Wild Beast Or Wild Man?

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Final weekend, I spoke on the first Southeast Texas Hairy-man Convention on the extraordinarily controversial problem of Hairy-man and “Wild Males” within the U.Okay. Most individuals giggle at, or outright dismiss, the likelihood that quite a few hair-covered humanoids might exist within the U.Okay., and with out ever getting caught or killed. Admittedly, they’ve a superb level. However, some circumstances and tales do appear to face the check of time. Though, most of the creatures that seem in such tales – which date again centuries – will not be what folks assume them to be. I will clarify what I imply by that.

Robert Newland and Mark North are the authors of a superb e book titled Darkish Dorset: Tales of Thriller, Surprise and Terror. Of their e book, the pair say that legends from the English county of Dorset inform of scary and sinister Woodwoses inhabiting the woods of Yellowham Hill, which is positioned close to to the city of Dorchester. And, when you’re not aware of the time period “Woodwose,” this is a little bit of background info from Paranormal Encyclopedia: “Woodwose is a legendary bestial creature resembling the Wildman, AKA Hairy-man, of medieval Europe. The time period ‘Wuduwasa’ is the Anglo-Saxon model. The Woodwose is believed by some to be the hyperlink between fashionable people and their historical ancestors…In contrast to the Hairy-man, the Woodwose is just not regarded as ape-like, however quite extra human-like.”

In accordance with the outdated legends popping out of Dorset, the wild males had the common behavior of abducting younger women from the native villages, a lot of whom supposedly ended up pregnant throughout their time spent within the firm of the Woodwose. One such incident befell a specific younger lady, who, when questioned by magistrates in regards to the nature and title of the daddy of her impending little one, replied: “Please your worshipfuls, ‘twere the Wild Man of Yal’ham.”

Nobody ought to doubt the likelihood – maybe even the likelihood – that this may increasingly merely have been an ingenious ploy on the a part of the lady to attempt to shield her unknown, very human lover from the scalding wrath of her irate father! Or, maybe, alternatively, Woodwose actually did as soon as inhabit the thick woods of Dorset. And, in view of the various and diversified furry man-beast encounters which were reported from all throughout the British Isles for hundreds of years, we’d effectively ask this essential query: Are the woods of Dorset nonetheless, to this very day, the area of the Woodwose? Are they liable for such studies of British Hairy-man right this moment? The questions are as outrageous as they’re thought-provoking. However, the tales simply might need a foundation actually – even when it is incontrovertible fact that has been stretched and altered to vital levels.

There’s one different matter price noting in relation to the phrases of Mark North and Robert Newland. If the Woodwose have been actually Hairy-man-style entities, then they absolutely wouldn’t have been in a position to efficiently mate with Homo sapiens. If, nonetheless, they have been merely human beings who, having reverted to wild lives and states, subsequently developed extreme quantities of physique hair because of near-starvation, then getting the ladies of the native villages pregnant wouldn’t have posed a lot of an issue in any respect. Whereas the wild males might have seemed considerably uncommon, their genetic make-up would have been completely appropriate with the ladies, as a result of for all intents and functions, they have been of 1 and the identical, exact kind.

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Lanugo hair

This situation is by no means out of the query. For instance, there’s a situation which causes an individual to develop superb hair on their physique. It’s referred to as Lanugo Hair and it usually seems on the faces and our bodies of individuals with anorexia and bulimia. However, it’s totally attainable that the wild males of Dorset developed such hair because of hunger, quite than from a need to be skinny. If that basically was the case, then they simply might need been liable for a minimum of a few of the centuries-old legends and which can have been absorbed into native folklore in a particularly altered style. A person dwelling wild might have been perceived as a wild man. And never an actual, mysterious beast in sight.

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