When Nature Gives Us Big Surprises

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I ought to stress that – in relation to the title of this text – the thriller comes from two issues: (A) reviews of unknown apes and (B) the query of why some sure out-of-place monkeys are on the island of Puerto Rico, in any respect. Let’s start with an animal that should not be on Puerto Rico, however that is on the island. I have been to Puerto Rico on many events, at all times in search of the Chupacabra. Nevertheless, additionally on each time I’ve heard of distinctly out-of-place animals. One good instance is a colony of Cotton-High Tamarin, a small monkey on Puerto Rico. You would possibly assume there’s nothing horrific to that. Apart from one vital and baffling factor: the monkey is native to Colombia, South America. And nowhere else. It takes its identify from the mane of white hair that dominates its head. Now, admittedly, this isn’t as thrilling as discovering a Chupacabra. However, the very fact is that there shouldn’t be any Cotton-High Tamarins dwelling wild, anyplace on Puerto Rico. Extremely, nonetheless, that is precisely what is going on on. In fact, no-one would mistake a monkey for a Chupacabra (would they…?), however this story demonstrates simply how nature can provide us quite a lot of horrific surprises.

Monkey 570x760
(Nick Redfern) A web page from my ebook, “Chupacabra Highway-Journey” exhibiting one of many monkeys hanging out and having an excellent time

Now, onto a lady named Guanina who lives in Moca. A young person again in 1987, Guanina used to take pleasure in strolling the hills round Moca. That’s, nonetheless, till a decidedly traumatic, and even horrific, expertise occurred in Might 1987 and put paid to all of that. As she strolled across the pathways, Guanina abruptly heard the unmistakable screech of a pig in misery. She raced up the hill, for an extra forty or fifty ft or so, and was confronted by a surprising sight: six or seven monkeys had been viciously attacking the poor pig, which, by now, was on the bottom and clearly near being in mortal hazard. Guanina shouted on the monkeys, which abruptly ceased their assault, and turned their eyes away from the pig and onto Guanina.

5 El Yunque One 570x201
(Nick Redfern) Puerto Rico: The lair of the Chupacabra and Hairy-man?

For a second or two, there was a tense stand-off. Thankfully, nonetheless, the monkeys merely made violent, screaming chatter after which raced away into the deeper grass of the hill. Equally luckily, the pig – though clearly traumatized – unsteadily rose to its ft, stood round for a couple of minutes, presumably attempting to get its bearings, after which wandered off into the undergrowth. Not surprisingly, a terrified Guanina raced down the hill to the protection of her residence. When Guanina informed her dad and mom what she had simply seen, all three determined to look into the matter additional. Scanning numerous books within the native library, they had been quickly in a position to establish the attacking animals as Rhesus monkeys. A daunting state of affairs, to say the least.I’ve to say this echoes of the “rage virus” within the 2002 film 28 Days Later.

Now, onto the Puerto Rican Hairy-man. Sure, you probably did learn that proper. A Hairy-man. On Puerto Rico. Or, relatively deep inside the island’s El Yunque rainforest. I ought to make it clear that the numbers of reviews I’ve on file of sightings of huge apes within the huge rainforest are not more than a handful; I have to stress that. We’re most positively not speaking about dozens upon dozens of instances. However, I’ve to confess that there are sufficient reviews to make me assume we must always not dismiss these accounts. I also needs to state that – for probably the most half – we aren’t speaking about one thing like the large, 7-foot-type Hairy-man of the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Quite, a lot of the descriptions of the creatures are of animals concerning the measurement of a full-grown chimpanzee. There’s one extra factor: the animals are described as strolling upright, similar to us. Curiously, that is very comparable (if not virtually an identical) to the Orang-Pendek of Sumatra – one other mysterious ape that walks upright. It will not be too lengthy earlier than my subsequent journey to Puerto Rico. And, whereas I am going to positively being in search of the newest on the Chupacabra, I am going to even be maintaining a glance out for these rage-filled monkeys and people anomalous apes.

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