Woman Claims Family of Yowies Left Her Flowers and Macadamia Nuts as Gifts

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The bigfoot: what’s it? Undiscovered species of hominid? Terrifying trans-dimensional shadow-beast? Good-natured, but overbearing furry neighbor? Possibly a little bit of all three? The tales from those that declare to have encountered bigfoot run the gamut from really horrifying to simply plain dumb.  Generally the monster seems as a—fairly actually—blurry humanoid with glowing purple eyes that strikes quicker than the legal guidelines of physics ought to enable. Generally the massive oaf go away presents of flowers and macadamia nuts. You simply by no means know.

A lady in Queensland, Australia has lately come ahead describing her and her household’s lengthy interval of coping with what she claims had been a household of yowies (AKA the Australian bigfoot). When her saga started it appeared like that first kind of encounter, the nightmare one, however by the point she moved it had changed into the second. Mr. Rogers can be proud.

Jackie Liversidge was residing in Tarzali, Queensland along with her son and her niece when says her household had dealings with a number of Yowies over the 11 months they spent residing within the area. The primary sequence of encounters was the type that ought to make you pack up and go away proper then and there, not stick round for nearly one other 12 months. In response to Jackie, the primary yowie to go to was tall, muscular, and shadowy with hole eyes. Jackie says the creature gave her a “sturdy dangerous feeling” and he or she, her son, and her niece took to sleeping in the identical room out of concern. Jackie says:

“On one event when my niece moved in with me she noticed a black silhouette determine standing at her bed room window from the veranda. She was that terrified she didn’t transfer and even yell out to me.


I’d sit on the veranda ’til 2am ready with a big piece of wooden that had a screw by means of it protruding the opposite aspect.”

yowie australia leaving gifts 570x570
“Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Jackie says that her landlord suggested her to name police, which she did. The police supplied to do a drive-by inspection of the property, which Jackie refused saying that it was too simple for the yowie to cover within the bush. Which can be true, and it might be she did not need to be referred to as loopy when the police inevitably discovered nothing. However nonetheless, if the police supply to assist hunt a yowie, you say “sure.”

Jackie Liversidge says she tried to report video of the creatures however every time she pointed the digicam at them, the display screen would go black. It was solely when she, unsuccessfully, tried to placate the yowies with treats did they soften up their strategy. She stated she left greens and meat out for the creatures, however they by no means took it. As an alternative, she says, the yowies started leaving issues for her.

At first it was just some macadamia nuts. Then it was a lifeless rat in the identical spot. Which is a bizarre salad, however positive. Then, Jackie says, the yowies left her a really unusual flower in good situation:

“Then I discovered an uncommon flower in good situation, a mixture of pink and purple color however a metallic color that I have never seen earlier than, regarded all over the place across the property for the plant. Did not discover one.”

famous bigfoot yowie 570x302
That is no salad-eater I’ve ever seen.

Jackie says she thinks the yowies had been abandoning presents of what they ate, which is, once more, a really bizarre salad. She says she and her household moved away quickly afterwards, as she feared for the kids’s’ security.

Whereas there’s not a lot to go on right here, the bizarre flower is an fascinating element. Is it an inter-dimensional flower? It could not be from the yowies’ house dimension although, it would not sound prefer it was blurry sufficient.

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