Very Strange Firefighter Bigfoot Encounters

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Forest fires are one of the crucial spectacular harmful forces of nature. These infernos have the potential to wipe out huge swaths of land and disrupt whole ecosystems, and at the present time they’re largely attributable to human interference. Throughout such catastrophes, the wildlife is commonly shaken as much as a superb diploma, and if Bigfoot exists, it will appear that they might not be above being scattered and pushed out by all of it. Based on some reviews by firefighters this appears to be precisely the case, and right here we are going to take a look at a number of reviews of Bigfoot seen on the fringes of blazes, by the individuals who struggle them.

Our first report comes from the information of the Bigfoot Subject Analysis Group (BFRO), and allegedly occurred in 1993, in Snohomish County, Washington, in the US. The witness claims to be a firefighter with a wildland firefighting crew with the US Forest Service, and on the time he was assigned to a spot referred to as Mt. Baker Snoqualmie NF. On July 22 of that yr, the realm was plagued with quite a few lightning strikes, a few of which had been inflicting wildfires, and so the witness and his crew had been referred to as into motion. They broke off into two teams with a purpose to decide what areas had been hit, and it was not lengthy earlier than he noticed the telltale smoke of a hearth within the Beckler River Street space. He and his accomplice equipped and started their climb up very rugged, steep, and rocky terrain, which was so choked with brush that it took them 3 hours to navigate and at last attain the fireplace.

They fought the blaze for an extra 2 hours, managing to extinguish it, after which they determined to take a special route again down the mountainside. As they made their manner slowly down the treacherous terrain, the witness says that his accomplice, Joe, dropped his shovel to ship it careening round 100 toes down the slope to land on a rocky outcropping. The witness made to go retrieve it, and observed a cave close by, partially hidden by the comb and bushes, from which belched ahead an odiferous stench. He shone his flashlight inside, nevertheless it was too darkish to gage the scale, and that wall of stench stored him from getting any nearer. It was about this time that he says he was overcome by an “general eerie feeling,” for causes he couldn’t fairly determine. It was then that he would have a really weird expertise, of which he says:

I yelled as much as Joe that I had discovered a cave and it actually stunk. He appeared to simply need to hold heading again to the truck so he continued down the trail we had been on earlier than I climbed down for the shovel. I used to be trying down the mountain to see how I used to be going to get down off the ledge and join with the path we had been on earlier than. As I used to be standing there, I noticed out of the nook of my eye, a bowling ball-sized boulder got here flying from over my head. It crashed and rolled right into a ravine about 10 or 15 yards downhill from me. I yelled again up the hill to Joe, “Did you throw that!!?”. When he stated “No!!”, I noticed that he had already walked away from the place he had been and was now strategy to the left of my location.


It was at that second I noticed that rock COULD NOT have been thrown by him, nor did it roll down the hill as a result of I might have heard it crashing down from above me. I then seemed again uphill from the place the rock had come from simply in time to see ANOTHER rock coming from above me. The second rock hit the bottom extra to the left and beneath me. I used to be visually scanning the realm the place the rock had come from once I heard motion within the brush. I crouched down and watched the realm. I then noticed a darkish, bushy determine strolling upright alongside the facet of the mountain, away from me. It was all the time partially obscured by brush and bushes so I could not actually inform coloration or precise peak, however I might guess about 7-9 ft. tall.


I watched it for a number of seconds then yelled to Joe “I see it!”, I believe I stated “I believe it is a bigfoot!”. As quickly as I yelled that, I seemed again up and it was lifeless nonetheless and silent. I felt prefer it stopped and hid once I yelled as a result of I did not see or hear anything. At this level I actually needed to get out of there so I side-hilled over to Joe and we rapidly descended again to our automobile. We had been each very freaked out and talked about all of it the best way again to the ranger station the place we reported the incident to our wildlife biologist and different officers on the ranger district. I used to be later contacted by somebody on the U of W who needed to interview me and have me take him to the location. I moved from the realm shortly afterwards and I by no means took him there. Which is why I am submitting this report. I need folks to know my story.

What was occurring right here? Much more spectacular than this account is one which was additionally coated by the BFRO and supposedly occurred in 1999. The nameless witness, a authorities firefighter, claimed that on August 6, 1999, an space of Battle Mountain, Nevada, was hit by a number of bush fires that might quickly spin uncontrolled to turn into what’s now often known as the Battle Mountain Complicated Hearth. As they made their manner by the charred hellscape, the witness claims that they got here throughout an apparently injured determine that they at first from a distance considered one other firefighter, however which rapidly proved to be something however, and the witness says within the report:

I noticed an animal wounded by hearth transferring on all fours not like a bear. Extra like ape. Hearth fighters captured animal, contacted native vet and medical physician. U.S. Division of Fish and Wildlife, Division of Inside, and Bureau of Land Administration on the scene. Animal tranquilized and moved to unknown location. These at scene instructed to not speak about what they noticed.


Animal roughly 7.5 toes lengthy/tall, human like legs and arms, face not like man or ape however combined between. Genitalia: male, uncircumcised and human-like. Hair masking most of physique besides chest, chest has hair however sparse, fingers with sparse hair, palms naked, with 5 digits with human opposition of thumb and fifth digit. Speech – tried to speak with care-givers as soon as it realized they had been trying to take care of it. A number of burns on fingers, toes, legs and physique; some 2nd and third diploma burns, utilizing “rule of nines” roughly 45 per cent of physique with burns.


Physician and Vet working collectively offering care and moved it to unknown location regionally. This discover given in violation of orders given by BLM, DOI and DF&W. Witnesses numbered within the space of 30-25. Phrase is out within the authorities businesses, and among the many firefighters, since an M.D. was referred to as out. Many thought a firefighter was injured. Please be aware that I’m a authorities worker of one of many listed businesses preventing brush hearth in wilderness space of Nevada (massive scale hearth roughly 70,000 acres burned) and underneath orders to not disclose info. I consider a canopy up is within the making, folks have to know, the animal must be stored alive and studied and launched in protected space.

Contemplating how dramatic and unimaginable this report was, the BFRO at first checked out it with raised eyebrows and regarded that it may be a hoax, however researcher Thom Powell believed it to be true and adopted up on it to not solely affirm that the fireplace had certainly occurred, spreading to 180,000 acres and enlisting over 600 firefighters to battle it, but additionally managing to get into contact with the unique witness, who he calls “Marty,” and who gave him additional, extra detailed info, together with that there have been 20 different witnesses to the unusual occasion. He additionally supplied an in depth, slightly unimaginable description of the seize and remedy o the obvious Bigfoot, and Powell would write in his report:

The incident occurred within the early afternoon. About 20 hearth fighters had been straight concerned. The injured affected person apparently wandered nearby of the fireplace crew, and was then surrounded. The affected person “appeared to know that he was captured”, as a result of he quickly gave up. Marty talked about this a number of instances – “he simply gave up”. The affected person sat down on his buttocks, giving no proof of a will to withstand. “Like a canine provides up, after which you are able to do something with it”. The affected person was laid out on the bottom at first. His accidents had been slightly severe, together with burns to the fingers, toes, legs, and trunk, in addition to a lot singed hair.


It did not take lengthy for medical companies to get to the scene. The attending medical crew included the common M.D. for the fireplace crews, a vet that Marty did not acknowledge, and a number of paramedics. The vet was bowled over at engaged on a creature so human-like, and he’s reported to have allowed the doctor to do a lot of the work. Sooner or later Demerol and morphine had been administered. The affected person was positioned on a backbone board, which was too small. He was then positioned on an everyday ambulance stretcher. The perimeters had been left down as a result of a part of the physique hung over too far. The toes hung off the top.


A cut-down was carried out to acquire an intravenous line, and fluids had been administered. In the course of the remedy of his wounds and the efforts at life help, the affected person communicated with moans, groans and grumbling. Bowel sounds had been heard by Marty, who was as shut as three toes from the affected person. No language-like vocalizations had been heard. The affected person responded to the touch: particularly patting and stroking to calm him (“You are not going to search out an ape or a monkey responding the identical manner”). Two or 3 times Marty talked about that the affected person was particularly conscious of a younger Native American lady who began ministering to him proper from the very starting.


The affected person was faraway from the scene behind a utility truck, not in an ambulance. Marty stated an ambulance would have alerted townsfolk and probably information reporters, considering {that a} hearth fighter had been injured. Nobody would comply with a nondescript van. The whole time from preliminary sighting to extraction was estimated at three hours. There was no urination, defecation, or vomit on the scene. The affected person didn’t eat something throughout that point. Serum and blood had been leaking from the burned areas of the physique.


The world of the arm on which the cut-down was carried out was shaved. The hair most likely fell to the bottom. There was vital blood from the cut-down web site and from the next insertion of a venous line, and a few of that blood dripped to the bottom. Nobody is aware of the place the affected person was taken. No video cameras had been on the scene to movie any facet of the incident. The fireplace commander was current. He had a digicam, and he did file what he noticed. The affected person is described as being about seven toes tall – “Give or take a number of inches”. Marty doesn’t give a weight estimate. Many of the physique is roofed by brownish hair about two inches in size; no grey hairs are evident. There aren’t any mats famous on the coat. There may be an odor concerning the affected person. It isn’t an particularly obnoxious odor. Marty calls it a “pure” odor, however he had a tough time describing it. He stated it’s much like a robust equine odor. The top just isn’t “sloped”, the brow is “heavy boned”, the lips massive, however human-like, the ears human-like and tight to the pinnacle, with the ear lobe hooked up, not dangling.


The affected person is “robust jawed”. He couldn’t bear in mind the colour of the eyes, however thought they may be brown. The top is about two instances the scale of a human head. There may be hair on the face, however not on the palms or soles of the toes. There may be nice bulk to the affected person, however there isn’t a fats. He stated hos observations of the type of the physique didn’t match with “that movie with the one operating into the woods”, and he referred to as that movie a possible hoax. The fingers are about 1.5 instances a human hand; 5 fingers with opposable thumb. The fingernails are thicker and heavier, and one was chipped. The toes are massive; 5 ties on every foot; no proof of fractures, accidents, arthritis, or deformation. The sexual options are these of an uncircumcised male, matching the human anatomy. Marty made the remark a number of instances that these will not be monkey or ape options. He felt he was within the presence of a really human creature.

Powell requested the witness to return to the scene to see if he might gather any bodily samples equivalent to blood or hair, however when he did it will end up that the whole space had been utterly bulldozed, probably to cover simply such proof. This was met with suspicion by the BFRO, because it appeared a bit too handy that “Marty” couldn’t present any proof for what he was claiming, however Powell remained satisfied of the veracity of the story. The witness would later declare to him that the creature had been moved to “a college or some hospital that was not disclosed,” and Powell would come away from all of it saying, “I’m left with two inescapable conclusions: First, bigfoots do exist and second, the federal government doesn’t need us to comprehend it. The massive query that continues to be in my thoughts is: Why?”

Was there actually a Bigfoot injured in a hearth out at Battle Mountain, Nevada, and if that’s the case the place did it go? We’ll most likely by no means know for certain. Lastly, now we have a report from Oregon Bigfoot, which purportedly occurred in September of 2011 close to White Metropolis, Jackson County, Oregon. The witness describes himself as a wildland firefighter who was on the time at a spot referred to as Useless Indian Mountain preventing a bush hearth. At one level they stopped close to the fireplace line to have a chunk to eat, and that was after they heard a really deliberate banging sound that gave the impression of somebody bashing collectively items of wooden. These noises would seemingly comply with them round, and appeared to generally get very near their place, which was all not a little bit unsettling, particularly since they might not decide what was creating the commotion. They put it out of their thoughts and centered on battling the fireplace, after which the witness noticed one thing actually outlandish up the hill within the brush. He says:

There have been a number of units of eyes that flashed at us as they moved about 60 toes in nothing flat. I’d say they had been about 100 toes or much less kind the unburned brush. I’m 6’3” and it was simple to see that considered one of them was taller than me by the glow of the eyes. I solely noticed a blur of coloration as they moved, however after they stopped the opposite eyes disappeared and I used to be left one set squatted down low to the bottom. We started making noise and I beat my shovel towards a Polanski I used to be carrying for the sawyer and we started strolling in the direction of the one set of eyes. They glowed kinda yellowish inexperienced they usually had been fixated on me. A few of the different guys noticed them too as I moved in however I obtained about 40 or 50 toes from it perhaps nearer I noticed they weren’t going to run. We had been conscious of one another, it seemed proper into my eyes nevertheless it was nearly shapeless black, no silhouette simply the eyes me.


I made a decision to again off, and our boss stated to line it up there are animals within the woods and for everybody to settle down as a result of it was rapidly turning right into a state of chaos and folks had been getting scared. So we lined up and marched out and didn’t see any extra eyes that evening.  Because the evening turned to day, we had been all the best way up on the prime division alpha the place we had misplaced a containment line and the fireplace burned the inexperienced. As we gridded it we discovered what seemed like a human sized and formed footprint excessive of the boot prints. I’ll always remember these eyes gazing me like “I do know you’re right here, you recognize I’m right here, if you wish to make one thing of it I’ll.” A few of us obtained the impression it was defending the others by staring us down. I’m glad I didn’t get nearer.

These are unusual reviews to make sure, and one wonders what to think about all of them. Is there something to it, or is that this all hoaxes and the work of the creativeness? It does appear that firefighters are ready to see such unusual issues, and fires have a manner of stirring up the wildlife of an space, so perhaps there’s something to be gleaned from this all. In the long run, who actually is aware of? Such reviews are exhausting to corroborate, they usually principally get information in with all of the others, none of it proof, however all very compelling all the identical. Maybe in the future we are going to know the solutions to such mysteries, however for now such accounts orbit about us, simply out of our attain of solutions or closure.

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