When Bigfoot Gets Stylish

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No doubt, one of the weird elements of the Man of the woods phenomenon is that relative to nothing lower than clothed Man of the woods! It is one factor to eye witness encounter such a creature. It is fairly one other, nonetheless, to see it fashionably attired in pants and shirts – effectively, sort of. Extremely, such scary and controversial claims do exist. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman says: “Within the Sixties and Seventies, stories from the American West would sometimes floor of bushy bipedal Man of the woods being seen with tattered plaid shirts and ragged shorts on their our bodies. In some analysis, there have been intriguing makes an attempt to narrate these to recordsdata of paranormal encounters with sightings of upright entities stated to be carrying ‘checkered shirts.’ (Inside parapsychology, there’s a subfield of examine relating to ‘checkered shirted ghosts.’) Investigators usually didn’t know what to make of those Wildman carrying plaid shirts, however dutifully catalogued and filed them away, nonetheless.”

One of the fascinating of all such encounters occurred in California on the flip of the Nineteen Fifties. The story got here from a girl who, on the time of the incident, was a younger woman. Her story was instructed by cryptozoologist and Man of the woods authority, Ivan T. Sanderson:

“I entered the meadow and proceeded to cross it to be able to attain a small knoll on the different aspect. Once I approached the foot of the knoll I heard a sound. It was the sound of somebody strolling and I assumed maybe my little brother had adopted me and was going to leap out and attempt to scare me. I hollered, ‘All proper, stinker, I do know you’re there.’ For sure it was not my brother that appeared. As a substitute it was a creature that I’ll always remember so long as I dwell. He stepped out of the bushes and I froze like a statue. He or ‘it’ was about 7 ½ to eight toes tall…Nonetheless, there was one factor that I’ve not talked about, the strangest and most horrifying factor of all. He had on garments! Sure, that’s proper. They had been tattered and torn and barely lined him however they had been nonetheless there. He made a horrible growling sound that I do not assume may very well be imitated by any dwelling being. Imagine me I turned and ran as quick as I might. I reached camp winded and stayed scared all whereas we had been there.”

Janet and Colin Bord, famous Man of the woods consultants, say of this downright bizarre affair: “If Man of the woods – and the creature on this report actually does sound like a Man of the woods – is as effectively tailored to dwelling within the wild as most stories counsel, why does he must don tattered garments?”

It is an excellent query, one for which the Bord’s have what could also be an affordable and viable reply: “The one rationalization that happens to us is that this was a ‘freak’ sighting: that the Man of the woods had discovered the previous garments someplace and, having seen people wearing garments, determined to repeat them. The truth that the garments ‘barely lined him’ does counsel that they as soon as had a smaller, human, proprietor.”

What subsequent? Man of the woods on the catwalk? Let’s hope not; that is greater than any of us might abdomen!

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