Watch Out For The Women In Black

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Proper now, I’ve a brand new e book out titled Ladies in Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B. It is a e book which, because the title suggests, tells a really horrific and at instances even disturbing story. It’s a story that has just about persistently stayed beneath the radar of the UFO analysis group. That is hardly shocking, nonetheless, taking into account the truth that reviews of the WIB are so usually neglected, or intentionally ignored, by saucer-sleuths. There’s a superb motive why such a state of affairs has occurred. For many individuals inside Ufology, if it is not good previous “nuts and bolts” Ufology – of the sort that received Donald Keyhoe so excited many years in the past – they do not need to learn about it. Very similar to these many devoted Hairy-man-seekers who don’t have any time for the weirder facet of Man of the woods.

The Ladies in Black are clearly not part of that aforementioned “nuts and bolts” area. They are much weirder – although there may be an simple connection to the UFO puzzle. Which, in fact, raises large questions concerning the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. Identical to their male, black-clad counterparts, the WIB are usually not the staff – or the “secret brokers” – of any arm of presidency, of the army, or of the intelligence group. Certainly, nearly the entire presently out there information suggests they are not even human.

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As I observe in my e book, none apart from the not too long ago departed Albert Bender – who, in close to single-handed trend introduced the Males in Black thriller to life within the early Fifties – was uncovered to the Ladies in Black enigma roughly a decade and a half earlier than he had his personal chilling encounters with the MIB. As I additionally observe within the e book, there isn’t any doubt that the Girl in Black and the MIB of the Bender household have been related. The hyperlink virtually jumps out. The WIB connection to the so-called “Contactee” motion of the Fifties additionally involves mild – offering that one is aware of the place to search for it.

Within the Sixties, John Keel – of The Mothman Prophecies fame – got here to comprehend that the Males in Black had their feminine equivalents, and he even incurred their ominous wrath. And their unsettling manipulation, too. By the Seventies, issues received decidedly bizarre. Black-wig-wearing, pale-faced girls have been knocking on doorways and terrifying these they visited, silencing UFO witnesses, and asking loopy questions.

And, as with the MIB, the Ladies in Black are all the time trying to unfold their wings. We’re speaking about WIBs silencing seekers of cryptozoological creatures, threatening those who delve into the world of the occult, and monitoring these investigating so-called “animal mutilations.” Then, there’s what is kind of probably essentially the most alarming a part of all. We’re speaking about individuals rapidly falling sick after encountering the Ladies in Black. No, I do not imply the likes of panic-attacks or sleepless nights.

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Fairly, I imply critical bodily sicknesses – as if the WIB have the power to someway supernaturally “infect” us. Controversial? In fact! However, all the things concerning the Ladies in Black is controversial – reminiscent of their sometimes-reported plastic-like pores and skin, their uncanny knack of seemingly controlling the minds of the poor souls they aim, and their “right here one second and gone the following second” skills.

Must you ever obtain a late-night, sluggish knock on the front-door, watch out. Very cautious. Inviting one of many Ladies in Black into your private home is probably not a smart transfer. In actual fact, it might be simply concerning the largest mistake potential.

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