Where There’s Smoke, There Are Monsters – And Fire

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Though Wikipedia states that the situation of Nevada’s Lovelock Cave is “restricted,” it’s really very straightforward to seek out. It’s located south of the city of Lovelock, Pershing County. It’s a sizeable, shadowy cave – round 150 ft in size and 35 ft in width – and one which has a substantial amount of historical past and controversy hooked up to it. Excavations which started within the early twentieth century revealed that the cave was inhabited by people for hundreds of years.

In keeping with the Paiute individuals, in occasions lengthy gone they waged struggle on a mysterious race of red-haired gigantic humanoids often called the Si-Te-Cah. They had been huge, violent, rampaging humanoids that fed voraciously on human flesh. Reportedly, the final of the Si-Te-Cah in Nevada had been worn out within the very coronary heart of Lovelock Cave. They had been compelled into its depths by the Paiute, who crammed the cave with bushes after which set them alight. The person-monsters reportedly died from the results of fireplace and smoke [italics mine – for a good reason, as will soon become apparent]. It was the tip of a reign of terror that had lengthy plagued the Paiute. Historic tales of equally historic Hairy-man, maybe? Perhaps. Or, probably nothing however good outdated folktales. However, there’s something else price noting. Specifically, that this story has its parallels elsewhere on the planet.

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Lovelock Cave

Located in south-east Asia and Oceania, Indonesia is made up of an enormous quantity of islands; in reality, actually hundreds. A kind of islands is Flores. The Nage individuals of Flores inform of a considerably human-like ape known as the Ebu gogo. The Ebu gogo was lined in hair, had distinct ape-like qualities, however walked upright, like us. At barely three ft tall they had been hardly on a par with Hairy-man, however that doesn’t take away the truth that, for the Nage individuals, the creatures generated a substantial amount of folklore and historical past. The entire Ebu gogo on Flores lived deep inside an intensive community of caves, someplace within the central a part of the island, and which prolonged in size to virtually a mile.

The individuals of Flores reportedly had an uneasy and generally violent relationship with the Ebu gogo, to the purpose the place they lastly determined to eliminate them, in a drastic style. The village elders invited the creatures to an enormous feast, one during which the Ebu gogo had been inspired to drink as a lot highly effective wine as they might. The ever-hungry beasts didn’t want telling twice and so they had been quickly stuffed and drunk. On the finish of the evening, the beasts staggered again to the caves, and fell into deep, alcohol-induced sleeps. Then, when the Ebu gogo had been out for the rely, the villagers hauled an enormous quantity of palm fiber to the cave, set it alight and asphyxiated the creatures as they slept [italics mine]. Reportedly, nonetheless, two of the Ebu gogo – a male and a feminine – had been seen fleeing into the woods, one thing which suggests the chance that they might not have turn out to be extinct, in spite of everything.

Within the latter a part of the nineteenth century a British adventurer and explorer named Hugh Nevill was advised of a race of creatures that had been part-human and part-ape however which had been, by the point Nevill heard the story, useless and gone – someplace within the neighborhood of 5 human generations earlier. They resided within the southeast nook of Sri Lanka and, earlier than their assumed extinction, had been continually at struggle with one other race of bushy humanoids often called the Nittaewo. Each varieties of creature had been pretty small; round 4 to 5 ft in peak and lined in hair. In addition they shared a liking for residing in deep, pure caves and caverns, and had a love of contemporary, uncooked meat. They weren’t completely savage, nonetheless, as is evidenced by their obvious use of primitive stone instruments.

It was not their fixed warring with one another that worn out the Nittaewo and their unnamed furry foes, nonetheless: it was man. Reportedly, the final of the Nittaewos had been killed in a violent confrontation at a cave within the Kattaragama Hills. A really comparable story was advised to an explorer named Frederick Lewis, a narrative that additionally recommended the Nittaewos had been lengthy gone. On this case, the account got here from one Dissan Hamy, whose grandfather reportedly helped construct an enormous bonfire on the mouth of the cave, as a method to kill the creatures by smoke inhalation [italics mine].

What we’ve got listed below are three tales of scary, and generally harmful, creatures that had been human-like and lined in hair. Accounts of them vary from Nevada, USA to Sri Lanka – and likewise to the islands of Indonesia. And, all of them concerned the killing of the beasts in query by smoke and hearth – and in caves. There are different such near-identical historic examples, too…however you get the image.

So, what is going on on right here? Are we seeing quite a few man-monsters killed in virtually equivalent fashions – however in broadly various locations? Are we coping with a scary – and virtually supernatural – type of inherited reminiscence? Perhaps, an inherited reminiscence of 1, unique and actual occasion, however which grew to become the inspiration for much more such tales of questionable origins? Or, in the identical manner that each one throughout the globe we will discover near-identical tales of monsters that hang-out outdated bridges, crossroads, stone circles and extra, maybe all of those accounts are folklore-driven and have turn out to be accepted as actuality. The questions are many. The solutions are few.

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