: “Fort Ring is the very best level on the [Cannock] Chase which makes it place for UFO recognizing. There have been quite a few incidents of UFOs, which might be since you usually tend to see one thing from a excessive level.” Allen elaborated that with respect to unearthly encounters at Fort Ring: “‘There have been stories of one thing touchdown there within the Nineteen Sixties. From a analysis viewpoint there are a excessive variety of stories round historic websites. One argument might be that historic websites have been positioned there due to the incidents of UFOs and pure phenomenon. There might be places the place there might be magnetic influences within the floor which have been attributed to earth lights.” Then there may be the Shug Monkey of Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk – that additionally occurs to be the location of what’s undeniably Britain’s most well-known UFO sighting: that of December 1980. And, as an instance nonetheless additional the UFO-hairy man connection, simply down the street, so to talk, from Rendlesham Forest is the city of Orford – house to a legendary wild man caught within the seas off the coast of Orford centuries in the past. Now, we come to the strangest UFO-British Hairy-man case I’ve on file.

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(Nick Redfern) Fort Ring: One thing within the Woods

In 1968,a person named Alistair Baxter headed as much as Loch Ness and spent a handful of weeks with a digicam and binoculars quietly and punctiliously monitoring the loch for any uncommon exercise of the long-necked and humped selection. Baxter by no means did see the elusive beast of Loch Ness, however he was capable of converse with quite a few individuals who had seen it. After being on the loch-side virtually continually for 5 weeks, nevertheless, an uncommon occasion occurred. Baxter was awoken in the midst of the evening by a curious buzzing sound that was emanating from a vibrant, small, ball of sunshine concerning the measurement of a soccer that – at a peak of round fifteen toes from the bottom – was slowly and punctiliously making its method by way of the encompassing timber that enveloped Baxter’s modestly sized tent. Immediately, and with out warning, the ball of sunshine shot into the sky to a peak of a number of hundred toes and hovered in deathly silence over the nonetheless waters of Loch Ness. For causes that Baxter was at a loss to clarify, he felt an amazing urge to return to sleep and the subsequent factor he knew it was dawn. However the strangeness had barely begun.

(Nick Redfern) Sinister and Creepy

Shortly after breakfast three males in black fits appeared outdoors of Baxter’s tent seemingly out of nowhere and proceeded to ask him if he had seen something uncommon through the evening. He replied that he hadn’t, at which level one of many three males turned to his two colleagues and made what Baxter mentioned was ‘a horrific smile’. He turned to face Baxter. “We’d return,” mentioned one of many mysterious males in black and all three departed by merely strolling off into the woods. They by no means did return. Most fascinating: for the next three nights, Baxter had a recurring and horrifying dream of a giant and lumbering ape-man that paced outdoors of his tent and that might then head all the way down to the shores of the loch, whereupon, below a star-lit sky, it will tilt its head again, wail loudly and stand staring on the ink-black water. The dream would all the time finish the identical method: with a picture of an enormous and ominous atomic mushroom cloud exploding within the distance, and the start of the Third World Conflict and the tip of civilization.

I can not say I perceive all of this. I definitely do not. All I can say, for certain, concerning the controversy of the British Hairy-man – and it is UFO connection – is that it is actual.

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