When Bigfoot “Speaks” English

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Of their efforts to hunt out the reality of Hairy-man, investigators have secured a wealth of fabric that, whereas it doesn’t completely show the existence of the creatures, most assuredly goes a great distance in direction of doing precisely that. Footprints, film-footage, images, and witness testimony have all added tremendously to what we find out about these elusive beasts. After which there’s the matter of the voice of Hairy-man.

Various recordings have been made from what are presupposed to be the vocalizations of Hairy-man. Whereas some have been defined away as recognized animals, there’s one set of recordings that, greater than another, actually catches the eye of individuals. They’ve develop into often called the Sierra Sounds. The story of the Sierra Sounds dates again to the Nineteen Seventies, and is targeted round two Hairy-man investigators, Ron Morehead and Al Berry. On a lot of events, the 2 males captured astonishing audio recordings of what many imagine to have been Hairy-man creatures – within the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.


There may be, nevertheless, one other angle to the controversy surrounding the voice of Hairy-man. It is an angle that pushes issues down a really bizarre and controversial path. We’re speaking about Hairy-man being telepathic. There’s completely little question that many researchers of Hairy-man ignore the “high-strangeness” facet of the thriller. By that, I imply issues like (a) stories of Hairy-man-type creatures seen in the identical timeframe and places as UFOs; (b) accounts of Hairy-man vanishing in a flash of sunshine; and (c) the “inter-dimensional” concept to elucidate the origins of the Hairy-man creatures.

I, nevertheless, do not ignore such circumstances, and for one excellent motive. I all the time inform individuals – if and when the topic comes up – that a very powerful individuals within the discipline of Hairy-man should not the researchers, the investigators, the authors, or the radio-show hosts. A very powerful individuals are the witnesses. In any case, they’re those who’ve seen the beasts, and they’re those sharing their tales with us. So, we must always take heed to them, regardless of how horrific their accounts may be. Doing nothing however relegating “rogue” stories to the filing-cabinet – with barely a second-look – demonstrates an unlucky bias on the a part of the investigator.

Through the years I’ve come throughout fairly a number of stories of individuals claiming to have heard Hairy-man within the woods. Usually, we’re speaking about stories revolving round growling, grunting, howling, and screaming. On greater than a dozen events, nevertheless, I’ve been on the receiving finish of stories from individuals who declare to have acquired what can solely be described as telepathic messages from Hairy-man. And in English, no much less! Yep, I can see eyes-rolling and heads-shaking as I write these phrases!

In fact, it is controversial sufficient to say you’ve got seen a Hairy-man. It is much more so to assert it spoke to you on a mind-to-mind foundation. However, when such stories exist, there is a obligation to check them. I can truthfully say that of the most likely fourteen or fifteen individuals who I’ve interviewed in relation to this problem, I’d solely class two as being suspect. One was clearly nuttier than squirrel shit, and the opposite was greater than a bit odd.

However, as for the remainder of the stories…nicely, they got here from individuals who exhibited no odd traits, and who simply needed to share their accounts in an effort to attempt to work out what it was that occurred to them. Of all of the circumstances I’ve on file, the one that’s all the time foremost in my thoughts is that of a husband and spouse named Donnie and Lynne. I interviewed them again in late March 2007. Within the early a part of that very same month – as Donnie and Lynne advised me – the pair encountered an enormous Hairy-man within the expansive depths of the Ouachita Nationwide Forest, which covers elements of Arkansas and Oklahoma.


It was whereas strolling alongside a path that the 2 had been immediately plunged into states of terror when a hair-covered creature, in extra of eight-feet in peak, and with a cone-shaped head, crashed by way of the woods and appeared round twenty-feet from them. Lynne advised me how she dropped to her knees in worry, whereas Donnie – demonstrating a very open account of what occurred – uncontrollably urinated in his pants. With hindsight, they felt the beast was caught abruptly. Though, it clearly did not exhibit any of the worry that Donnie and Lynne did. Now, is the place it will get controversial.

Each of them heard the next phrases of their minds: “Don’t be afraid. You’ll not be harmed. Don’t come nearer.” Nicely, I say they heard the phrases. However, it is nearly as in the event that they interpreted them. On this particular matter, Donnie mentioned to me that it was as if “…we had been pondering the phrases, however listening to them too, if that makes any sense.” The creature moved nearer to them, once more providing a number of alternative phrases of warning, earlier than vanishing into the woods. Weirdest of all, the voice seemed like that of a human lady, tender and clear.

I do not suppose Donnie and Lynne had been spinning a tall-tale, and I can not see any motive why they might even need to. Admittedly, I’ve no solution to clarify such weird stories, past saying that whereas my recordsdata actually aren’t huge on this odd facet of the Hairy-man controversy, I do have a handful or two of very related ones. The Hairy-man phenomenon, there is no doubt in my thoughts, is an actual one. However, the extra I obtain so-called “rogue” circumstances, the much less and fewer I view these items as simply unknown, North American apes.

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