UFOs Spotted in Bridgewater NJ and Bridgewater MA

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There’s a metropolis in New Jersey named Bridgewater. There’s a metropolis in Massachusetts additionally named Bridgewater. UFOs are often noticed in Bridgewater, New Jersey. UFOs are additionally seen often in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In actual fact, the one in Massachusetts is the hub of the so-called Bridgewater Triangle, an historic scorching spot for UFO and Hairy-man sightings. Are UFOs getting their GPS settings crossed and displaying up on the fallacious Bridgewater?

A flying-wing-shaped UFO was photographed over Bridgewater NJ on October nineteenth, 2015, by a lady who didn’t see it till her husband pointed it out within the picture. In keeping with their report, she was taking a look at “balls taking part in within the sky and lights falling down” (maybe the streak in the best of the image) when she took the picture at about 5:30 pm. No different data is on the market on this one.

bridgewater 2015 570x570
Bridgewater NJ UFO and a mysterious streak within the sky

That is simply the most recent of many UFO sightings over the New Jersey Bridgewater. In July, 2015, a Bridgewater man flying a distant management B-17 airplane noticed a UFO streak previous it. In September, 2014, a person strolling his canine at 7 am in close by Sayreville photographed this diamond-shaped UFO.

sayreville 570x318
Diamond-shaped UFO seen in Sayreville only a few miles from Bridgewater

In December 2012, a slow-moving rectangular UFO was photographed by a lady who mentioned it modified instructions and headed in direction of her, inflicting her to panic and drive away. This balloon-shaped UFO was seen over Bridgewater in 2010.

2010 570x395
This UFO was seen by many witnesses in Bridgewater NJ in 2010

Bridgewater NJ residents have additionally seen some unexplained lights. In November 2011, many residents reported seeing a pulsating glow and vivid flashes within the sky. There have been no studies of sounds and no information of storms or transformer explosions.

This sort of paranormal exercise is par for the course for the opposite Bridgewater in Massachusetts. Tales of UFOs within the 200 sq. mile space that’s now referred to as the Bridgewater Triangle embrace studies courting again to 1790 and a well-known sighting in 1979 of a big, low flying triangle UFO that was later retold in a documentary titled “The Bridgewater Triangle.” The Triangle can also be the place a Hairy-man allegedly lifted the rear of a police automobile (with two cops nonetheless in it) in 1970 and the place folks have reported thunderbirds, phantom canine, phantom lights and quite a few different paranormal occasions.

Why are there so many UFO sightings and paranormal occasions in two cities named Bridgewater which might be solely 250 miles aside? Is it simply coincidence or is it time for aliens and Hairy-man to improve their GPS programs and get the most recent maps?

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