Werewolves, Yetis, and Wild Men

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The vacations are a particular time of yr, and celebration takes place in lots of kinds starting from wonderful meals, heat fires, and exchanging presents with family members. 

It is also a good time of the yr for horror film fans to take some time off, and evaluate movies from the final a number of a long time that includes campy vampire of yesteryear. For it’s right here, every so often, the place one will discover a wholesome little bit of crossover between the worlds of horror fiction and Forteana.

For anybody who has a penchant for man-beasts like Man of the woods, the lycan or wolf man (usually one and the identical) are more likely to be  favorites that mirror the man-beast fantasy in fashionable horror movies. Maybe solely within the campy world of horror B-movies can we see an precise battle between creatures like werewolves and the Himalayan Yeti; but when it comes to the folklore related to every of those creatures, it may also be mentioned there may be noticeable crossover simply as effectively.


The 1975 movie The Lycan and the Yeti options simply such a collision between worlds. In it, a bunch of explorers seeking the Yeti have taken to the Himalayas to lastly show as soon as and for all that the legendary beast exists. In the meantime, one man turns into separated from the group, and figuring out he faces dying in opposition to the weather, he fortunately spots mild emanating from a collapse the identical space, which he enters for shelter. There, he finds a sacred shrine to Shiva guarded by two unique and exquisite sisters, who nurse him to well being. Nonetheless, he quickly observes the ladies feasting on human stays, which leads him to kill them out of self protection. Throughout his closing battle with one of many two sisters, he’s delivered a chunk earlier than she is thwarted, which infects him with the curse of lycanthropy, and thus Yeti vs Lycan awesomeness ensues. Properly, form of.

The pairing most likely sounds absurd, however in reality, there could also be plenty of widespread floor between the myths of such man-beast monsters. Lycan legends are discovered to have been fashionable in elements of Europe the place, after all, wolves existed simply as effectively; one notable exception is England, the place the wolves have been hunted to extinction and, therefore, no lycan tales. Right here, as a substitute we discover tales of untamed males, usually depicted in medieval artwork as what are referred to as “Woodwoses,” which one may simply argue are the tough equal of the fashionable Man of the woods in America.

With little doubt, every of those are merely variations on the thought of a man-beast legend, with comparable traditions of each were-beasts (that’s, monsters who can rework from man into beast, and vice versa) and wild males stemming from a wide range of cultures around the globe, relatively than merely being relegated to Europe. And as we see with tales of creatures just like the Yeti and Man of the woods sustaining such reputation at present, there may be clearly a continuation of this folklore that has continued within the fashionable period, regardless of some probability, within the case of Man of the woods, that an precise creature lies on the root of those tales, relatively than purely current as fantasy.


Returning to The Lycan and the Yeti, (which I am going to do grudgingly, and admitting it could be one of many worst movies I’ve seen in ages… not absolutely the worst, however on up there), whereas the premise of the movie begins with a staff of explorers trying to find the fabled Yeti, the story appears to be an odd mixture of Bollywood-esque Oriental mysticism and journey, paired with a narrative loosely woven round our hero who’s reworked right into a lycan. Within the final 5 minutes or so, after escaping the wrath of an evil overlord and his fort of minions, the the 2 remaining characters are feeing the realm, and select to separate; figuring out our less-than-memorable hero is about to remodel into Wolfman, he exiles himself to guard his girl love). As she travels alongside, instantly the Yeti makes its look, leaping out from behind a rock and snagging her. Wolfie involves the rescue, and a would-be-legendary ass-kicking ensues, though Yeti proves to be formidable sufficient that the have been wolf almost dies shortly after the battle.

An fascinating thought involves thoughts, nevertheless: at one level, the wolf man bites the Yeti on the neck as they do battle. Now suppose for a second that the Yeti hadn’t perished: would this imply that the beast man would have then been reworked right into a were-beast-man? Or maybe a Had been-Yeti? What the hell does a Yeti flip into if it is contaminated by a lycanthrope… a human? Who is aware of.

Though the movie is not something to put in writing house about, I suppose possibly we must be grateful that The Lycan and the Yeti has inadvertently helped us add “Had been-Yeti” to our lexicon of oddity. Then once more, if you happen to depend The Beast of Bray Street, some may argue we have already got a werewolfsquatch operating round within the Americas.

Simply after we thought this could not get any stranger… 😉

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