Was Bigfoot Spotted in a New Ron Paul Ad?

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The previous few months have been fascinating ones for politics within the USA, to say the least. We have had presidential hopefuls like Newt Gingrich espousing the deserves of lunar colonization, whereas somewhat extra “behind the scenes” there have been the slightly absurd claims that present President Barack Obama was a part of a CIA program that despatched him to Mars (for which, in fact, the White Home felt it was later essential to assert denial).

Maybe it could possibly be chalked as much as being a normal disinterest within the current candidates amongst voters, although many of the odd flackery happening within the present political cycle truly stems from the candidates themselves. That is definitely the case in a brand new political advert put out by the Ron Paul camp, which delves into, of all issues, a little bit of cryptozoological imagery to assist promote it is spin.

Although I had begun to suppose it could not actually get any stranger than a moon base (one thing which, in precept, I might assist myself, within the occasion that there have been the reliable financial fortitude essential to assist such a futuristic endeavor), the brand new Ron Paul advert criticizes his rival, Rick Santorum, on his fiscal conservatism… after which takes us straight into to Hairy-man nation.

“Rick Santorum a fiscal conservative?” the advert asks, simply earlier than calling him a faux, and displaying an image of the legendary Man of the woods holding a “FAKE” signal (the advert may be seen by clicking right here). Whereas the specified impact was achieved, I am unable to assist however marvel if the following advert will not preserve an analogous theme, however maybe finish with one among Billy Meier’s well-known trashcan-lid “saucers” hovering within the distance, dangling from clearly seen mono-filament connected to a fishing rod.

And talking of the matter of UFOs, particularly in relation to U.S. Presidencies, there are a bunch of scary and fascinating connections that could possibly be made right here additionally. A number of notable examples embody:

  • Invoice Clinton’s curiosity in UFOs, ETs, and the so-called “Rockefeller Initiative”
  • Jimmy Carter’s inquiry into UFOs (blocked by then-CIA director George H.W. Bush)
  • Ronald Reagan had his pilot chase a UFO whereas he was governor of California
  • Gerald Ford had suggested an inquiry into UFOs whereas serving as Michigan Senate Minority Chief
  • JFK mentioned methods of figuring out “knowns and unknowns” relating to a joint US and Soviet area program

These are only a few examples, and there are definitely loads of others… sufficient, maybe, to fill a complete book-length manuscript. At very least, it has served as sufficient fodder for conserving the parents over at PresidentialUFO.com busy digging up new materials the previous few months. However as for whether or not UFOs will change into pivotal within the coming election (or any ad-based smear campaigns towards potential candidates), that continues to be to be seen… whereas arguably, one may also say there may be extra credibility to experiences of UFOs and Hairy-man than could possibly be discovered within the political information of most of our flesh pressers.

Therefore, you heard it right here first, of us: I am endorsing Hairy-man in 2012.


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